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Stolen longboards spotted for sale online; Bend PD undercover sting leads to arrest, recovery

Bend Police Dept.

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) – A Bend woman who learned from a neighbor that her children’s stolen longboard skateboards were up for sale online led to a Bend Police sting operation and the arrest of a 32-year-old Bend man, officers said Friday.

Police reached out around 8 a.m. Thursday to the woman who learned the two stolen longboards, valued at about $90 apiece, were for sale on Facebook Marketplace, police spokeswoman Sheila Miller said.

The woman had filed a police report online regarding the May 2 theft, which she had captured on her Ring camera, Miller said.

After an initial investigation, officers contacted the online sellers of the longboards, offering to buy them for $120. The suspect agreed to the sale and to meet in a store parking lot on Robal Lane, Miller said.

An undercover officer texted the suspect to arrange the sale, then approached the suspect, who put the longboards against a vehicle’s bumper. Once the officer identified them as the stolen items, other officers approached and arrested the man on suspicion of second-degree theft.

The longboards were returned to the victims.

Bend Police encourages the public to access its online reporting system to report crimes, including criminal mischief and vandalism, lost property, non-injury motor vehicle accidents and non-injury hit-and-run motor vehicle accidents, thefts and unauthorized entry into a vehicle. You can access the online reporting system at  

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    1. Sounds like he is another “Ice Cream” voter, expecting everything to be handed to him because he voted for TICP (“The Ice Cream Party”)

  1. Every time I see a Bend cop car, I laugh. Seems like they could take a picture of some mountains from here, not one of Faith Hope and Charity, taken from another place besides Bend

  2. So she had to do her own investigation and find the thief herself with a tip from her neighbor. Reminds me of the fellow a few weeks ago that tracked his stolen Jeep to China Hat. I get Bend PD has a lot on its plate and that longboards are low on their list, but if we have to do our own investigation, people might start dishing out their own punishments.

        1. Sure sure. You find one example of “censorship” I can point to 1,000s of allowed comments. But we’ll be changing, and no doubt any direction Viafoura sends us in will draw the usual catcalls and nastiness. We can live with that.

    1. Yeah, Bend PD should have spared no resources nor rested until this kid’s longboard was found and recovered! The town should have grabbed their pitchforks and torches and marched house to house to help with the effort!!! The outrage, I tell ya. But thankfully little Timmy has his toy back and his mother didn’t have to use her 12 gauge in the process, which seemed to be the only logical conclusion in the face of so much police inaction.

  3. Settle down Nancy, nobody threatened violence. Even if people DID mete out punishments on their own, it doesn’t mean violence will, or has to take place. Even with that said, under Oregon Statute, deadly force is justifiable in the case of Burglary of a Dwelling, and uses ONLY those words to frame the situation. I’m not threatening anything nor anyone, just stating FACTUAL and NUETRAL information

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