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14 arrested in Seattle, 6 in Portland as May Day marches turn violent

Broken windows, vandalism led to riot declaration in Portland Saturday night
Portland Police Bureau
Broken windows, vandalism led to riot declaration in Portland Saturday night

SEATTLE (AP) — At least 20 people were arrested during May Day protests that turned violent in Seattle and Portland.

Police in Seattle said 14 people were arrested for crimes including obstruction, property destruction, reckless driving and assault on Saturday as several marches wound through the downtown area. About 150 people participated in a non-violent march in support of migrant workers, workers rights and racial equality in Seattle.

In Portland, peaceful demonstrations during the day gave way to violent demonstrations Saturday night in which windows were broken at multiple businesses near City Hall, along with vandalism.

About 100 people were involved in that march and police announced six arrests.

Police said the gathering at first was declared an unlawful assembly and the crowd was ordered by loudspeakers to disperse. A riot was declared several several windows were broken.

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  1. I would bet the majority of the arrests were in Seattle. Portland has a habit of letting them commit felony level damage before they call it a riot and they very seldom arrest for the damage they observed. It’s like giving them a free pass on the first couple of businesses because it was not declared a riot yet. Why is there rioting on May day? Is Antifa and BLM upset that the someone else gets a day of recognition?

  2. Can’t we all just get along? I sure wish people would of been saying that the last 5 years but now that the lefts are in control now they call for unity what a joke.

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