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Update: Escaped St. Charles psychiatric patient returns to hospital, is arrested and jailed

Jeremy Owen Allbritton
Deschutes County Jail - June 2022
Jeremy Owen Allbritton

(Update: Albritton arrested at hospital, taken to jail)

Judge issued civil commitment; escape from secure facility 'very rare,' police say

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) – A man who escaped from the psychiatric unit at St. Charles Bend on Monday morning returned to the hospital late Monday night and was taken into custody by police, who took him to the Deschutes County Jail.

St. Charles staff called 911 around 11:20 p.m. to report that Jeremy Owen Allbritton, 41, had arrived at the hospital. Police responded and with help from sheriff’s deputies, he was taken into custody about 10 minutes later.

Allbritton was booked into the jail on charges of coercion, menacing, fourth-degree assault and harassment, as well as two Deschutes County warrants, a California warrant and a violation of his release agreement, officers said.

Police had issued a public alert after Allbritton escaped Monday morning, warning of the “very dangerous” individual, who recently assaulted hospital staff.

County 911 dispatchers got a call around 8:30 a.m. that Allbritton, a Central Oregon resident, had escaped from the unit, Sergeant Tommy Russell said.

Along with facing recent charges, Allbritton had warrants out for his arrest in Oregon and California.

Allbritton was not armed at the time he left the hospital, the sergeant said.

Last week, Allbritton went before a judge who deemed him “mentally defective” and civilly committed him for treatment. He was taken to St. Charles by police, who fill out a hospital form that requires them to notify law enforcement before any release plans, so they can be taken to jail on pending charges, Russell told NewsChannel 21.

“It’s supposed to be a secure facility, so this is very rare,” Russell said. “He is extremely dangerous, and was deemed by a judge to be mentally unfit to be in society.”

Allbritton had last been seen in the area of Northeast Courtney Drive around 8:45 a.m. By that time, he had taken off his reddish-pink hospital scrub short-sleeved top but was still wearing his green hospital scrub bottoms, and was not wearing shoes, Russell said.

The hospital was placed in lockout from 9:08 to 10:15 a.m., meaning exterior doors were locked. The lockout was lifted because “we feel it’s unlikely he’ll return to the hospital,” said Public Information Officer Lisa Goodman. Area residents also were sent an alert through the Deschutes County alert system.

Allbritton is about 6 feet tall and 220 pounds, and has very short or shaved brown hair. He also has numerous tattoos.

Police had asked the community to report any sightings or interactions with Allbritton – and warned not to approach him, but call 911 to report his whereabouts. Anyone who has had contact with him Monday was asked to call non-emergency dispatch at 541-693-6911 with that information.

Court records show Allbritton, listed as a Prineville resident, was indicted earlier this month on two counts of felon in possession of a firearm and resisting arrest. He was due in court a week ago and failed to appear, resulting in a warrant. Russell said the Prineville address may have been self-reported and that he also frequents Redmond, goes to Bend and has "ties to all over Central Oregon."

He was indicted last month in Jackson County on fourth-degree assault (domestic violence) and second-degree criminal mischief charges, accused of injuring a woman and damaging her vehicle. In 2004, he pleaded guilty to fourth-degree assault and assaulting a police officer.

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Barney Lerten

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    1. Read more carefully.

      Prineville address but one of many he has given and is known to hang out in Redmond / Bend.

      And given the crime rate in Bend now…higher than any other in the county..
      .wagging your finger at Prineville is absurd.

      1. Horsesense- out of everyone on here, I have never seen a bigger prejudiced snob than you. And that’s saying a lot because have you seen iKnow’s and BarneyGetsHisWish’s posts? Yeah. You’re worst than them, Karen.

        1. Don’t forget that its perfect pristine not bended Prineville that’s the one trying to set itself apart from horrible horrible Bend. But Bend takes care of their unfit for society citizens. Typical.

      1. No surprise he’s from Prineville? Isn’t it funny that he seems to gravitate to Bend. Maybe to be closer to more people just like himself. Petalbend u are WAYYY to full of urself

    1. Yea, I hope St. Charles does some evaluation on their “secure facility”. This isn’t very far from Mountain View High School; did they go into lockdown.

        1. Really? You think a boomer is going to be quiet? Boomers are holding all the cards right now. Boomers have earned their stripes. You better hope you have the privilege of living as long as they have. There are no guarantees.

  1. We don’t need to build walls, we have an open border with no issues and can be proud of the fact that we are the first and only country with an open border,YAY!

    1. And this is a huge failure of the local media such as KTVZ for not providing the name of the judge (a government official) so that local voters can remember that judges hand in this criminal act, That naming of the judge is important as we voters get almost zero information from local media when time to vote to return-elect them. Judge should have required this violent criminal to State Hospital in Salem for evaluation, not St Charles. Time to name the judge!

