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Bend-La Pine parents rally to reopen schools, but the latest case counts don’t help

Unless metrics change, students won't be back for at least another month

(Update: Adding video, comments by rally participants, latest numbers)

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Just as dozens of Bend parents gathered for a "reopen the schools" rally at Bend-La Pine Schools' headquarters in downtown Bend Monday, last week's continued spike in COVID-19 cases delayed in-person learning for K-3 grades by yet another week, until at least Nov. 2.

The rally was one of several taking place in Salem and across Oregon, pleading for Gov. Kate Brown to let districts reopen schools.

But Deschutes County reported 70 new COVID-19 cases last week, just one fewer than the previous week, further delaying the ability to meet the state school-opening metrics.

In a statement, Lora Nordquist, the interim superintendent of Bend-La Pine Schools, said, "I empathize with families who believe their children need to be in school. We are committed to meeting every requirement from the Ready Safe Schools guidance from the Oregon Department of Education.

"We have no option except to follow the metrics established by Oregon Department of Education and Oregon Health Authority. Under those guidelines, we are not able to reopen our schools for in-person instruction at this time. 

"We are committed to opening our schools in a balanced/hybrid model when we meet the metrics established by the state," Nordquist said.

NewsChannel 21 spoke earlier Monday with Jonathan Haffner, the single-parent of a sixth grader at Cascade Middle School. He said it has been difficult to watch his daughter struggle with the transition into online learning.

“Back in March, she was a thriving 11-year-old, doing gymnastics," Haffner said. "And I had to pull her out of it.”

Haffner said not being able to socialize with her friends and teachers in person has taken a toll on his daughter's mental health.

“I’ve seen it first-hand," he said. "Sitting in a room by themselves, looking at an iPad is better than nothing, but it’s still not good, and I think we’re going to discover this as more data comes out."

His daughter, Jackie, told us she wants to return to school.

“I don’t want to wear a face mask, that's for sure," she said. "But I’d rather wear a face mask in school than stay online. I just feel kids my age, especially, should be with their friends.”

Haffner and his daughter were just some of the dozens of people who showed up at Monday's rally on Bond Street.

Julie Paige was among a few others who attended to oppose the idea of reopening schools until it is safer to do so.

“This is a life-or-death situation," she said. "So then it becomes a little less important that kids are having 'circle time,' and more important that people have their lives protected."

Paige said she wants teachers Bend-La Pine teachers to know how much they are appreciated, but that it's just too soon for students and teachers to return to an in-person classroom setting.

"I really want our teachers in the community to know how much we love them, and how hard we know they've been working to revamp their way of teaching in a short amount of time," she said.

The school district is required by the state to meet the following county metrics before they can reopen: there must be no known cases of COVID-19 in the schools, there must be fewer than 30 cases per 100,000 in Deschutes County for three weeks in a row, and the positive test rate should be at or below 5% for three weeks in a row.

Bend-La Pine posted new weekly metrics guides Monday that show county cases last week were 35.8 per 100,000 residents, and while the positive test rate did drop, to 2.7%, it means the earliest possible move from distance learning to the balanced hybrid (part-time in class) model for all grades is now the week of Nov. 2.

Along with the rally, organizers were urging parents who support schools reopening to log out of online classes for one day, on Monday, to make clear their views.

Marc Siegel, the communications director of the Oregon Department of Education, sent the following statement to NewsChannel 21 Monday.

"The guidance for returning to school for the 2020-21 school year contains community health metrics that were established to facilitate a safe reentry into schools. These metrics are aligned to information from the Centers for Disease Control and exist, in part, to keep our high-risk populations safe.

"Entering a school for instruction, for extended periods of time, is a different context than the activities people share where risk can be significantly mitigated through the use of Personal Protective Equipment.

"Please know that, alongside parents and teachers, ODE is anxious for the day that the health metrics for all communities will allow all students to return to in-person instruction full time.

"Oregon’s metrics were developed in August and will be reviewed again this month, after a review of data from Oregon schools, other states, research, and guidance from the federal level. The CDC came out with guidance for when to open to in-person instruction on Sept.15, Oregon’s metrics align with these metrics," the ODE statement said.

Late Monday, Gov. Kate Brown called a news conference for 11:15 a.m. Tuesday "to discuss Oregon's efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19." She'll be accompanied by Oregon Health Authority officials. A livestream will be available at this YouTube address.

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    1. 200k+ Americans dead, with no sign of slowing because there is no plan on a federal level to control this virus sounds like a good time to get kids back in cramped classrooms?
      No, it isn’t time. Everyone needs to get on the same page here: we are still in the middle of the first wave of a GLOBAL PANDEMIC. Wear a mask, wash your hands and physically distance. The longer people resist these mitigation steps, the longer we have to do this distance learning.

