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DCSO removes 2,900 lbs. of trash from 9 dump sites off Lower Bridge Road

DCSO Lower Bridge cleanup 2
Deschutes County Sheriff's Office
DCSO Lower Bridge cleanup 1
Deschutes County Sheriff's Office
DCSO Lower Bridge cleanup 3
Deschutes County Sheriff's Office

TERREBONNE, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Deschutes County Sheriff's Office work crew deputies responded last week to complaints of illegal dumping off of Lower Bridge Road in Terrebonne.

The deputies cleaned up nine illegal dump sites, removing about 2,900 pounds of trash.

Due to COVID restrictions, deputies are not using inmate work crews, but doing the cleanup themselves.

KTVZ News Team



  1. Not true according to the Central Oregon Peacekeepers.

    According to them DCSO helped tear down houseless camps…and during winter.

    Barney, get the facts right! 🙂

    1. Someone has to clean up the mess you are leaving, It might as well be these guys so they can search the trash piles at the same time looking for misdeeds – postal theft, ID theft, drug use, kiddy porn, etc. I have been through these dumps cleaning them up, taking pickup and trailer loads of trash to Knott – after locating identification in those piles to turn over to LEO. So, please clean up after yourself next time. No worries, be happy, China Joe Odiden will fix everything!!!

  2. Why not just let the homeless set up ‘camp’ in Drake Park?? There is plenty of parking for RVs, access to Public Restrooms, access to .city offices and services, two 7/11s, the Bottle Drop & BiMart.

      1. Keyser is sore because they removed his stash, now he needs another shopping cart and a few dumpsters to dive to get his collection back. No worries, be happy, China Joe Obiden will fix everything!!!

        1. We always leave it better than we found it when we go shooting. We pick up our brass plus a bag of shells/cans/bottles that maga left out there. Hopefully they took the hot tub and the truck topper along with the rest of the crap you bring out there to shoot.

  3. Ridiculous hype and fluff story. How about instead of praising DCSO for spending tax payer dollars to use paid staff to clean up dump sites we use tax payer dollars to have staff that are already designated to prevent illegal dumping and hold those accountable for doing so. Horrible waste of tax dollars. The sheriff should be asked what he is doing to prevent this action, not being praised for just spending money to pick up the mess.

    1. You should present your question to the DA and see if he is willing to prosecute people doing this before taking the Sheriff to task about it. Another thing is, these deputies are in charge of the inmate crews to clean these messes up, they are already on the payroll to do it so why not?

  4. I have written a letter to Sheriff Nelson expressing my outrage at his office for using DCSO deputies as garbagemen. He should be ashamed! When I called DCSO this morning, I learned that members of the clean-up crew(s) had “volunteered” for this effort. I doubt that–given the stresses of being a DCSO deputy–such volunteering would be given freely. In organizations like the military and DSCO, a request for “volunteers” usually has an “or else…” behind it.

    1. Actually, they do volunteer for such taskings and because they have an immense respect for our community and they know it has to get done.

      What a shame so many in the community know so little about those who wear the badge.

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