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Ian Cranston arraigned on second-degree murder, other charges in shooting of Barry Washington Jr.

(Update: Cranston arraigned; Dec. 7 plea hearing set; Peacekeepers rally, defense attorney statement)

Supporters of Washington's family rally outside courthouse; defense attorney disputes DA's statements

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) – A Deschutes County grand jury late Thursday indicted Redmond resident Ian Mackenzie Cranston, 27, and he was quickly arrested, then arraigned Friday on second-degree murder, manslaughter and other charges in the Sept. 19 fatal shooting of 22-year-old Barry Khristiano Washington on a downtown Bend street corner.

District Attorney John Hummel made the announcement Thursday night in a livestreamed news conference on a downtown Bend street, not far from the scene of the shooting. He also said he had called and informed Washington’s mother, Lawanda Roberson, in the Bay Area and “she thanked God” for the news of the re-arrest and stronger charges against her son’s alleged killer. "That's what she said to me -- 'thank God.'"

Hummel said an arrest warrant was issued and Cranston was arrested by Bend police at his home on charges of second-degree murder, first- and second-degree manslaughter, first-degree assault and two counts of unlawful use of a weapon. Cranston is white and Washington was Black,  but Hummel said he did not have sufficient evidence at this point to also seek a bias crime charge against Cranston, though the investigation continues.

A small crowd had gathered for the hastily called street-side news conference, and someone in the crowd said “Yes! That’s what I’m talking about!” when the formal charges were announced. Hummel said Cranston was booked back in the county jail without bail pending an initial court appearance scheduled for next Tuesday.

Cranston’s initial arrest on a second-degree manslaughter charge meant he was able to post 10 percent of his $100,000 bail and be released hours after the killing that Sunday, sparking heightened concern and even anger among many in the community.

Cranston was arraigned on the charges Friday afternoon, and Deschutes County Circuit Judge Beth Bagley set his plea hearing for Dec. 7. His lawyer, Kevin Sali, said they would have been comfortable submitting a not-guilty plea on Friday, but Bagley said that does not happen at arraignment. The judge ordered Cranston remain held without bail, though his attorney said he might seek a release or bail reduction hearing in the future.

Close to 100 members of the community showed up for the proceedings, including members of the Central Oregon Peacekeepers. But the public was not allowed in the courtroom, so a rally with signs such as "Justice For Barry" took place outside the courthouse.

Peacekeepers President Luke Richter told NewsChannel 21, "We just want to show the family that we stand with them. We'll never be able to speak for them, and how they knew Barry, and what they knew of Barry - how much they loved him. So we're just here to show them that we're here to support them through this entire journey, and that this community doesn't stand for things like that."

Meanwhile, Sali, Cranston's defense lawyer, provided this statement to NewsChannel 21, disputing Hummel's statements about what took place that night:

"When this case goes to trial, it will provide another example of why in this country cases are decided on the basis of evidence presented in court, not press conferences by politicians.

"The undisputed evidence will be that before Ian Cranston ever drew his weapon, Barry Washington had assaulted him without provocation, resulting in head injuries that required the police to take Mr. Cranston to the hospital, where a brain scan and other procedures had to be performed.

"Indisputable video evidence also demonstrates that, in direct contrast to the district attorney’s public statements, that unprovoked assault was still actively in progress when the single shot was fired. 

"After the evidence comes out at trial, I trust someone will ask the district attorney why he deliberately inflamed the community with statements he knew were not supported by any evidence. In the meantime, we will make our presentation in the courtroom, where it belongs," Sali said.

Despite his criticism of Hummel's statements, Cranston's attorney said he has no current plans to seek a change of venue in the case.

"I have full confidence in the citizens of this county to give my client a fair trial, based on the actual evidence," Sali said.

Earlier information:

Hummel said Thursday night that “tactical” police methods ensured a quick arrest was possible: “We weren’t going to let him out of our sight.”

Though no bias crime has been charged, Hummel read a statement (see below) in which he said he’d received hundreds of calls and emails to remind him of the nation’s “disgraceful history of denigrating, prosecuting and lynching black men for talking to white women.”

He said he attended college in Virginia in the 1980s and law school in Arkansas in the ‘90s but that “racism didn’t only happen back then, and ‘down there’ (in the south). It happens right here and now.”

The DA said he’d heard from man area residents who are black and “described how uncomfortable you are walking the streets in Bend. …. There is a reckoning with race that needs to happen in Central Oregon, and it needs to happen now.”

“Know this,” he concluded. “Justice will be done in this case.”

Responding to reporter questions, Hummel said that if subsequent evidence shows race played any part in the crime, his office will go back to the  grand jury to seek a bias crime charge. But he said going to the grand jury for that charge with insufficient evidence would have prevented any return, should more information come to light.

Hummel said the grand jury indicted Cranston on every charge sought by his office. He also said the second-degree murder charge is not a lesser crime than first-degree, but that state law lists “additional elements” required for a first-degree chare, such as killing two or more people, or a child.