      1. Again common sense, it’s the elderly and compromised immune system folks that are most vulnerable! So the kids and teachers that are not vulnerable will use common sense. Have faith in humanity it will be alright Irrelevant!

        1. Guess what the kids and teachers, have elderly and compromised immune system people in their lives too- thats exactly how comrade president was infected, by someone younger with minimal symptoms!

          1. Apparently all the home schooling kooks in Eastern Oregon were totally wrong!!! – How surprising!!! – Golf and a whore anyone!!! – campaign donors are buying!!! – trump / putin2020!!! – MORE LYING – DYING and DENYING!! – HELSINKI PROUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          2. There are 6 cities in Oregon that rank the lowest in HS graduation rates, Albany has the lowest in the nation. And parents and teachers I’ve talked to are not satisfied with the current online curriculum. Libs however who are encouraging schools to stay shutdown have come to realize the advantages of lowering the public’s general level of intellegence. This dumbing down of Americans not only means a greater number dependent on government programs but also more easily indoctrinated using fear and violence. Win Win for the Dims.

        2. So they are going to live at the schools and never leave? Leaving may expose others. That is the issue. It is not about common sense for everyone. Look at WH Mafia Don. Absolutely no common sense and no care to protect others. That is how alot of people are in Bend as well. Nope, not safe yet. Keep the schools closed.

        3. Boy you are not very smart are you? did you even go to school? Apparently you haven’t been in a school for a long time! there are old and young teachers, bus drivers, custodians, lunch ladies, office workers, and many can be compromised or have relatives who are! so no it is way more complicated than your pea brain can comprehend!

      2. “sounds like a good time to get kids back in cramped classrooms?”- According to the CDC- Yes. And what do you care- you don’t have children in school-are not a teacher- just a never ending delusional internet expert on all things counter to what the current administration suggests. It’s why Oregon’s covid response has seen no improvement in 5 months.

          1. Not only “no improvement in 5 months” but weeks after Brown implemented her economy killing Executive Orders- the State’s “new Corona cases” numbers shot up from 100 to well over 450 by summer. Instead of seeing a dramatic decline (supporting Brown’s dramatic and hysterical closures) we still see the state suffering under 300 new case loads with Brown giving us all kinds of excuses. To throw more crows into your pie- we’ve seen many more deaths in Central Oregon auto accidents than from the Wuhan China virus- and medical professionals have been caught red handed fudging the cause of death for all but 6% of Oregon’s 572 suspect deaths. There are currently more than a dozen US States with lower fatality numbers than Oregon- so let’s not beat our chest- we aint number one at anything but chicken livered cowardice ! Take a clue from our great President- a couple days on an IV- then get back to work… “It aint Ebola” !

            1. Yes comrade, if the whole nation was tested multiple times a day and had access to medevac choppers, expensive steroids that make you crazy, and stem cells from aborted fetuses… we might be able to treat folks and reopen safely, but the more resources president kgb wastes while ignoring medical advice, the less treatments are available for the rest of us taxpayers, and the longer this takes

              1. Here comes more facts for “Russia-Russia-Russia” crowd- The President is back at work ! A few vitamins and minerals (Zinc-Melatonin) and it’s back to business as usual- for a guy you’ve promoted as dumb-fat-lazy- already near death with that orange anus… this seems nothing short of a miracle recovery ! Or… is it just another example of you lefties getting it completely wrong- even though the CDC and every medical professional on the planet has told you the virus is mild- not a serious problem if yer free of underlying conditions- which (again) this President clearly is- even though you idiots have been posting otherwise. Chicken noodle soup- bed rest and an aspirin…. that’s pretty much it ! Sorry- but this President just won’t go away- and the way he’s handled this mild illness has proven to the nation……
                “That it aint Ebola” !!!!

        1. Why can’t we just give everybody Hydroxycloroquine. You know the “greatest game changer in the history of medicine” !!! – ROTFLMAO!!!! – Fat failing donnie lied about that too!!!! – And you poor pathetic hillbilly chics love, worship and actually believe him!!!! – TOOOOOOO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!! – YOU SHOULD’VE STAYED IN SCHOOL – HOME SCHOLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Sorry- But Kate Brown’s strategies have Oregon’s deaths per one million averages up another 3 points- to 136. But of course with all the manipulation of the definitions the past 8 months- it is difficult to know what’s really happening- all a part of the Demokrat strategy to confuse and mislead. And without the willingness of the general media- America woulda re-opened just as fast as the President’s recovery- within days- its a miracle !

