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Crook County steps up rural patrols after several cattle deaths, possible mutilations


Urges livestock growers to be 'vigilant,' report any suspicious activity

PRINEVILLE, Ore. (KTVZ) – The Crook County Sheriff’s Office said Saturday it’s investigating several suspicious cattle deaths and possible mutilations in rural eastern and southern parts of the county over the past week. The agency said it plans extra patrols and urged ranchers to be vigilant.

“This area is very rural ranch land, as well as public BLM land,” Undersheriff James Savage said in a brief news release. “The cause of these cattle deaths were not natural and are under investigation.”

Sgt. Mitch Madden told NewsChannel 21 there have been at least three, possibly four such cases, and that “certain body parts were removed from the cows.”

The undersheriff added, “The sheriff’s office would like to encourage our stockgrowers to be vigilant in checking on their animals and to report any suspicious activity to us.”

“The sheriff’s office will be providing extra patrols to the rural portions of the county in an attempt to locate who is responsible,” Savage wrote.

Anyone seeing any suspicious person or vehicle in the area is asked to contact the sheriff’s office at 541-417-6398.

There have been several reports in recent years of cows and bulls with body parts and organs removed in Harney, Wheeler and Umatilla counties.

The FBI has files on thousands of mysterious cattle killings and mutilations across the U.S. since the 1970s, but no reported arrests.

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Barney Lerten

Barney is the digital content director for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Barney here.



      1. While this seems crazy, if this was people (like a cult etc) then at some point wouldn’t someone from one of those groups ‘come out’ and tell? Or someone be able to recreate these precision cuts etc to show it’s not ‘aliens’? Again…it seems crazy to thinks it’s aliens, but this should be easy to show/prove it ISN’T yet this hasn’t happened yet. So…

  1. Years ago, 70s-80s, the cattle mutilations all followed the paths of fallout from the nuclear test sites. The federal government performed secret test looking for sign of radiation exposure in animals caused by the nuclear tests. This continued long after testing was stopped.
    It has been suggested that the issues with the occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge may have begun due to the uranium deposits in that area of Harney County. The Obama Uranium One deal with Russia was in 2013 and the occupation of the refuge was in 2016, just three years later.

    1. Yes we all remember when the clintons and dang obama and all the thousands of democratic party pizza pedophiles were prosecuted and convicted and sent to gitmo for their treasons and insurrections. This all happened exactly like predicted (several times), its just not being reported by the “LamestreetMSMedia”

  2. Also to Barney….I asked this once before a while ago, but for goodness sake this is the worst comment board format on the planet! Seriously, why don’t you/they change it? I very much appreciate having a comment board and an active and transparent moderator (that’s you Barney) so this isn’t on you as a moderator. But holy crap…

    1. I’ve been pressing to go to a system like WPDiscuz that would allow Reddit-like up-down votes, and bring back some features we had with Disqus – is that what you mean, or is it that we err on the side of freedom of speech in moderation, with all the caustic nastiness that it entails?

            1. It had its critics, but basically we switched to a WordPress platform and moved to their comment system. A company decision, and no other sister station has the volume of comments we have, for better or worse. Not even close.
              Here’s one blueprint for the various plug-ins we could go with, including Disqus. I prefer the robustness of WPDiscuz, and wasn’t a fan of how Disqus instead made you part of their ecosystem, rather than focusing on making the best system for websites that use it.

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        1. Trolls and hypocrites are the people who constantly personally attack people and spout hatred – including made-up ulterior motives directed at the forum host, for allowing personal attacks.
          Up-downvotes have NOTHING to do with whether we waste time investigating those who use multiple handles. Total waste of time.
          Perhaps trolls are just concerned they will be, quite rightfully, downvoted by the vast majority of the community (including, as you well know, those who agree with your views but hate how you profess them) into near-invisibility so that civil, serious dialogue on issues can take place in a less-poisoned atmosphere and “reward” high-value posts.
          One has to hope. Surely the poison is useless.

          1. How is it a total waste of time to monitor a single poster policy ? Name me another industry (outside of American Idol) that allows multiple personalities to vote or comment. I dunno- in light of the previous Presidential election- this whole concept of one person voting numerous times or commenting under many different names might be a liberal thing- one I see no value in… the rest of your “troll” comments might be better directed at those same liberal loudmouths who congregate here “all day” and dominate your hate-fest with personal attacks- vulgarities- and go no-where spiteful comments… is that what you really want here ?

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              1. You do a great job overall with all the psyops activity barney, im intrigued to think that ktvz comment traffic is “above average” and what it could all mean- just remember they attack where theyre weakest, an attempted diversion from their vulnerabilites

                1. Thanks. Not sure why we’ve had a far more active community than sister stations in larger markets – grateful for the most part, despite a few folks’ unfair attacks.

  3. I would be interested to know what organs they’re taking and how clean the incisions are. Do they kill or sedate the cow prior? How weird. Whomever is doing this has some serious issues. I hope the cows didn’t suffer too much.

  4. Came here expecting some comment blaming “antifa”, and shocked finding none. 🙂 For the record, those dudes aren’t ride their skateboards and bicycles from Portland out to Crook County.

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