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Deschutes County plans expanded public safety campus, jail, sheriff’s office upgrades

(Update: Adding video)

BEND, Ore., (KTVZ) -- Deschutes County in the process of accepting bids from architects and engineers to continue design work on its master plan to upgrade the public safety campus, including the sheriff's office and jail.

County Facilities Director Lee Randall said Monday they discovered additional needs brought on by their 2018 expansion projects.

“What’s in process is the selection process of a design team to update the master plan and to begin work on the office projects," Randall said.

The three main areas of focus for the team will be to further the development of the master plan, as well as conduct a facilities condition assessment and make improvements at the sheriff's office.

In 2014, more housing units were added in the jail. With that expansion, additional needs in support services were identified.

“The kitchen services, visitation, booking," Randall pointed out. "In addition to the jail projects, we’ll be looking at needs that have been identified in the sheriff's office administration building, which include office space, additional storage areas, and additional room for operational personnel.”

So far, the Deschutes County Stabilization Center and the Community Service Shop have been completed, while some shorter-term projects are still underway.

The overflow parking across from the Sheriff's Office is one example of the expansion efforts.

“We want to make sure that we’re using county resources to the best use possible, and that we’re maximizing the remaining buildable square feet that we have here at the public safety campus.” Randall said.

After this stage of the process, Randall said they'll be able to better determine the costs of the various projects.

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Bola Gbadebo

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  1. When the county votes on this, they vote no- yet “somehow” it keeps happening anyways… the last thing we need is more safe space for admitted magas like sheriff nelson, to polish his jackboots

    1. I’ve made this point before on similar political issues – do voters really say “don’t do it” when they deny funding for a project (not that the sheriff’s office has sought added funds in recent years), or are they saying “do what you feel you need to – just don’t ask us for more money?” No doubt, it’s a mix of both, and one could argue it either way.

        1. The “NO” vote on the ballot was a “NO” vote for more funding. The voters never voted “NO” they couldn’t build it. Get your facts straight. They can build all they want, but they have to find the funding somewhere else other than the tax payers. We voted No more taxes. I know you don’t understand that concept. You are a Liberal.

      1. Barney,I try to respect you, if for no other reason than for the crap you have to deal with, but come on man. You seriously trying to argue that when the county votes “No” on something they dont mean “No”?

        1. I’ve been consistent on that view point for a long time – that it doesn’t always mean “don’t do it,” many taxpayers probably say “don’t ask me for more money.”
          If you don’t like how they spend the money they have been allocated on their priorities, there’s elections, recalls, etc.

  2. With all the people being released on no bail or low bail, I can understand why Sheriff Shane Nelson needs a serious expansion to the public safety campus. Barney please do not give out my contact information to the Sheriff’s office, because I know Sheriff Nelson does not like criticism and don’t want to end up on the public safety campus as a resident.

  3. Unfortunately Sheriff Shane blew his allowance losing lawsuits, so Deschutes County can just scratch his request for updated admin space. At the rate he throws his admin deputies under the bus, there shouldn’t really be a need anyways.

  4. Given Sunriver PD, Bend PD, and Redmond PD have all just recently had their budgets approved or are in the process of being renovated / expanded to meet the increasing needs of LE in Deschutes County…

    This due to an explosion in population (as recently reported on) and the rise in crime…

    The expansion of the DCSO public safety campus to include the new Veterans Village is simply in line with growth and needs.

    DCSO did recently provide a tax refund to the voters due to its proper management of the long term permanent funding effort put in place by retired Sheriff, Les Stiles. I believe the refund total was roughly $19 million dollars.

    Making the county agency the only one to be able to reinvest the taxpayers’ money with the taxpayers.

    Ah, the news we don’t hear, yes?

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