“This isn’t a judgment on Barry,” he said. “We charged the highest crime there is for this act.” While not pre-meditated, the DA said, “It was an intentional act. That’s what our theory was. It wasn’t a fumbling with the gun, or an accidental discharge of the gun. It was an intentional decision by Mr. Cranston to shoot and kill Barry Washington.”

Regarding the possible racial motive, Hummel said, "The hate crime, or bias crime aspect of this case is an active investigation. If we obtain sufficient evidence to prove that this shooting was at least partially motivated by race, we will go back to that grand jury and ask them to add the charge.

"I determined we did not have sufficient evidence at this point to present it to the grand jury, and that was a tactical decision made by myself.," Hummel continued. "If we presented it now, and the grand jury said, 'No, the state doesn't have enough evidence,' then that case is gone. And if we gathered more evidence later, we couldn't go back. That is an active investigation."

Hummel urged anyone with information to contact his office or police, "if you have any information any racial motives of Mr. Cranston in this incident." And he said they are still gathering electronic evidence.

"I'm going to tell you this: Some people in this community criticize a group in town called the Central Oregon Peacekeepers," he said. "I think highly of them. They gave me evidence that I shared with the Bend Police Department about this case that we didn't know when we gave it to them. I give them kudos, I thank you." And he urged others with information that could assist in the case to do the same.

Asked why there are both murder and the lesser manslaughter charges, Hummel referred to a common move that presents "alternative theories" of what transpired, but added, "I'm confident that murder is the correct charge, but if you commit murder intentionally, you also killed someone recklessly. ... If you do the greater crime, you've also done the lesser crime"

Hummel also was asked if, due to the furor over Cranston’s initial release, those procedures will be reviewed. He said there every alleged crime has a bail schedule, but that he’s been focused since the crime not on looking back – “I needed to look forward, to prepare this case for the grand jury.”

“Got to keep an eye on the prize,” he said.

News release from DA John Hummel:


Barry Washington was shot and killed on a downtown Bend Street by Ian Cranston, in the early morning hours of September 19, 2021. Bend Police officers quickly responded and arrested Mr. Cranston for the crime of Manslaughter in the Second Degree.  Shortly after his arrest, Mr. Cranston paid the bail amount previously established by the Deschutes County Circuit Court for people charged with the crime of Manslaughter in the Second Degree and he was released from jail on the condition that he appear in court on October 5, 2021 at 9:00 a.m. 

This afternoon, the Deschutes County District Attorney’s Office presented this case to the Deschutes County Grand Jury.  After the presentation the Grand Jury returned an Indictment that charges Mr. Cranston with the following crimes:

Murder in the Second Degree, Manslaughter in the First Degree, Manslaughter in the Second Degree, Assault in the First Degree, and two counts of Unlawful Use of a Weapon.

Immediately after the grand jury returned the Indictment, District Attorney Hummel requested that the Deschutes County Circuit Court issue a warrant for his arrest, and this request was granted.  Pursuant to a tactical plan previously arranged by Hummel and the Bend Police Department, Mr. Cranston was immediately arrested in Redmond and lodged in the Deschutes County Jail.  Mr. Cranston is being held without bail until his court appearance on October 1, 2021 at 1:30pm.

Statement from District Attorney Hummel to the residents of Deschutes County:

“Our country has a disgraceful history of denigrating, prosecuting, and lynching black men for talking to white women.  Over the last week, hundreds of people called and emailed me to remind me of this history; I responded to every one of you.  In many of these calls and emails you referenced Emmett Till; the 14-year old boy who was kidnapped, beaten, mutilated, shot in the head, and dumped in a river, all for allegedly whistling at a white woman.  If that was not bad enough, his killers were found not-guilty at trial.

I went to college in Virginia in the 80’s and law school in Arkansas in the 90’s.  Racism was alive and well in the South back then.  But racism didn’t only happen back then, and down there.  It happens right here and right now. 

I started my legal career in 1995 as a public defender, representing farm workers from Mexico who lived and worked in Prineville and Madras.  My farm worker clients were the hardest working people I ever met, yet they were treated as if they were lazy, drunk, and stupid. 

And what happened in the 90’s in Prineville and Madras is happening today in Deschutes County.  Many of you who called and emailed me these last two weeks are black: You described how uncomfortable you are walking the streets in Bend.  Most chilling were your accounts of how the killing of Barry Washington impacted your children.  Thank you for taking the difficult step of reliving your pain by telling me stories I needed to hear.  There is a reckoning with race that needs to happen in central Oregon, and it needs to happen now. 

At the same time, as much as it’s my job to protect and advance the rights of Barry and his family, I have the duty to protect the rights of the accused.  Ian Cranston is innocent of the crimes he’s charged with, and he will remain innocent, unless and until the State proves his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.  By ensuring Mr. Cranston’s rights are protected, when we obtain a conviction, which I’m confident we will, the conviction will hold up during the appeals process, thereby sparing Barry’s family the pain of a second trial.

To the hundreds of people who have been advocating on behalf of Barry and his family: thank you.  Keep it up.  I see you and I respect you.  Our community needs you. 

Know this:  Justice will be done in this case.”     

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Barney Lerten

Barney is the digital content director for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Barney here.



