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Repair project to close Forest Service Road 42 on Ochoco National Forest until November

Cracks evident across stretch of Forest Road 42 on Ochoco National Forest
U.S. Forest Service
Cracks evident across stretch of Forest Road 42 on Ochoco National Forest

PRINEVILLE, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Beginning as early as next Monday, a section of Forest Service Road 42 on the Ochoco National Forest will be closed through November for repair work.

Major road maintenance will include rebuilding the asphalt base and then repaving the road to improve road conditions for the safety and enjoyment of the public, permittees and contractors, the U.S. Forest Service said Wednesday.

The 42 road will be closed from the intersection with FSR 4210 to the intersection with FSR 30. A detour route north on FSR 4210 to FS 22 along the north end of Big Summit Prairie and along FSR 3010 and FSR 30 will be well signed.

The roads designated for the detour include single-lane roads with pull-outs, aggregate and native surfaces, as well as steeper grades. These detour routes may not be suitable for larger vehicles due to the narrower roads and turning radius. The Post-Paulina Highway can also be used to access the eastern part of the Ochoco National Forest.

In addition, contractors will be patching asphalt on another section of FSR 42 near the Ochoco Ranger Station. Flaggers will be limiting traffic to a single lane between the Ranger Station and FSR 4210, which will likely cause delays.  This road maintenance is also expected to begin as early as May 16 and will occur periodically throughout the summer season.

This asphalt repair and repaving work on FSR 42 is being completed with funds from the Great American Outdoors Act. Passed in 2020, the Great American Outdoors Act offered funding opportunities to federal land management agencies to make investments in recreation infrastructure, with a particular emphasis in addressing the deferred maintenance backlog on public lands.

This is one of several projects planned on the Ochoco National Forest and Crooked River National Grassland in the coming years that will improve public lands access and visitor experience.

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  1. So I’m sure it’s safe to assume, that since the Forest Circus no longer has road crews, that 4210, 3210, 22, and 30, and 12 which for the most part are in dire need of maintenance as well will continue to not receive maintenance with the higher traffic volume.

  2. Hey look, something good coming out of the Prineville zone. Bikes will still get up there while lazy fatties are kept out for a whole season. Love it!

    1. Only a bonehead would take a bike on a closed road through an active construction project, but then again, self-entitled biker riders seem to be the norm around here.

      1. You don’t seem to understand, fatty, that one person can literally WALK AROUND THE SITE, causing no harm to anything nor anyone, and then everyone goes about their day. Lol, you guys are just the slowest.

        1. There are other ways to get to the area that you are referring to. If you took off your lame spandex shorts and let some blood get to your brain you smarty pants Millenial, then you will realize that people in their vehicles will still have to play frogger with your pedal pushing butt in the middle of a paved Forest Service Road. And no…save your breathe, I am not a boomer either. I am probably younger than your self absorbed self.

          1. No actually, the road has 2 ends. A start and a finish. I don’t wear spandex. I am not a millennial. You are certainly overweight.

        2. “Fatty”? That’s some hate speech right there tiny brain. Surprised Barney let that slide. You just put hate out there on every overweight person. Pretty sure your God Biden is trying to make that kind of speech a felony.

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