    2. Not sure if watching their relatives and neighbors needlessly die is the positive childrens life lesson you pretend, we have a family member who grew up in europe at the end of ww2 and being raised in that horror hasnt really given them a stronger character but it has given them regular nightmares and lots of personality issues

      1. Not sure if you know but most people don’t die from covid directly, there is usually an underlying factor. The survival rate is 98%. We’re you this worked up about the flu? Probably not because you’ve bought into the fear and seemingly lack the ability to think for yourself.

        1. Ugh 2% of 300 million is 6 million, ie the entire population of oregon dead… we can do better and need to, if comrade president is correct that our economy is the best ever, surely it shouldnt be a big problem to quarantine properly for a few months and finally eradicate the bat flu, we almost did it once already duh – im sick of my elderly relatives being used as political pawns by people who ignore science and medicine, they are not collateral damage they are people!

          1. “we can do better and need to”….. I agree- but the facts are clear- that since the original decline in the Corona China virus in April- Kate Brown’s Executive Orders have done nothing but see the new case numbers sky-rocket from 100 a day to over 400 ! How does that work- when the Governor shuts down all businesses- schools- recreation- forests- churches- and life in general ! Again- “how does that work” ???….. Nothing you have ever posted addresses that direct conundrum- all you want to say is that “well- it could be worse” ! To that I say “bunk” ! Because the death rates don’t support that- they have stayed at around 2% for months now- no change- and all but 6% of those deaths have been with “underlying conditions”- people not dying “from” covid- but from some other long term malady. So lets stop the fake hysterics- the CDC is right- these parents are right- I’m right… you and Kate Brown are simply wrong !

          2. .002% death rate 328 million is 656000 people. While I agree 656000 to many. Its nothing like what the news outlets keep over hyping! You are a prime example of buying into the media hysteria!

        2. Not sure if you know, but this is a completely debunked idea and thought process. If you have heart disease and you get the flu and die, it is from the flu, not the heart disease. This is how it works. I know you read that garbage floating around and it took a little ore than face value or a headline read to understand what was being said. There are numerous medical professional videos explaing this process and how it works, just Google it.

          1. Great- but if you have a heart attack- and die- and then a few days later- after being exposed to a variety of viruses in the hospital- and they find covid… you didn’t die from covid ! Even the CDC agrees- that only 6% of actual deaths are from the corona virus ! You need to start listening to the families of victims who are demanding the documents regarding cause of death clarify this. But then again- as we’ve seen- hospitals with corona cases rake in millions of dollars from Dictator Brown- it’s a hoax- all designed to cover Messy Kate’s bad deeds ! Too bad the data isn’t playing along- The Oregon state case numbers have been headed in the wrong direction for months now !

        3. “The virus is way down and will be gone soon”

          “its just one person coming in from China, we have it totally under control, everything is going to be just fine”

          “Its all a hoax to make look bad before the election”

          “Hyrdoxychloroquine will be the greatest game changer in the history of medicine”

          “We will have a vaccine very soon”

          “I didn’t know the flu killed people”

          “anyone who wants a test can get a test”

          “The virus will go away, like a miracle it will be gone”

          “the federal government has tremendous control of the virus”

          It’s contained”
          “When you have 15 people. And the 15 within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero, that’s a pretty good job we’ve done,”

          1. Your repeated rant now needs to be adjusted to specifically address the US President… who has single handedly proven everything you’ve posted to be tru ! Go ahead- go through the list…. “The virus is way down and will be gone soon”…. Yup- the President in three days defeated the virus !…….. “Its all a hoax to make (me) look bad before the election”…. Yup- sure looks that way- I mean how did the Trumpster survive this attack ???….. “anyone who wants a test can get a test”…. Yes indeed- now on sale at Safeway !!!…………Cmon Fester- the President has just proven once and for all that the virus is mild- nothing to be afraid of- it’s nothing more than your shadow- so stick a light bulb back in your mouth and carry on !

    3. Most people are bad at seeing more than one move ahead. When your kid’s teacher tests positive, what are you going to do? Keep your kid in school? Most parents are not going to do that.

    4. Until all risk of all disease is eliminated (including the Flu) those kids should not return to school. Life is way to precious to waste on useless risks like school. NO MORE RISK.

      1. No more eating. Kids choke. No more driving. Auto accidents kill. No more swimming. Kids drown. No more peanuts. Kids have allergies. No more bikes. Kids fall off. Life is dangerous. We must all be isolated and locked up from all harm of any source. If it saves just one life. Only progressive Marxists can protect us. Freedom is a small price to pay for government mandated safety.

          1. That’s how ANTIFA was formed with no k-12th grade school to learn law and order, to learn how to socialize respectfully. Bring the kids BACK! If we need to shut down schools it should be the colleges PERMANENTLY!