  1. what about the rights of the young woman that was attacked by Mr. Washington? Why is the video and photographic evidence of his attack not mentioned? The pretrial hearing will be a mess and the DA will get his hat handed to him.

      1. Watch the video. You can see him clearly strike her. He’s not an innocent victim just asking a girl on a a date. It looks like Hummel is carrying out a misjustice because of a personal agenda. The “Peace Keepers” don’t want the video out, and I can only assume it’s because it doesn’t support the false narrative that they (and Hummel) are trying to create. Sad times for all.

      1. Haha…sort of James Comey, McCabe, Robert Mueller, Hillary Clinton, and of corse Adam Schifty. You should know that tactic well. Created and played out by Dems everyday

    1. Attacked? From the beginning of the report of this incident, it has been stated that Washington was merely complementing her. He was apparently trying to ask her out on a date. He did not attack her. Where did you hear that?

      1. In the infamous video, she can be heard saying “he hit me in the face” meaning Washington. Have to wait for trial to see whether that actually happened or not.

    2. There is a public ytube video available but while it shows aggressive behavior and shoving it is hard to make out too much. I’ll port the link in another post as I’m not sure Berry will allow it or not (but you can just do a search).

        1. You removed posts about the murderer’s past charges.

          But you allow a post about false charges against a deceased man to stay up.

          Are you just always this inconsistent or are you trying to be a truly deceitful person right now?

          1. Wow, a video is “false charge”, now that’s new. I bet it was doctored by Trump supporters and the Russian KGB to make sure Putin will be the next POTUS.

        2. So, the ones who have prejudged this as a racist killing made enough furor that we don’t get to see the evidence of what actually happened?

          They win. They get to keep up the false narrative.


      1. All of the virtue signaling flying left wing extremists in this thread know that the purpose of releasing the video was to show that Mr Washington wasn’t simply just asking for a lady’s hand in courting. While the video may not have showed anything that justified a shooting, it certainly did not portray events going down as that dope Hummel said they did. It also showed that those BS stories about Mr Cranston jumping Mr Washington completely unprovoked were lies.
        Time and time again we see leftists and bend conflate every little possible racial and or homelessness issue with wild exaggerations and conjecture. People are getting really sick of it.

        1. – a whole lot of words – time and time again – a whole lot of words – still, this guy shot Washington dead – do you have any sort of justification for that or will you continue to bury that in a whole lot of words?

          1. A little rush to judgment don’t you think? How about we wait until all the evidence is actually presented to a jury. This could have just as easily been a open and shut case of self defense. Not saying either way, as I wouldn’t do that prior to actual evidence being presented. Remember innocent until proven…..

            1. Probably not an open and shut case of self-defense since a grand jury saw the evidence and decided murder charges were appropriate. I’ve been on grand jury her and the people involved take the cases very seriously.

    1. You fool, this has nothing to do with race. Only a race baiter would make that statement. And justice has yet to be served. Cranston has not been convicted, only arrested. Justice will be served when Cranston is either convicted or acquitted. Let this be tried in the court room. And leave race out of it for God’s sake. Enough with the division. That’s what the Marxists want. Division on all fronts. The only way to defeat Marxism in this country is for Americans to resist the division and come together as one people. United We Stand, Divided We Fall.

      1. So Fed, it sounds like you dont believe racism is real. Let me ask, is racism real and if so, why are u so bent out of shape when it’s brought up? Seems to me it could be racially motivated so why not make sure right? We want all charges that apply to apply. Grow up and make more friends.

        1. Racism is real… Everyone being called a racist is a lie. Every event involving Black on White being blamed on racism is a lie. Even the idea being brought up with out evidence is becoming the norm. People need to get off the race train and start treating people like “people” It amazes me just how much “racism” has grown since a few choice people were voted into Congress.
          MLK would be spinning in his grave today.

    2. Is there any evidence that this was racially motivated? (Looks like Berry does not require links or proof for some accusations but demand proof and links from others.)
      I can already see the trial moved out of city and county because all the mob lynching.

  2. Hummel is an idiot. His agency stated that there is not enough evidence of a hate crime and then all he talks about in his pathetic virtue signaling speech is race. A man is dead and he is using his death to grandstand. Sickening.

    1. Do you have a law degree? If not. Be quiet. If there isn’t evidence of a hate crime you CAN’T and SHOULDN’T charge him with a hate crime. Just glad they got him on a murder charge. Sometimes people commit horrific crimes impulsively and it ISN’T based on color. You have to have evidence supporting the charges.

      1. Then the DA shouldn’t be talking about race. If it wasn’t a hate or race crime, why would he continue talking about it? Pressure from SF?

    2. YAHTZEE! We have a winner. That is exactly the email I sent to Hummel, and what I just posted which is pending approval. The public statement by Hummel is nothing buy pure pandering to the coming liberal majority in Deschutes County.

  3. Pretty fast for our SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW DA. Sorry for and about young Washington Jr. and his friends and family. Sad and horrible that this type of crime happens ANYWHERE, but definitely not expected in Bend.

