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Crook County

Merkley plans remote, phone town hall for Crook County residents next Friday

Sen. Jeff Merkley
Sen. Jeff Merkley

PORTLAND, Ore. (KTVZ) – Sen. Jeff Merkley, D-Ore., will hold a remote and telephone town hall for constituents in Crook County next Friday, June 18.

Merkley will update constituents on his work in Washington, D.C., answer their questions and invite their suggestions about how to tackle the challenges facing Oregon and America.

“Hearing from Oregonians across the state is critical to doing my job. In these uncertain times, it’s more important than ever to hear directly from folks, but it’s also important to respect the health and safety of every member of our communities while there is still a very real risk of spreading COVID-19 through in-person gatherings,” Merkley said. 

“The ideas and priorities I hear about in town halls inform the solutions that I fight to get into federal law. I look forward to these discussions—even if they’re online, on mobile devices, or on the telephone—about how we can strengthen our state and our nation.”

Since joining the Senate in 2009, Merkley has held a town hall in each of Oregon’s 36 counties every year. This town hall will be his 462nd  as a U.S. senator and his 30th town hall this year. Details are below.


Crook County Town Hall


Friday, June 18, 2021

10:30 a.m. PT


On a computer, smartphone or tablet: click here to join the Zoom meeting

On the phone:

Dial: 669-254-5252

Meeting ID: 160 267 0209#

Participant ID: #

Passcode: 65221132#

Print Media:

Constituents may e-mail with their county in the subject line to receive the Zoom link.

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      1. Well aren’t you just the sophisticated progressive. You’re so smart. You get your food from Whole Foods. You don’t need farmers and ranchers.

        1. Right you are. Large farms that have not made a profit in the last 10 years should be done away with. It’s been proven that small farms are able to use methods that produce much less greenhouse gas, use less water, provide more food in a smaller area and are much more profitable. Many large farms have not made a profit for years and are still being bailed out to continue not making a profit. Not only are they creating 10% of the united states greenhouse gases, they’re wasting much of the water, watering roads with faulty equipment for hours on end. They are the epitome of waste and are a part of the problem when the majority of our state is now in a major drought. People on farms that no longer make profit should be retrained and repositioned into something that actually makes them money.

  1. Why hasn’t Jeff, and Kamala got together, and visited the southern border yet?
    Because it’s to embarrassing?
    They could drag along all of the news crews, and show them how wonderful it is now, they could talk, play, and read books, like, Are you my mother, to ALL of the children.

  2. Jerkley needs to answer two basic questions- #1) As a career politician- well versed in the US Constitution- he participated in an “unconstitutional act” when he voted to impeach a private citizen- knowing that it would be defeated by more rational and legal minds. The question- were these time and money consuming acts in support of partisan politics or individual animosity for our previous popular President- because they certainly weren’t justified by LAW ? and #2) Knowing that many of your regional constituents are better versed in the US Constitution, and feeling that you with purpose and intent personally violated the US Constitution failing to demonstrate sound judgement and professional leadership- should resign your position immediately ? There ya go Jeff- a whole week to think about your answer- and I would encourage numerous individuals to keep asking these two questions. Merkley has failed miserably to represent “all” Oregonians- and has hitched his pony to the Biden-Brown cavalcade of clowns destroying our state… he needs to go !

    1. You’re never going to get that you’re thinking is the minority in this state. That’s because you’re wrong, ignorant and too self absorbed to know what’s actually going on. You live in a fantasy world and believe in a man that has not done a single good thing for anyone but himself. You’re the only one that needs to go. Maybe Russia would be more your style.

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