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Prineville man convicted by jury, receives nearly 11-year prison sentence in rape of girl, 17

Erik Ray Diamond
Crook County Jail
Erik Ray Diamond

PRINEVILLE, Ore. (KTVZ) -- A 41-year-old Prineville man has been sentenced to nearly 11 years in prison after a jury convicted him of rape and other charges in an assault on a 17-year-old girl earlier this year, Crook County District Attorney Kari Hathorn said Thursday.

Here's the full news release from the DA's office on last week's sentencing:

Erik Ray Diamond, age 41, was sentenced to serve 130 months in the Oregon Department of Corrections by the Honorable Wade Whiting during a sentencing hearing at the Crook County Courthouse on May 18, 2022 following a three-day jury trial. Diamond was convicted of Rape in the First Degree, Unlawful Sexual Abuse in the Second Degree and Unlawful Delivery of a Marijuana Item. The sentence was the maximum sentence permitted by the Oregon Felony Sentencing Guidelines and included no eligibility for any form of early release from custody and 20 years of post-prison supervision.   

On February 12, 2022, Crook County dispatch received a report that the Defendant had raped a seventeen-year-old female. During the investigation, Crook County Sheriff’s deputies learned that at approximately 2:00 am on February 12, 2022, Diamond drove to the seventeen-year-old victim’s residence, picked her up, and drove her to a remote location in Crook County. Diamond then provided the minor victim marijuana before he forcibly raped the juvenile victim.

This case was investigated by the Crook County Sheriff’s Office and the Prineville Police Department. Sergeant Javier Sanchez and Deputy Jason Weber led the investigation, interviewed multiple witnesses, obtained physical evidence, and arrested the Defendant.

During the investigation, Diamond adamantly denied knowing the victim. However, the Oregon State Crime Laboratory testified at trial regarding the DNA evidence recovered during the victim’s sexual assault forensic examination, confirming Diamond’s DNA was present on the juvenile.

During sentencing, the Court noted Diamond had shown a complete lack of remorse during his testimony at trial and Diamond’s lengthy criminal history.

In 2017, Diamond was convicted in California for Sex with a Minor, involving a different seventeen-year-old victim. In addition, Diamond had previously been to prison twice for convictions for Taking a Vehicle without Consent and Criminal Threats.

Additionally, Diamond has prior convictions for Possession of Controlled substance, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, DUI, Obstructing Law Enforcement Officer, Theft, and multiple probation and parole violations. The State of Oregon was represented by District Attorney Kari Hathorn. Diamond was represented by Jennifer Kimble. Judge Wade Whiting presided over the case.

The Crook County District Attorney’s Office is appreciative of the outstanding efforts of our community partners in achieving a successful prosecution of this case.                               

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    1. Another highly regarded Oregon criminal. The victim, at least his second, not so much. One can only hope that the “Oregon Felony Sentencing Guidelines” will be revised by sentient beings so that when he does it again after he gets out, he won’t get out again.

      1. Yes it’s all the cancerous California’s fault. California breeds nothing but the best as evidenced here. Just look at Bend or Portland for further evidence. That’s why people from California are fleeing in droves huh? Because it’s such a utopia like every other liberal ran doodie hole. Californians and New Yorkers have to be some of the most braindead people in the world.

    1. But lives in Prinetucky, committed the crime near DeniseDizzle, and was tried and convicted, then given a lame short sentence by the wonderful Crook Co judge. Sounds like a Crook/Prine issue.

  1. This idiot’s rap sheet shows just how well the revolving door in our justice system is working. Maybe if it wasn’t so revolving this last victim may not be a notch on his belt.

  2. Funny that every time something happens it’s a California transplant. Either some people are just plain ignorant or in denial. While some law breaking citizens maybe from other states, some oregon raised citizens definitely
    Are just as bad if not worse. Think before you make assumptions know the facts.
    Just saying.

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