  4. This DA is an idiot, from the announcement this person is presumed guilty, unless he can somehow prove his innocence, he may very well be more than guilty, but this is a shameful show, from a shameful prosecutor.
    Absolutely unprofessional.

    1. Under the laws of the USA EVERYONE, I repeat EVERYONE is presumed innocent until proven guilty. Do I agree sometimes? NO. But everyone is entitled to due process. It doesn’t make the DA unprofessional. Calm down.

    2. From Hummels statement:”… the same time, as much as it’s my job to protect and advance the rights of Barry and his family, I have the duty to protect the rights of the accused. Ian Cranston is innocent of the crimes he’s charged with, and he will remain innocent, unless and until the State proves his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.”

      Get a grip, go ahead and read from start to finish….i dare you.

    3. You realize a DA goes into a courtroom believing the defendant is guilty, right? The presumption of innocence has to do with who has the burden of proof, which is on the prosecution. The presumption of innocence doesn’t mean that the DA isn’t supposed to think the guy is guilty…that wouldn’t even make sense.

      1. There is absolutely no innocent until proven guilty in Deschutes County. The DA can lie to the judges, to the Grand jury and while the defendant sits in jail they have no recourse at all. A jury trial takes months or years to take place. So a sane person will take a plea to get out of the insanity of a jail cell. I watched as a woman was released from Deschutes County after 2 years incarcerated when they were within 3 days of the trial and all her charges were dropped.

  5. Let me get this straight… The DA set up a podium on a sidewalk to announce this? Pure grandstanding is what that is. Disgraceful. The sad thing is he could have announced this from his office and it would have looked much better and the outcome would have been the same. Look, this guy pulled the trigger. Watch the video. Make up your own mind and see how it plays out in court. No need for the DA to take away from the moment. Goodbye, not sure you will be missed.

      1. Just as we’ve all seen Mr. Washington not behaving like the “gentle teddy bear” he is being portrayed as.

        DA Hummel is grandstanding.

        It’s an embarrassment.

        The guy just can’t resist making a political statement out of this in support of his own aspirations.

        1. ok, so you are saying that you know something about Washington? – what have we all seen? – nice backhanded way of not saying what you are saying – if you are so right, why the song and dance?

          1. It’s all they have, victim blaming. In this case, ascribing nefarious acts to a man who was murdered in cold blood is right up the MAGA alley.

          2. In the video Washington is seen doing all the shoving and pushing. And, yes, that’s the problem with a video clip as by its very nature a clip does not provide context.
            Don’t bring a gun to bar; don’t overreact; just leave; don’t continue hitting on somebody’s partner after you’ve been rebuffed.
            Be interesting to learn if there were a substantial size difference between the two men. Just from media accounts, it sounds more like manslaughter than murder.

  6. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not a race based hate crime every time a black person is shot, but there are certainly a lot of people that want you to think it is.
    It’s truly pathetic how Hummel almost sounds apologetic and disappointed that there isn’t any evidence that the shooting was race based.

    1. who’s popular belief? – contrary to popular belief, just because the acknowledgement of such things freaks you out doesn’t make them imaginary

    2. Like the DA stated, the investigation is ongoing. I’m sure they will be interviewing witnesses and people who know both the shooter and the victim as well as closely looking at social media to try to determine Cranston’s mindset before and after he decided to pull the trigger. For anyone to make a comment about what other people, including the DA, are thinking without doing due diligence, is premature and foolhardy.

      1. The veteran should have known better than to attempt to climb through a barricaded door to get into the US CAPITOL while an armed officer was pointing a gun at her telling her to stop. If anything killed her, it was her own delusions about what the 1/6 terrorists were going to accomplish that day.

    1. Low IQ mob tries to lynch people instead of hearing the facts and let the jury decide. Quite typical, just look at the Zimmerman case. You can of course distort the facts all you want he was unanimously acquitted (yes, I know that so was OJ and Casey Anthony).

    2. Iq doesn’t get any lower than what’s in the white house right now! Hasn’t done one good thing for this country , unless your a lazy entitled milenial loser from California or some other progressive brain dead place. Biden will go down as the worst president ever, period.

    1. It’s obviously not a race based crime yet, but there are plenty of people that want
      it to become one,and if they can’t prove that it was race based, the same group of
      people will cry racism because they were unable to turn it into one.

  7. It wasn’t race it was stupid drunk hipsters from California that can’t fight with out guns knifes .. when I was in my 20s we would go in the D&D parking lot that’s no longer there fight then go in and by a beer or go home black white yellow pink doesn’t matter .. I am a 3rd generation Benigt

  8. This DA is just absolutely awful. This defendant is NEVER going to get a fair trial in Central Oregon thanks to this DA with all the trumped up charges. This the same DA that made up charges to make it illegal to have smoke come out of your truck around protesters! Budding up with the peacekeepers as a DA is disgraceful. They are known cop haters. Hope the defendant can get good council and move the trial.

  9. They call Trump supporters LOW IQ Dump disciples, and I make a comment about the shooter not being a victim and that it was an unfortunate situation and that Washington wasn’t a saint either, and I am the one that is sensored in the comments?
    Thank you Barney. You have made me, once again, aware of your type of moderation.

