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Bend man charged with arranging online to meet ‘teen’ for sex; it was actually officer

Jaden Rae Charpilloz
Deschutes County Sheriff's Office;'s Office
Jaden Rae Charpilloz

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- A 29-year-old Bend man who thought he was talking with a 15-year-old girl on social media arranged to meet for sex at a motel, but was actually talking to a police officer and was arrested at their meeting spot, officers said Thursday.

The officer began a criminal investigation Wednesday by posing as a teen, and Jaden Rae Charpilloz began conversing with the “girl” Lieutenant Clint Burleigh said. He allegedly began talking about having sex with her, Burleigh said, and the fictitious female’s age was discussed.

Around 10 p.m. Wednesday, Charpilloz agreed to meet with the girl, and the officer provided a location where they could meet, after which he would take her to a motel room, Burleigh said.

Several Bend officers surveilled the area and contacted Charpilloz when he arrived, taking him into custody without incident.

Charpilloz was lodged at the Deschutes County Jail on charges of online sexual corruption, luring a minor for sexual contact and unlawful contact with a child. He was held without bail on a parole violation.

It was the second such arrest reported by Bend police in less than a week.

"Bend police want to remind parents to stay involved in their children’s digital world, know the apps they are using and have parental controls when possible," Burleigh wrote. "Children should talk with a trusted adult so they understand the online risks, and only chat with people they know, make sure their online accounts are private, and block people they do not know."

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    1. I agree. They are mostly GREAT! And with MORE MONEY and officers and freedoms to actually DO their jobs, they could be AWESOME! Hard to do a wonderful job with one arm tied behind your back…

    2. What? How man murders and bank robberies have the Bend PD solved? They totally suck and spend more time driving around or BS’ing with each other in parking lots. ZERO traffic enforcement and won’t do anything unless its a drug bust. Give me a break!

      1. thestoner claims “won’t do anything unless its a drug bust.” Funny that you post this under an article about the Bend police doing some very important work outside of a drug bust. You may want to work on your reasoning skills.

      2. Did you read the article? They just took two sex offenders looking to have sex with under age women off the streets. How is that not doing anything but drug busts? I will give you a break because it is clear you did not read the article just here to bash PD because it is cool these days states the media

    1. The First Amendment is about government not infringing on free speech, it has nothing to do with privately run systems being able to set their own Terms of Service. Free speech always has had limits (shouting fire in a crowded theater is the apocryphal example.)

      1. Gee – I used to think that NEWS CHANNELS and outlets were supposed to print or film the NEWS and not squelch what they didn’t agree with or didn’t like??? Times and people have changed and NOT for the better. Our Constitution is being gutted from within.

        1. Then you don’t understand the First Amendment. When did you ever see a ‘news outlet’ let people go on and on with claims unfounded and offensive attacks on people they disagree with? Endless arguments that convince no one of anything but the toxic nature of their posts? The reason these forums are going away is not ‘censorship,’ it’s survival. Take it somewhere there are no rules/terms of service (Reddit’s not it, either, at least not the places worth visiting.)

      2. Sorry Barney but you are wrong.

        KTVZ has a government license to operate and must follow government rules, that make KTVZ a Government Actor and thus KTVZ is required to live by all the rules of free speech that apply to the government.

        KTVZ is not free to throttle free speech.

        1. And yet we’re apparently the LAST Oregon TV station to allow comments, and I have not heard of any FCC license challenges in that regard.
          There are so many places to practice “free speech” online, I doubt a judge would ever say voices are being squelched. (Many have rules, as any organization is allowed to set and enforce.)

        1. The First Amendment guarantees you can preach it from a street corner. Terms of Service says you can’t preach it here. We’ll see ya at the corner of Greenwood and Wall.

  1. These creeps should be in jail and away from children. But alas our governor and city officials will let them go with a slap on the wrist to commit crimes against law-abiding tax paying citizens once again.

    1. My spouse works in prisons. States they are full of sex offenders. They are hard to catch so I’m excited to see two were arrested this past week in Bend. Hope many more are arrested and removed from access to minors.

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