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OSP Hwy. 97 traffic stop north of Bend turns up 5 lbs. of meth, pills; Calif. pair arrested

Oregon State Police say over 4 pounds of methamphetamine, pound of suspected fentanyl pills were found hidden in car
Oregon State Police say over 4 pounds of methamphetamine, pound of suspected fentanyl pills were found hidden in car

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) – Two California residents were arrested on drug charges after a traffic stop on U.S. Highway 97 north of Bend earlier this week turned up more than four pounds of methamphetamine and a pound of suspected fentanyl pills hidden in their car, Oregon State Police reported Friday.

An OSP trooper with Bend Area Command stopped a 2006 Saturn around 9:30 p.m. Tuesday on southbound Highway 97 for failing to drive within its lane of travel, Captain Tim Fox said.

“During the traffic stop, the trooper noticed signs of criminal activity, and a consent search was conducted,” Fox said, which revealed about 4.4 pounds of meth and about 1.1 pounds of suspected fentanyl pills.

The driver, a 38-year-old from McFarland, California, and the passenger, a 33-year-old Bakersfield resident, were lodged at the Deschutes County Jail on drug possession, manufacturing and delivery charges.

OSP troopers were assisted by agents from the federal Department of Homeland Security Investigations and Deschutes County sheriff’s deputies.

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    1. The best way to keep Californians out is to stop, by any means neccessary, Oregonians from selling their houses to up bidding Californians.

      1. Mexican cartels moving drugs though our area. And you’re worried about hurting their image.You’re a second rate training station and this town deserves better.

        1. I am so glad that someone gets it and isn’t afraid to put the truth out there. When will our government stop the mexican cartels from running drugs and other illegal matter in the USA?

    1. Because our company policy (NPG, News-Presse & Gazette) for the past year or so is that we don’t routinely name arrested suspects in all crime stories (major crimes like murder, etc., yes – and many a judgment call in between). It’s a trend The Associated Press has taken up recently. Here’s what I’ve posted several times here:
      In general, it’s a revised policy that has to do in large part with the permanent, searchable nature of the internet and a responsibility to minimize harm. We do name some suspects arrested in major crimes, but no longer automatically list or use the booking photos on all names released by law enforcement, as in the past.
      That can change when formal charges are filed- which are quite often different than for the initial arrest.)
      There are some people who think we should even post all victims’ names – every bit of public info. At the other extreme, there are those who think no suspect should be publicly named until a conviction. In the middle are 1,000s of judgment calls – what charge is serious enough to warrant more info (impact on public safety, etc.)
      Similar judgments are made in terms of rescues. 
      I hope that helps a bit.

      1. Its part of the don’t hurt my feelings movement but heck Barney you are just marching to others orders and ya gotta earn a paycheck so carry on!

        1. They’re both on the Deschutes Jail current inmate list site. One Hispanic male and one Hispanic female. Look it up, it’s easy.

  1. My father in law was a Mule in the 70s he gave me one of the greatest piece of advice anyone can give. “ Don’t break the law while you’re breaking the law”

  2. I noticed for the past few nights that the druggies in Redmond had been way more active than they have been for a few weeks. I figured the fires disrupted the local meth mills. If these folks were running big loads like this up from Cali, probably explains the jump back towards status quo for the meth heads and pill poppers.

    Hopefully this load being intercepted will take a big dump on their parade.

    Good job LEO’s!

  3. I noticed that the bust was on Tuesday night and we just heard about it on Friday. I didn’t see any coverage in the Bulletin. Two hispanic people from California headed south on 97. I guess this was a red flag for a search. I think there is more to the story.

  4. No names?? Interesting. Most likely because of the investigation and they can grab a few others. The only problem is, both Oregon and California don’t have any District Attorneys with the guts enough to put guys like this on trial and behind bars where they belong.

    1. If you are so interested in names, check the DC Jail inmate list. You might just get a peak at their mugshot in case you think it’s your next door neighbor.

  5. Barney,
    While I was looking up the accused drug dealers on the DC Jail inmate list, I noticed the the DCSO took a woman into custody on Friday for an Out of County Warrant and set bail at $1 billion. This is probably a bigger story than 5 lbs of meth.

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