      1. Yeah, well autocorrect made it sensored, and there is no edit option… what’s your point? And you forgot to put on dump disciples at the end of LOW IQ.

    1. Lets just say this. For the sake of downtown Bend… he better make those charges stick. Right or Wrong.
      Portland will be here, San Francisco will be here. Downtown Bend will be gone, up in smoke.

      1. That is quite possibly the worst reason to decide a case upon. It is also the best case to be made for a change of venue. The charges need to be settled on their own merits. Nothing else. The thought of anyone trading true justice on exchange for hopes of peace is cowardly and shameful.

        1. But that is exactly what they do all the time. One group charges and threatens if justice doesn’t go their way… jury gets threatened and is scared for their families safety. And my point is that that is what will happen here.
          It really does need a change of venue, not only on what has been said by the DA, but also what has been reported by the news media.

  10. [Cranston is white and Washington was Black, but Hummel said he did not have sufficient evidence at this point to also seek a bias crime charge against Cranston, though the investigation continues.]
    Then why bring it up unless Hummel is trying to make it about race. Which it is indicated that he has stated in this report with his statement about race. How a 14 year old was killed because he was black. Like White people aren’t killed because they are white. That happens frequently. Hummel is just another race baiter. Washington was killed because Cranston is a hot head and was jealous of him making a pass at his girlfriend. I seriously doubt this had anything to do with racism. But Hummel will surely try to make that the case.

    1. Hummel probably made the statement because, as a public servant, he has a duty to respond to calls from everyone jumping on the race bandwagon. IMO, it was his way to defuse potential volatility. As to whether it was done competently and effectively, only time will tell.

      1. FC, how would Hummel’s mention of lynchings defuse anything? And how would it demonstrate competence?? I think you might be reaching for too hard for reasons to support Hummel in this case. You are capable of a higher level of objectivity.

        1. UTST, you take what he said out of context. He referenced and was responding to the calls he’d received.

          Hummel read a statement (see below) in which he said he’d received hundreds of calls and emails to remind him of the nation’s “disgraceful history of denigrating, prosecuting and lynching black men for talking to white women.”

          I don’t believe the status of my objectivity is in question.

          1. Fair enough FC. My beef is Hummel ever mentioning lynchings in the context of this announcement. I’d hope we can both agree that he was clearly pandering. Your Objectivity Card has been reinstated with full benefits.

            1. I do object to the term “pandering” when the lynching issue was brought up by the calls and emails. It’s his duty to respond to the concerns of people in the community as specifically as possible.

              1. FC, regardless of whether Hummel’s statement constitutes pandering, the idea that Hummel got phone calls concerning lynchings 100 years ago is pretty ridiculous. Sorry but you’re off the mark here my friend.

                1. Bud, there have been vigils downtown over this murder and it’s gotten national attention. It’s not hard at all to believe that Hummel has gotten a lot of phone calls.

              2. I, too, respectively differ on this one. I agree he needs to respond to the community but he also needs to keep it at the issue at hand and not inflame the situation. There seems to be too many out there that are desperately trying to explode this into a wild fire.

  11. Great, our woke DA goes full-on virtue signaling and grandstanding. How about a change of venue given his actions have arguably corrupted the jury pool?

    1. Criticising “woke culture” has become a way of claiming victim status for yourself rather than acknowledging that more deserving others hold that status. It has gone from a virtue signal to a dog whistle. The language has been successfully co-opted – but as long as the underlying injustices remain, new words will emerge to describe them.

  12. It’s interesting that Hummel, somehow, turned this into a way to talk about himself…as if the preparing to run for office or something.

    Ever watch The Neighborhood on CBS? According to that show, there are two kinds of racists; one that hates black people, and other LOVES black people.

    Here’s the thing. People are stupid and have Facebook posts of all their inner feelings. If Cranston has anything on there that’s incriminating and the DA got it before it was removed, it will be easy to prove whether Cranston was racists or not.

    1. You’re literally quoting a sitcom? That’s special.
      There was plenty of incriminating stuff on his social media, it was taken down, not before others copied it.

      1. I heard a lot of folks who wanted to desperately make this a racial issue claimed the shooter had all kinds of racist post on his Facebook site. I saw his site and there is NO racist comments etcetera whatsoever. Sad that some folks feel a need to make the murder of an innocent man a racial thing.

    1. On the other hand, a lot of people heard what he said and appreciated what he expressed. Understand that you, and people who think similarly to you, are not the only audience in this community.

  13. If Cranston KNEW Jesus before this, none of this would have happened. Pulling your firearm for a mass shooter is different than pulling because you’re losing a fist fight. A real man can fist fight and know when you’ve lost, and walk away. You take the loss like a MAN. You don’t pull your sidearm for your ego……………..
    Here’s the consequence of murder if you don’t follow Jesus:
    Gen 9:5 – “And I will require the blood of anyone who takes another person’s life. If a wild animal kills a person, it must die. And anyone who murders a fellow human must die.
    Gen 9:6 – If anyone takes a human life, that person’s life will also be taken by human hands. For God made human beings in his own image.

