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Forest Service looking for vandals who defaced pictographs west of Bend

Vandalized pictographs west of Bend USFS 1130
U.S. Forest Service
Tips sought to find whoever vandalized rock art (pictographs) west of Bend.

(Update: Adding Forest Service comments)

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) – U.S. Forest Service law enforcement officials reached out for the public’s help Monday to find whoever recently vandalized some rock art pictographs west of Bend.

The vandalism to tribal pictographs in the undisclosed area was recently discovered and appears to have happened within the past month, Deschutes National Forest Public Information Officer Jean Nelson-Dean said.

They are asking the public for any information or tips that could assist in the ongoing investigation.

People who could help are asked to call the Forest Service’s tip line at 541-383-5717 and leave any information that could help officials identify a possible suspect or suspects, Nelson-Dean said.

Nelson -Dean told NewsChannel 21, "There is not much rock art on the Deschutes National Forest or in this area, so what we have is significant."

"The Forest Service is still doing a damage assessment of the site," she said. "That damage assessment will determine the possible level of criminal charges that will be brought by the (federal) Department of Justice."

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  1. It is too bad someone had to deface something other folks consider ‘sacred’ or whatever. But lets be real here. If you pick up a beer can, you’re picking up something someone left behind.. garbage apparently. Pick up an arrowhead, and it’s a felony. If that wasn’t garbage from 200 years ago, then why did the native american who cares so much about the land- leave it behind? Funny how “culture” works out for the white man. So what exactly is the charge for grafitti on top of old grafitti? If a native american did this crime, is it then acceptable? Does it have to be more than 100, 200, 300, etc. years old? What’s the cutoff? If they find my IPA bottle on the side of Cultus Lake in 400 years, is that going to qualify as an artifact at that point? Just curious.

      1. Who said I ‘threw’ it?! I actually set it there gently so the spirit could be with it. *Sarcasm. Actually, no. I don’t litter, anywhere. Get a clue Pilmo; Lester. Think about it. It’s the idea of leaving something sharp and dangerous behind as disgarded trash… just like the natives did with their “trash”- which is exactly what it was if they didn’t want it. I’m born and raised here PiL. If all you’re responding to in my post is about the possibility that I littered, then you’re misled and obviously bored. There was much more substance in my post to respond to, rather than to just play troll on the idea that I possibly littered.

  2. Yep, graffiti less than 50 years old is vandalism. 50 years and older and it’s potentially historic. Still, defacing pictographs is beyond the pale. Hope the culprits get caught.

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