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Man killed, three juveniles injured in SE Portland shooting

Scene of a deadly shooting in SE Portland Sunday night
Scene of a deadly shooting in SE Portland Sunday night

(Update: Police release information)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KTVZ) – A man was killed and three juvenile males also were wounded in a shooting in southeast Portland Sunday night, officers said.

East Precinct officers were dispatched at 8:43 p.m. to the reported shooting in the 500 block of Southeast 162nd Avenue, the Portland Police Bureau said.

The three surviving victims were taken to area hospitals, one with life-threatening injuries, officers said.

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  1. Those pesky guns are at it again. We better ban them all before they come to get us too. Nevermind the person that “consciously” made the decision to use the tool against others. We must make the other 99 % of the population pay for choices of a few criminals. That’s the liberal logic for you. They create the division and hatred and then make everyone else pay for it. Almost like its planned to unarmed everyone. Nah, that’s another pesky right wing conspiracy theory right? You know like the other 50 that have come true. Apparently you all should have listened to the Great Rush Limbaugh.

    1. I’ll buy your argument on guns. Where the right gets fuzzy is on the drug thing. Drugs aren’t the problem either, people abusing them are. So can you tell me why we’ve created an environment where drug smuggling and distribution have led to violence and obsession over our southern border?

      1. People abusing and dying from drugs is a problem. A large percentage of said drugs come across our Southern border.
        By the way, we didn’t create the problems at the Southern border the federal government did and they did it on purpose.

  2. Thanks Kate! You’re doing a bang up job. I’m so glad failure for you is something you can live with. Good thing you get to cash in on your PERS pension while the rest of us have to pay for your disaster of an administration.

  3. Crime in Portland hasn’t been this high since the 80s when governor Atiyeh was in office. He was a republican. How can people truly believe this is a result of one contributing factor. For instance, Kate Brown. I personally don’t like Kate Brown for letting violent youth out of prison. It just seems like people find any reason to justify opinions, call them fact without thinking about the complex nature of these problems. If you read a headline and automatically form an opinion, you are not a critical thinker.

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