        1. The Old Testament was The Law given before Jesus. For one thing, it’s purpose was to show people that they were incapable of living up to it. God did away with The dispensation of The Law and The Profits, and on The Mount of Transfiguration said “This is my Son, in whom I am well pleased. Hear Him”. At that point The time of the Law and Profits was over. The Old Testament was and is a description of Jesus through ages and pictures. The Bible is not a rule book. It is a living word that transforms us. “The letter kills but The Spirit gives life”. The Old Testament is a dead letter. So is the New Testament if you take it as a “do right rulebook”. Just sayin’. Not looking for a debate or a fight.

  14. I don’t have any problem with the guy being charged. The grandstanding and locking of arms with and tongue-kissing of the peace creepers is disgusting and unprofessional. The DA is letting his bias show. I hope his career aspirations don’t bear fruit for our states sake.

    1. I totally agree the peacekeepers are there only to make this a political issue to cause hatred and division it is sad but ignore these little children.

  15. In an outdoor press conference worthy of a Roman gladiator spectacle Deschutes County District Attorney John Hummel announced the outcome of a Grand Jury hearing in the shooting death of Mr. Barry Washington at the hands of Mr. Ian Cranston.

    Hummel was quick to praise the assistance his office received from the Central Oregon Peacekeepers while ignoring the initial investigatory efforts of the Bend Police Department and supporting local and federal law enforcement agencies, to include the FBI which would be the lead federal agency in any kind of hate crime investigation of the murder.

    “We have video cameras downtown,” shared one BPD officer. “Those people [“peacekeepers”] contributed nothing to the investigation. That guy [Hummel] is an idiot.”

    Hummel did not mention the same group’s recent storming of the offices of the Central Oregon Daily News in their effort to intimidate the station’s broadcasting of a video clip showing the shooting. Bend Police were called to the scene but it is unknown if citations were issued. In the past the District Attorney has dismissed trespass citations issued by the Bend Police Department to members of the Peacekeepers after accusing Chief Mike Krantz and his agency of being “obsessed” with the group.

    Mr. Riccardo Waites (Central Oregon Black Leaders Assembly) posted the Oregon law reference the most serious charge for his group’s benefit. “Cranston got 6 charges including murder 2. So I want to post the definition of Murder 2 in Oregon.

    Waites has been meeting with local law enforcement, the District Attorney’s Office, and community partners over the past week in an effort to see justice done but without a 3-ring circus atmosphere.

    The FBI is more than likely reviewing the case and if it finds there are sufficient grounds to pursue a federal hate crime case – it will be the FBI that does so – not John Hummel.

    Given the DA’s continued exploitation of the case and his announced decision not to run for re-election (he is said to be pursuing a state or federal appointment) it is as likely as not the defense for Mr. Cranston will petition the court for a change of venue.

    1. Worthy post Cardiac. Sad to say but the world and our country are changing in fundamental ways that Central Oregon can’t hide from. Keep fighting the good fight my friend.

  16. Yo DA Hummel, I have to take exception with your comment about lumping “this country” in with Ian Cranston. We still don’t know whether or not this senseless murder was purely racially motivated, or if it was just “about a girl.” We can speculate, and maybe it was. Maybe if it was a white guy talking to his girl, Cranston reacts differently.

    But the optics aren’t good, and of course a liberal DA has to come out and pander to liberal voters, by jumping on the woke bandwagon and playing the race card. I mean, why bring up “lynchings,” and “this country has a history.” No offense Hummel, but “this country” has nothing to do with two guys in a bar, fighting over a woman.

    And even IF this was a hate crime, that is on Ian Cranston, and not “this country.” As a member of “this country,” I find that statement to be extremely offensive.

    Ya know, John, even back in the 1700s, especially with people like John Adams and others, and then later with Abraham Lincoln, large segments of our population were disgusted with slavery and racism. In fact, John, do you recall something called “The Civil War?” hundreds of thousands, maybe as many as 750,000 soldiers died over the issue of slavery, and the slavery abolitionists won.

    Wouldn’t the fact that the anti-slavery people won the war, and ever since then we’ve been trending away from racism, doesn’t that suggest that “this country” is not racist? Certainly the majority of “this country” is NOT racist. So please, John, save the virtue signaling for your ODP get togethers.

    1. And yet, again, its the Democrats that keep bringing up the racists and hate issue. They need racism to return to this country, if only to keep the divide going.

      1. Grandstanding on unrelated issues isn’t part of his job. No one has made a connection to racial motivation and the unrelated history of America, even if Cranston had racial motivation, isn’t pertinent. If you disagree, are we to be perpetually stuck in the past that can’t be changed?

      2. Where did I say he was evil? He needs to just do his job in a professional manner without out all the theatrics as he did with announcing the arrests in the murders of Atkinson and Newby. It was way too obvious that Mr. Hummel was trying to take advantage of a sad situation to try and bring attention to himself and that’s what I object to.