      1. You obviously have no clue how any of this works. He was found to need to be evaluated by state mental health. This process is like a trail, with witnesses testifying, evidence, etc. Then it takes days to get all the paperwork processed to appease the State folks in Salem or Pendelton. You can’t just show up at their door and drop him off, he has to stay somewhere “secure” in the meantime. I have witnessed several of these hearings and I have seen judges NOT rule against some. The judge committing him has not a damn thing to do with his escaping. AT THAT POINT he was not locked up for anything CRIMINAL and cannot be in jail for just mental health reasons, I’m gonna guess because he was in St Chucks FIRST, The COPS had a hold on him hiowever. Now the COPS do have him on the criminal charges. You don’t get a bunch of information about a judges ruling because in this type of case, it is confidential mental health issues (HIPAA). This commitment by the way, is the mental health issue that keeps you from buying a gun. But you knew all that of course……..

    2. Sorry but no, the Judge did what the “professionals” advised was the best way forward with this clown, the jokers that evaluated him and advised his treatment at St. Chucks are the ones needing to explain themselves, after all, science.

      1. The judge at the end of the day day can take all the advisement under consideration; but at that same end if day he (we will say he because the majority of judges on the state are males) and he only made a choice not to put a violent offender in jail. Thus, is is only right that we the voters of this community should have the name of the judge available and printed. This is the information that we as voters need to know to make informed decisions at the ballot box. Guarantee the name(s) of the law enforcement officers in the case are being published; only right when a judge misses their duty to also be named.

  2. NOT surprised. ST.CHARLES is partly at fault but this crazy dangerous guy SHOULD have had an ARMED GUARD outside his door or by his side 24/7. SUCH STUPIDITY!!!

    1. When I worked in a psych unit in a hospital in the valley, we had very tight security on dangerous people like this sociopath. We had one armed guard standing on each side of the outside of their room door. If need be, we used what was called 5 point restraints to keep them immobilized if they were experiencing major psychosis, and posing an extreme danger to staff and other patients. If need be, we had them in lock down in a safety room with nothing in the room where they could do self harm, or potentially make a weapon out of something to harm staff. They doors to the psych unit were always locked. There would be no way one of our psych patients could ever escape. The problem with St. Charles is that they have attempted to expand the hospital and build a Taj Mahal with not the proper amount of staff to oversee operations. They recently laid off 81 people. That does not boost confidence in the hospital for good patient care. Plenty of malpractice lawsuits waiting to happen on top of the ones they already have. I know many people who are going to the valley for good and more reasonably priced healthcare.

  3. Why was this guy not locked up for good? His violent convictions weren’t enough? Rape, assault, assault on LE, menacing, felon in possession, 10+ domestic violence records, strangulation, stalking….. The cops do their jobs and arrest these criminals and the courts undermind LE by letting them go… over and over and over. I can’t imagine how frustrating this is for law enforcement. Today is a beautiful day outside that I planned on enjoying. NOT being in my home with the doors locked. Thanks Deschutes DA’s for ruining my day!

  4. I’m sure I saw this guy in a giant truck with a “Donny Dump 2024” flag flying and a “Go Brandon” sticker on the back window! “Rolling Coal” downtown last week!

  5. “Mental illness” is the new buzz word to describe behavior that is hard for the general public to understand. It is obvious that anyone who spends their entire life breaking the law and assaulting people has some type mental problems. However there is a big difference between the drug and alcohol addicted who bring on their own violent psychosis and people who are actually mentally I’ll due to no fault of their own. Time to think up a new word to describe the addict who fried his brain and is a career criminal. Lock him up (in a prison!) Name the case worker /hospital staff who evaluated him and recommended a mental hospital – the judge got the evaluation from someone.

  6. It’s difficult to understand how this guy got out of St. Charles. Did he escape by assaulting staff, because he doesn’t look like someone who could walk through a hall unnoticed.
    Locking my doors tonight. He’s probably as scared as we are….

  7. This is a perfect argument in favor of the 2nd amendment and Biden can keep his shotgun, I need and want the upper hand here with (how do I say this without Barney deleting?) Modern rifles………

      1. I don’t need it right now……….I want to keep it that way. The day I may need to defend myself I don’t intend it to be an even fight.
        I don’t have fantasies, I just have the will to live a free life.

      2. You hear that all you handicapped wheelchair bound people? All you 130lb single ladies living at home by yourself. Anyone out there not bigger than this guy or not trained in hand to hand combat….

        Apparently you all have too many fantasies.

  8. Remember that both St. Charles and the Oregon State Hospital are experiencing ongoing staffing shortages; both have brought in Oregon National Guard personnel to help. My experience as a hospital care provider informs me that very often patients will be held over in a facility until a bed becomes available in a hospital better able to care for them.

    Let’s just hope that this man will be apprehended with no one harmed–neither he nor anyone else.

    Then we must look at our societal priorities: Shall we spend tens of billions of public dollars on fighter planes that can’t fly in the rain or on subsidies to price gouging oil companies? Or shall we look into ways to better take care of one another?

    1. Not sure. It seems highly unlikely!

      The lockout was lifted because “we feel it’s unlikely he’ll return to the hospital,” said Public Information Officer Lisa Goodman. Area residents also were sent an alert through the Deschutes County alert system.

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