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‘Armed and dangerous’ fugitive sought in Gorge after exchange of gunfire on Hwy. 97 near Shaniko

Logan Cantwell
Logan Cantwell

(Update: Wasco County DA releases details)

Man being sought believed to be in Columbia Gorge

SHANIKO, Ore. (KTVZ) – Authorities asked the public Monday to be on the lookout for an “armed and dangerous’ man who faces attempted murder and other charges for shooting at a Wasco County sheriff’s deputy on Saturday in an attempt to elude arrest on Highway 97 near Shaniko.

Wasco County District Attorney Matthew Ellis said Logan Cantwell, 23, is being charged with first-degree attempted murder, first- and second-degree attempted assault and attempt to elude, among other charges.

No one was injured in an exchange of gunfire, Ellis said.

Oregon State Police, the Wasco County Sheriff’s Office and The Dalles Police are seeking the public’s help in finding Cantwell, who may be using an alias of Logan Taylor or Kendall Myers. He’s descried as 5-foot-4 and about 140 pounds, with short, strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes.

"Cantwell is considered armed and dangerous," Ellis said. "If he is seen, the public should not approach him, but contact law enforcement immediately. Cantwell is believed to be in the Columbia River Gorge and may be on either the Oregon or Washington side."

The OSP SWAT team was called out after the shooting, reported shortly before 9 a.m. Saturday.

Highway 97 was shut down for several hours to collect evidence and document the scene, OSP reported.

OSP said any information about Cantwell’s whereabouts should be immediately reported by calling 911 or OSP dispatch at 800-442-0776, reference case No. SP21319426. You can also text *OSP (*677) from your cellphone

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    1. seems relevant to me, a resident of Central Oregon. Who cares what the moderators political beliefs are, he is an equal opportunity enforcer. Did you get deleted and it hurt your feelings? Lightweight!

  1. Law Enforcement need’s to crack down on these people that won’t follow the law speed run red lights speed in residential areas speed on the parkway park the wrong way of flow of traffic it’s gotten way out of hand Reed Market is a speedway like the parkway 45 /50 don’t mean crap 35 on 3rd street don’t mean crap

    1. I know this is off topic from the story, but it is in response to your comment.
      The new section of Murphy road from 97 to Brookswood is probably one of the worst
      streets in Bend. People think it is a race track. Romaine Village put up a new
      fence several years ago and it has already been hit four times that I know of, and there is a house on the west end of Murphy on the corner that has had their fence hit five or six times since the road opened. The people finally put up concrete jersey barriers
      so their fence didn’t keep getting destroyed. Last winter a SUV lost control on the curve and hit the rock wall on the south side of Murphy.I know several people have complained
      to the city and ODOT and their response was to recently put up some cheesy reflector posts, in the hopes that people will realize that there is a turn in the road. That doesn’t do anything for the cars that drive so fast on a basically straight section of road that they lose control, and that is when the roads are dry. There are always cars hitting the curbs and going up on the sidewalk and getting stuck during the winter,
      and there have been two or three accidents that were essentially head on crashes.
      These are just things that I have seen, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there have been other incidents…
      Barney, maybe this is a story that you could have one of the reporters investigate.

  2. Back to issue at hand. Why did KTVZ decide to post this individual’s photo and name as there was no specific general threat to the public noted? Also, why the individual who was arrested late last week during a PD sting involving luring a minor not named, but the previous incident a week prior was named? With such a “situational” policy, one could easily believe that KTVZ is somehow protecting some groups in the community who might have money, political connections or perhaps are personally connected to the local media such as KTVZ that allows them to be shielded from the “name and shame” process. But I am sure that would never happen in Bend…

  3. What led up to the shooting. Not a lot of details here. I know, you only print what you are given, but, does anyone ask any questions during these news releases?

    1. Yes, we do, but the line we usually leave out often says: “No more information is being released.” It’s sort of a given. We know all the questions, and sometimes some get answered. But often not until the person is caught.

  4. Must be fresh in from LA? I guess you expected Wheeler,Sherman,Jefferson,Wasco counties to launch their alert five aircraft to intercept him? I’m guessing that you do not realize that there was probably about 5 deputies and maybe 1 State Trooper on duty in an 8000 square mile area at that time of the morning? If you are lucky… Sheesh, containment within that large area with such an overwhelming force….

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