  17. After October 5th,
    we will see the validity of what Mr. Hummel said…. or If “Going forward I will no longer seek or accept, donations or endorsements from law enforcement
    unions, law enforcement officers, and criminal law defense attorneys” was a bunch of bs.

    “And what happened in the 90’s in Prineville and Madras is happening today in Deschutes County. Many of you who called and emailed me these last two weeks are black: You described how uncomfortable you are walking the streets in Bend. Most chilling were your accounts of how the killing of Barry Washington impacted your children. Thank you for taking the difficult step of reliving your pain by telling me stories I needed to hear. There is a reckoning with race that needs to happen in central Oregon, and it needs to happen now.”

  18. Cranston’s injuries and the video showing Washington being the aggressor sure won’t allow a 2nd degree murder conviction. Manslaughter and a couple years in Ontario is where my moneys at.

  19. What a bunch of crap never in the 48 years of living in Bend has a black man been lynched in Bend ! never has there been a problem of prejudice in Bend until these so called “Peacekeepers” showed up in Bend. Back in the seventies I knew a mixed race couple and never once did I hear of them being treated badly they lived in peace for many years in Bend ! But now all the the sudden Bend is a racist city because a black man was shot by a white man neither of them from Bend but recent transplants. With the influx of people moving in from other places they are bringing their prejudices and both black and white with them and now all of the sudden Bend is a racist city. I certainly hope the race baiters “Peacekeepers” and Hummel aren’t allowed to use the death of Washington to further their agenda in Bend to posion us with their brand of racism, and that Cranston gets a fair trial.

    1. That is their agenda. Make everyone believe that he/she they/them are racists. Every one of you is a racist, according to the left progressives and others. The louder they scream, the more people start believing it. They will use this trial to further their agenda. They will use the outcome of this trial to either say they were right, or scream another injustice has been done. As for whether or not Cranston gets a fair trial? Questionable.

    2. OB77, if you think there is no racism in Bend, you are out of touch with reality. I am white, have lived in C.O. for almost 35 years, and have seen racial bias on at least 6 different occasions in regard to Black and Hispanic friends. One incident several years ago was particularly brutal in which my unresisting Hispanic friend was thrown face down on the hood of our car by security while a store employee dumped his purchases on the parking lot, breaking some items, to prove he had shoplifted. We left the store at the same time, but I was ignored. Turned out a tag had not been removed from one of my purchases by the cashier and set off a silent alarm as we exited the store, but it was my friend who was targeted until I intervened by telling them to check my stuff. I’ve also witnessed way too much verbal unwarranted abuse of friends of color by bigots to give your “no racism in Bend” statement any credence whatsoever. Bigotry is nothing new or just imported to Bend by newcomers. It’s been here since before the first white settlers set foot in the Oregon territory and probably will still have a foothold here long after you and I are gone. Until bigotry is acknowledged and faced head on, nothing will change. Pretending it doesn’t exist isn’t an option.

      1. I have also been falsely accused of theft, harassed, intimidated and run off by security when I had every right to be there, and at times received a dose of “unwarranted verbal abuse” from complete strangers. But I’m white so I guess none of that matters. And oddly enough, I’m also friends with several central oregon “people of color” as you like to call them. Next time we’re together I’ll ask them about your theory of racism in Bend. Pretty sure they will think of you as do I. Reality does not fit in your tidy little box.

        1. Nothing tidy about harassment, abuse or intimidation of anyone by anybody at anytime anywhere. I’m glad what I’ve witnessed doesn’t fit your experience. It is, after all, my experience, not yours. I’m also glad that your friends have never been targeted. They should consider themselves very fortunate.

          1. Consider with me a hypothetical situation: two men, one black and one white, each receive a nasty dose of unwarranted verbal abuse from a white man. Many would say that makes the black man a victim of racism. He can’t be because both men received the same mistreatment. For an act of racism to exist, there must also exist a discriminatory application of hate based on race. I do not deny racism exists but let’s be real here, being on the receiving end of hate is a part of life that we all must endure. We do a great disservice to our fellows when we tell them the hate THEY receive is special. Think about it. Is that not the popular message lately? I don’t want any part of that. I don’t see anything in that message that promotes healthy relations.

      2. I suggest you move to Portland in order to keep the racist lie going. I’ve lived and worked her for over 30 years and have not experienced all this alledged racism. I find there are good and bad folks in every race some of them black brown white etc. However there are more good 👍 people then bad. What you white liberals suffer from is white 🤔 quilt. Sad really, but if that makes you feel good about yourself so be it.

        1. Can’t you please make your points without the personal attacks? There are many ways to do so. Such as “I’ve met too many white liberals who suffer from…” etc. That can spell the difference between “offensive personal attacks” and allowing the comment. Civility shouldn’t be that hard.

          1. Personal attacks? Geez Barn, half of the posts that you allow contain a whole lot more personal attacks than what was said by RossPoldark. Shaking my head on this one.

            1. I make the call on “offensive” personal attacks 100s of times a day and you all make it so difficult to draw that line that this system may well go away, perhaps that is what many of you here slapping each other around really want. Many folks do, we hear from them all the time.

