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Bend man jailed on bias crime, disorderly conduct charges, accused of shouting slurs at juvenile

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BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) –  A 42-year-old Bend man has been jailed on bias crime and disorderly conduct charges, accused of walking toward a Bend juvenile male and his family while holding a rock and yelling racial slurs at the juvenile, police said Monday.

Officers were dispatched just after 1 p.m. Sunday to the 200 block of Northeast Hawthorne Avenue on a reported dispute, Lt. Juli McConkey said.

She said officers determined that the man was holding a rock as he walked toward the juvenile male and his family, while yelling racial slurs at the juvenile.

Officers contacted the man as he was walking away from the family. He was arrested on charges of second-degree disorderly conduct and first-degree bias crime and lodged in the Deschutes County Jail.

If you are a victim of a bias crime or bias incident, call 911 to report if there is an immediate danger or if the crime is in progress, McConkey said. If there is no immediate danger and the crime is not in progress, call the non-emergency line at 541-693-6911. 

To learn more about reporting bias crimes, visit the Bend Police Department's website at:

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    1. A bias crime is something we shouldn’t need, but seems that we have to have. Simply put, a bias crime is something directed at someone of a different race, financial level, religion, sexual orientation, sexual orientation, ethnicity, etc.

      1. It something we don’t need, and something that further divides us. If your behavior is criminal, your targeted victim shouldn’t have any influence on your punishment.

          1. No, the fact they committed a crime against anyone should be reason enough for prosecution. The motivation is irrelevant. Regardless of race, class, gender, or any other arbitrary division or classification, if I wrong someone, I should pay. And pay equitably. All lives matter.

    2. If we wre living under any totalitarian form of Police State dictatorship be it communism or fascism this public topical forum wouldn’t even exist and you would never be able to express yourself with such uncensored freely without vanishing forever into some concentration camp or gulag. Try spending for any length of time even with a US passport and non-resident Visa under such regimes and you will quicly appreciate the freedoms you enjoy without so carelessly and irresponsibly tossing around such derisive terms. For myself, I have served in such parts of the world as a disabled military veteran.

  1. Well…bias crime..guess you can be put in jail for name calling. Oh how weak minded our society has become. Get your feelings hurt and report a bias crime.
    “They are just words people they can only hurt you if you let them” Demetruis Harris,black man sharing his opinion on racial slurs while serving in the Army.

    1. No read the link from the Moderator. What you describe is a Bias incident not a crime. For example, if you were calling someone a racial slur while advancing on that person with a weapon; that would be a Bias crime.

      1. Guess you missed the top line.

        Bias crimes can also be verbal, physical, or visual. Some examples include:

        Assaulting, injuring, or even touching someone in an offensive manner because of their perceived protected class.
        Creating racist or derogatory graffiti on someone else’s property based on their perceived protected class.
        Threatening to physically harm a person, their family, or their property based on their perceived protected class.

        1. So a “bias crime” can only happen against a “perceived protected class”? So a bias crime can’t happen against whites by the definition they use. How racist is that….

  2. Now, I’m just speculating, but, say, this was a homeless person with mental issues, this kind of thing happens probably 100 times a day in Bend. I walk past ranting guys, sometimes holding sticks or stuff, and I am nervous, but the worst they have ever called me is a frickin capitalist..true story.

  3. Wait a moment here Bend, so a Bias crime will send you to jail yet drunk drivers just get an arrest by citation? If I had to guess, a drunk driver is probably a bigger threat to the public as a whole.

  4. before i read the comments, i thought to myself (gee, i wonder how many people will complain about this being a bias crime) low and behold folks, low and behold. THIS is why we need it

  5. My brother was once charged for a bias crime because he egged the home of a Hispanic family. At the time, I thought it was just a harmless prank. Then I learned how bias and prejudice my brother really is. I’m glad he was held accountable and I’m glad the person was too.

    1. i was shoved to the ground by a group of black girls in college and called a ****** during the rodney king incident. does that constitute a bias crime? i’m sure it does though we are wayyyyy beyond any statute of limitations.

  6. An earlier article named the suspect. A search of Oregon arrest records shows 12 arrests going back to 2003. The dude is a loon and should be locked up.

  7. Just remember when your’e in the midst of a dispute, and you grab that weapon while at your highest level of adrenaline fueled anger, to try and keep your remarks limited to non criminal insults such as…..fatty mc-fat, dip-wad, pizza face, pip-squeak, and/or Dr wet fartz.

    1. unlike Rittenhouse, i was raised with a respect for any gun. A gun is used for self defense (in a situation in which YOU are being attacked without prior threat), to protect your home and family, recreational use, and hunting. With that being said, i wouldn’t be in an “adrenaline fueled” situation that would call for my weapon to be drawn.

  8. when i grew up i was told, “sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt you”.
    ahhh, not so in 2021. now, apparently words do hurt.
    and why isn’t religion part of the bias crime list?? that’s next. religious persecution.
    it’s coming as part of the communist revolution biden is bringing.
    time to learn mandarin!

    1. If that’s what it takes, I’m down. I work to help heal the impacts of the damage words cause. Yes, they do hurt AND with so much variety in vocabulary there is never cause to use racial or derogatory slurs. Call it communism if that fits. I call it progress toward tolerance and changing patterns that lead to horrible and long-lasting outcomes, regardless of political representatives.

      1. thank you openeyes. Some of these people don’t understand the psychological impact that is caused. I’m a native american. Being used as mascots, team and business names, being mocked with tomahawl chop chants, and fake war cries, used as a halloween costume, and so on. These people crying “cancel culture” don’t realize the effects on children growing up having to deal with this type of stuff can do. It’s all about what works best for America as a country, not for the different cultures, and beliefs.

        1. I appreciate you and your courage to speak up. I have great respect for cultures and I acknowledge we need to stop damaging others. Peace to you and my regards to all impacted.

  9. a bias crime is putting a bomb in Myrlie Evers Williams mailbox when she lived in Bend, simply because she was black. She and her familiy suffered enough when Megar was murdered in his front yard in view of his kids by a white racist. No other reason than a black man wanting to vote and live in America as a citizen with full rights. it needs to be curbed

  10. You can’t threaten to harm someone with a rock or disorderly conduct. But what’s this bias crime charge? This law had to come from the social justice warriors, something they must of picked up from the likes of china.

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