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Hunnell Road drive-by shooting: 4 parked vehicles hit; 3 occupied, no injuries; suspect pickup sought

Hunnell Road homeless encampment
KTVZ file
Hunnell Road homeless encampment

'We've had several weapons offenses up there, but not one like this'

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) – Four gunshots were fired into four vehicles parked on the Hunnell Road homeless encampment Saturday night, but the four people inside them were uninjured, police said Sunday as they seek more information to lead to suspects.

Police responded around 9:20 p.m. to a reported weapons offense on Hunnell Road, north of Cooley Road, where dozens of cars and RVs are parked, Lt. Brian Beekman said.

A caller said a passing vehicle had shot at several vehicles parked on the road, Beekman said.

Officers and detectives investigated and determined two cars and two trailers had been hit by gunshots.

Four people – a 20-year-old woman, two men, ages 25 and 59, and a juvenile female – were in the struck vehicles but were not hurt, he said. Two people were in one car, one person was in each trailer and the other car was unoccupied, he added.

The suspect vehicle had left before police arrived and has not been located, Beekman said.

Witnesses described it as a gray or similar color pickup truck, a newer two-door model with tinted windows, a loud muffler and a suspension lift.

There was no information from witnesses or physical evidence to indicate more than four gunshots were fired, he added.

“We’ve had several various weapons offenses up there,” the lieutenant said, “but not one like this.”

The investigation is ongoing, Beekman said. Anyone with information is urged to contact police through the Deschutes County non-emergency number at 541-693-6911.

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    1. May not be much hope that the city council won’t put it there. Not sure if the land at Deschutes junction where the funny farm was could be used as a homeless shelter.🏉

        1. Not sure where you got that but that’s a good chunk of land where funny farm was that all the residents at hunnell road could fit on. Was listing another alternative spot if city council thought about that. Lot of people seem resigned that city council will put it between the schools.

          1. not sure where funny farm was, but agree it’s best they are housed or have a place in town. especially since every single employer has at least one job opening. that way, they are closer to getting on their feet!

    2. I dont think we need to encourage bend pd to dress up like children any more than they already do… especially when there is real crime like this to investigate, without requiring any complex entrapment strategies or inappropriate costumes

      1. Sorry anon, reasonable people encourage pedophiles to be hunted down and arrested (at the very least).
        I won’t speculate why the attempted rape of a minor is not considered a real crime by you, but it’s a pretty disturbing position to take.

  1. It’s about time this mess was cleared away. If the z could be bothered how about a story on how this encampment on city land was allowed to happen in the first place.

    1. Agreed. When I was homeless I did not stay with the masses. I still had to pull a gun one night on someone who was targeting us. I reported the incident to the PD and they said that’s what happens when you’re homeless. No one went to look for the guy and I had vehicle make, model, and plate in addition to a full description. I hope Bend PD does more than the officers in Cottage Grove did.

  2. That’s all we need – probably a couple of drunks with testosterone levels higher than their IQs trying (and failing miserably) to show how tough they are. Not the brightest idea to solve the homeless issue.

  3. Outrageous!
    Pure hate crime against the homeless.
    Human beings deserving of compassion, and even respect.
    Down on their luck families, during a economic recession!

    Jacked up mule in a newer model truck with vanity boosting accessories! (obviously overcompensating for deficits in their manhood!)+ he can afford Rifles & ammo.

    It is definitely in everybodies best interest to invest in ballistic armor,
    and possibly self defence weapons.
    Until the Authorities in both the State and Federal law enforcement decide to lock up the extremist terrorist factions of the patriot party.

    Of course we get our local GOP trolls spouting the approved FOX news narative.
    They should be ashamed at how low they’ve become just to befoul the local news’ comments section.

    1. That left turn at the end to inject politics when the investigation has barely begun is NOT the ‘Middle Way.’
      Braver Angels, the Bridge Alliance – moving beyond the hate and blame from any/all sides — they are the hope for our future.