              1. Its boards like this, moderated yet seems to be censored one way, with hate spewing back and forth, that keep the divide alive and flourishing.
                That is what the liberals seem to want. Maybe some conservatives as well. I hear this all the time. I participate in it to, I’ll admit. Why? Because I can’t stand someone who claims they know everything yet knows nothing of what they are talking about. I won’t feed it anymore.
                So, maybe it would be a good thing if it did all go away. The reader would be free to make up his/her own mind and move on. Hearing all the liberals constantly saying the only people unvaccinated are Trump supporters etc. are the problem with our communities. Trump is no longer president. We may have different alternatives come 2024. What will they complain about then?

                1. Both sides fuel the hate of the Blame Society. You cannot see the deletions – they are not all from one side of the fence.
                  But doing away with the comment system wouldn’t do away with the deep nasty hate and division. They’d just squirrel away to their own foxholes and keep believing their side is all good and the other side is evil and wants to destroy the country. And that attitude may well destroy the country. That’s why I promote groups like Braver Angels and the Bridge Alliance. We have to get out of the foxholes, put aside the weapons of words (or worse) and actually listen to each other, and discuss things with some level of civility and mutual respect. (As a boss told me long away, even the biggest … jerk can have a point worth considering, if we don’t react with emotions.) Or we’re going to suffer far worse self-inflicted wounds than any virus or terrorist could cause.

      3. And you don’t know white people who have been roughed up or falsely pulled over etc? You haven’t established any evidence of racism, only that people of all colors can be treated badly. When you say bigotry needs to be acknowledged, do you include minorities as well?

  20. Bend wants to be a city so it’s going to deal with city problems. Visit Bend had done a really bad job inviting city people to our once great town so it’s pretty clear that more sad events like this will continue to happen.

    1. Oh brother. I as one of them brown people I came to Bend decades ago. I didn’t wait to be invited and I have found the residents in Bend to be very nice. Bend is a great place.

  21. I don’t know about a change of venue. The jury pool will come from Deschutes County. Not just the woke, spoiled children from Bend, but decent people with decent values. I saw the video posted by a real news channel and unless the prosecution can prove and explain that the “victim” was not the aggressor, there will be an acquittal. And overcharging only helps the defense.

  22. Is there actually any evidence that race was a motive in this case? If Hummel has it, he should share it, rather than making the allegation and inflaming the situation.

    1. Interesting to see that video from police body cams are demanded to be released to the public by the same sorts that are up in arms about the release of this video. Sorry “peacekeepers”, but your credibility is lost here.

  23. I wonder? Did this mob of people have to call in sick to their jobs or do they all just work nights? I know it was short notice and all but their employers must be pretty lenient on allowing them to call in sick, and then be seen on camera, now will have to explain to their boss that they in fact we’re not I’ll.

    1. It’s not a problem because a large portion of the population has chosen to become
      permanently unemployed, so they have plenty of free time to waste.

  24. BLM signs are racist! So it does sorta exist. Just not how people still think. Its backwards these days… those who cry racism are the only ones keeping it alive. Ask Morgan Freeman

  25. Sad news for sure for Bend and the Washington family. Hummel sad to see his media driven blind narrative taking over a once good DA, now he is playing the game. Anyone being killed is pointless but you need to see the undisputed evidence if there is any, otherwise a colorless eye for an eye.

    Maybe we need to give everyone a really simple instruction manual: Don’t do the wrong things, don’t be out in the wrong places, don’t do bad things. I have never had issues being shot, being in a fight, or issues with the police, because I am not a criminal. The percentage of people who get involved with these media stir situations seem be criminals in the wrong place doing the wrong things. In this situation I am not saying Washington was a criminal as I have no idea, but he was in the wrong place doing wrong things it appears. Any dive bar after midnight, I would never be there and who the hell brings a firearm into a bar, simply stupid, don’t be stupid.

    1. “Maybe we need to give everyone a really simple instruction manual: Don’t do the wrong things, don’t be out in the wrong places, don’t do bad things.”

      People shouldn’t need a manual to know this, but then again, some people need
      structured religion because for some reason they aren’t able to make common sense
      decisions on their own… Maybe things have changed with todays younger generation.
      When I was growing up my parents taught me the difference between right
      and wrong, and as I got older, common sense told me what was acceptable or
      not acceptable.
      Some people are born with mental issues or are just stupid and don’t care.
      Metal issues can be treated but there is no fixing stupid and careless.
      We can all reduce the odds of being involved in a physical altercation by avoiding
      certain areas or establishments, but we can’t completely eliminate it because
      “the wrong place at the wrong time” could be a dive bar, or a Walmart parking lot.

  26. This is just another ridiculous gathering, and a chance for certain people to
    continue to push their race based agenda, and for a few white people to wear
    their blm shirts. There haven’t been any charges or allegations by the people
    that matter, of this being a race based crime. The only reason they were there
    is because of the color of his skin. This gathering is almost as ridiculous as
    Hummel’s public grandstanding…

  27. It is hoped the judge will put a gag order in effect to preserve the integrity of the proceedings and to put an end to the political gamesmanship of the DA in this matter.

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