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Deschutes County

Second Democrat files for Deschutes commission seat

Phil Chang
Campaign website
Phil Chang, candidate for Deschutes County commissioner

Democrat Phil Chang joins Greg Bryant, seeking to unseat Republican Phil Henderson

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Bend resident and Democrat Phil Chang announced Thursday that he is running for the Deschutes County Commissioners seat held currently by Republican Phil Henderson.

According to the Deschutes County elections website, Chang is the second Democrat to file for the seat, following Greg Bryant, a retiree who filed in October. The site does not list a re-election filing by Henderson, though the deadline is months away, in early March, for the May primary.

Chang's filing statement submitted Thursday notes he has worked for the Oregon Department of Forestry as a program lead for the past two years and will be a natural resource and renewable energy consultant, starting next year.

Chang was Central Oregon field representative for Sen. Jeff Merkley from 2014-17 and spent nine years as a program administrator for the Central Oregon Intergovernmental Council.

Bryant, meanwhile, noted in his filing that he had over 30 years of "accounting/management experience."

Here's Chang's news release announcing his candidacy:

“I believe communities coming together is the only way to solve big problems. Ten years ago, I helped bring together environmentalists, the timber industry, firefighters and community leaders to find ways to protect our neighbors from wildfire and restore wildlife habitat while keeping the forestry industry healthy and creating local jobs,” said Chang.

He continued, “If we work smart and work hard, we can meet the challenges ahead and ensure all residents have the opportunity for good-paying jobs, access to good education, and decent, affordable housing. Hard work and collaboration will also help us preserve our farms, forests, wildlife habitats and clean air and water.”

In the 16 years since he moved his family to Bend, the population of Deschutes County has increased by almost 60,000 people - the equivalent of adding two more Redmond’s. While growth will continue, Chang believes we can grow thoughtfully, and the County can help lead that effort.

“Phil’s proven success in bringing people together to solve complex problems in Deschutes County is paramount to the success of our communities. I am proud to be supporting Phil Chang for Deschutes County Commissioner,” said Caroline Skidmore, Bend-La Pine School Board Member.

County commissioners oversee a $368 million budget which the county uses to support residents and maintain quality of life through health care, roads, waste management, land use planning, and other services. Chang sees polarization and ideological divisions across Deschutes County as an unnecessary waste of time and money, resources must be redirected toward county improvement.

“How we spend those resources and tackle hard issues can make a tremendous difference for us and our children,” continued Chang. “We need effective and forward-thinking leadership at Deschutes County. We need leaders who will get things done.”

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  1. I voted for henderson after experiencing unger burnout, but after four years i think its critical for the county to get rid of him, i have been astounded to see how poorly the county has been run under henderson and adair… not only are they costing us money in lost business and agricultural development but in all the lost and pending legal judgements for the taxpayers, in between them and sheriff shane i’ve never seen the county worse run in decades

  2. His connections to Merkley are concerning. Merkley has to be the stupidest person ever to have won an elected position. The last thing this county needs is another liberal making decisions.

    1. That’s what I do. Straight to the comment section. Way more entertaining than the actual slanted news these amateurs offer. However it isn’t as good without the response notifications.

  3. Another Democrat is just what central Oregon needs, only if you want it to look like the Degraded streets of, Portland, Salem, and Eugene, the liberals just want all of us to be living in filth, from what I see with all of the growth in Central Oregon, people are trying to escape those crumbling areas, so why would we want another democrat in office to try and bring those “ideals” here.
    We can see first hand what the future holds when democrats are in charge, only takes a short trip over the beautiful mountains, or to, San Francisco, LA, Seattle ect. You can go see with your own eyes what they have to offer.

    1. Oh, we don’t need good streets or jobs. People will just happily ride their bikes and protest that the “rich” should just give them money. Hell, they will just protest about anything as long as they don’t have to work. To your point, look at the examples you provided. No thanks, vote as much red as possible people.

  4. I’m a Republican with conservative views and values and am more concerned about a candidates values rather than their party affiliation. I have never participated in providing comments to a KTVZ article but felt it warranted this time. I had worked with Phil for several years when he was a member of the intergovernmental council and can honestly say that he was one of the most hard working, unbiased, professional person I have ever worked with. He is extremely intelligent, a very good listener, considerate of everyone’s opinions and just a really nice person. I am thankful that in today’s political climate, someone like Phil has stepped up to the plate and is a candidate for this office. If anyone can reconcile differences, Phil can.

  5. Tell us where you stand on the UGB Mr. Chang? Yeah, the Urban Growth Boundary that the city spent time and money to get approved a few years ago. Are you for aggressive expanding it…or…Continuing to mitigate Bend’s growth in a reasonable manner without letting sprawl set in…like so many other cities across the country? I have heard your are for substantially expanding it. What say you?

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