      1. Gotta disagree with you sir. Not calling people out, acting like all opinions are equally valid, and not placing blame where blame is due is what put us into the situation this country is in in the first place.

        1. That is not what these groups are about. But each side believes they are right and the other side is evil. So nothing can happen on very tough problems.
          Believing your side has all the answers and the other side wants to destroy the country… gets very old to the many, many folks who know better.
          It doesn’t mean not figuring out who/what is responsible for the problems and an end to political debates.
          But civil dialogue, respect for those with differing opinions, even – gasp – compromise to make progress is not evil. It’s salvation.

    2. Never let a crisis go to waste. Could be morons shooting at homeless, could be drug deal gone bad, could be related to an earlier beef. But feel free Middle Way to wildly speculate and inject politics into a crime.

  4. So when do we get rid of the guns? I’d rather have homeless homies trying to make a living somehow than a doof in yet another pickup (big surprise there) shooting at them.

    1. When criminals stop using them. And we can all sit around a fire singing songs of peace…because that will never happen guns are here to stay. Yes even after they have made illegal they will still be used in crime..

  5. Perhaps the same one who targeted trailers with arson decided to up the ante?

    More reason to have a managed camp under supervision (in the right location).

      1. I’m glad you asked. Move it right behind the sheriff’s office where they can be kept an eye on and out in the scrub. Put in toilets and dumpsters, fence it off, have the local law enforcement patrol it as part of training and keep it contained. Will it cost the taxpayers money? Yes. But keeping these folks in one area where services can be offered and help given is preferable to them trashing things or causing fires on public land.

        I’ve been to Portland recently and believe me, it’ll make your mind blow to see how dirty that city is. It was the worst I’ve ever seen. And since we cant “solve” homelessness and the issues it brings, we need to contain it. Just running them out of town solves nothing. And too, since many of these folks are mentally ill, maybe it’s time to bring back sanitariums. Some of these people shouldn’t be out on the streets as they are a danger to themselves or others and literally have no.clue what planet they’re on.

        So yeah, move them further out on their own little “reservation” and keep them contained. Lots of scrub land in the county. No need to have them by schools or neighborhoods. But no need to drive cattle to the next city either.

        1. Average Guy, the irony is the open lot between Hunnell Rd. and 97 is the old KOA Campground. Much of the infrastructure remains there and could be used to support a homeless village.

  6. I support the more inventive ways to deal with the problem. ODOT played the snow removal card to clear the off ramps. And recently there was a road crew stationed at Cooley aiming their survey equipment directly down Hunnell. Just a guess but is the city using the long delayed connecting of NE Hunnell to Hunnell north to solve two problems?

    1. I guess you missed all the stories where these people enacted violence on themselves, others in the camp as well as the neighbors and nearby businesses? Take a tour through the area and count all of the stolen shopping carts and materials flats, let alone the piles of bicycle parts, piles of lumber, and such as and then try and figure out why they are collecting this “stuff.”

    1. No, it’s neither straight nor lined with pine trees. As for the picture, it’s not showing an accurate view. There’s a lot more trash and junk lining that road. One only has to drive north of Lowes to see for themselves.

  7. Can we all agree that a serious crime occurred on Hunnel1 Road Sat. night and should be investigated? Can we further agree that the homeless crisis is national, is complex, and is tragic? The fact that unhoused people exist everywhere in America should tell us that we need a nationally coordinated and bipartisan effort to address it. There is no such thing as sending them away, as there no longer is an “away.”

  8. I guarantee if that was in my neighborhood there would be an “away.” Sorry chief, the problem isn’t as esoteric as you’d like to believe. Neither is the answer just look at the communities where it’s not tolerated.

  9. Oregonami, give us a list of say six of these communities where “it’s” not tolerated. I’m not being facdtious. I’m really interested in what other communities are doing about the homeless situation.

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