    5. How many kids u got in school in this district? I got two and staying at home/ helping the kids get through this challenging time is….. challenging as a parent too! Schools are working hard and doing a great job accommodating the situation the best they can. It’s not been an easy year for them either. Having a safe learning environment is critical. Social and life lessons are still happening outside of school & it’s up to the parents to make it happen (social practices being up to them).

  1. I understand the frustration, that being said, once again K-3 did not meet the county metrics, so will be delayed another week. I see more and more people w/o masks in the store. I would love to hear from the Deschutes County Health Department about why we have so many cases in Deschutes County, and what we must do to stop it.

          1. Data is clear- Post George Floyd kick-off Protests saw Oregon’s new case load surge- Same as in Bend for the first BLM protests and violence. Pull the Crook County new cases data 10-15 days after BLM for both early June and August- and tell me what you see !

            1. I see that youve forgotten to mention all the people who protested with guns but without masks in may, trying to force a reopening before memorial day… and now here we are, laughing stock of the world even though 200000 dead isnt that funny

              1. I’m not forgetting anything- I’m the one who’s been asking since the George Floyd violence erupted in Portland and Bend- “who is approving these requests for rallies and protests” ? Under Brown’s EO’s- they are considered illegal acts- so why were they allowed to continue- especially in light of the fact that schools and education cannot ! The insanity and lack of leadership from Salem is appalling !

      1. Ive been seeing more and more maskless bandits too lately, the farther east you go the more common it gets ironically, even if thats where most of the big outbreaks also occur

        1. Actually- the farther east from Bend you go- is Crook County- with the second lowest number of cases per 100k in the state- only behind Coos County. Out in Crook the folks are convinced that if the county police could only use the Tom McCall round-about to send Benders back- that the corona cases in Crook would plummet to damn near zero… but it seems those selfish arrogant entitled people from Deschutes- are hell bent on putting conservative country folk at risk.

      1. I know. However Oregon’s metrics are much higher than most states. The schools are very safe and sanitized. Kids are not at more risk with the guidelines that are put into place

        Private schools have also reopened in September and saw no spikes.

        I am not saying that COVID is not real. I’m saying that the greater danger is that kids are falling further behind and depression and suicide rates are way up.

        1. The whole state and nation is having a spike right now and shucks i think that even includes the fancy private schools, if depression and suicide are really up it is a perfect reason why we need to move funding from the police to social services- but not a strong argument for reopening the very institutions that are known for causing those problems to begin with

          1. private schools are remaining open.

            Once you are back to in school learning the same metrics do not apply. This is one of the main reasons the parents are upset. If bend and redmond went back when they could then they would not have to close down right now

            sorry we disagree. the schools are safe and sanitary, more so than kids in normal day life. there is no evidence across the US showing higher cases with kids back in class. kids need to be in school

      2. COD News did an interview with a disgruntled parent who stated very clearly- that everything else is re-opening- why not schools ? And she’s right ! Kate Brown’s favorite Pot shops- bars- retail outlets- barbers and salons- auto repair and maintenance shops… Maybe both you and Kate should read the CDC research on the damage being done to these kids- it’s an interesting bit of science !

          1. Your big new spike means nothing- the virus is mild in nature (The US President proved that didn’t he !)- children are not the “at risk” population- the CDC and other researchers agree- that keeping kids out of school is doing long term irreparable damage- the corona flu symptoms last ( according to our elderly President) a few days- and what do you care- you don’t have children in school- so mask up- wash yer dirty hands- stop slobberin’ on people- and come out from yer hiding closet- “It aint Ebola” !!!

      1. Your kids- your family are victims of Kate’s Kovid Slip ! Already being measured by outside educational institutions- an affliction and burden that will your children will carry with them the rest of their lives- they will use this Kovid skare for every excuse under the sun….
        “I can’t read or write cursive because I’m a “Kovid Kate Slip Child”- And Math ? Two years behind the global average- Science ? “We learned from Kovid Kate not to believe in science” ! Yup- might as well get it stamped on their foreheads- all because their parents didn’t have the common sense to end the madness ! “Gee Mommy- what did you do during the Kovid Slip… besides drink bottles of Chardonnay like Hillary Clinton ???

        1. Ha remember back when you didnt know what year oregon was founded or whats on our flag or when the civil war ended, it was just yesterday omfg

          Anyways you prove yourself every day to be the last person we should be taking educational advice from

          1. Yup- the last person to listen to- the one who told you to “MuGuWu- if you have an elderly loved one in long term care- get them out- Kate Brown’s EO’s will destroy the Oregon economy- Children are not at risk (way back in April) and should be in school- drug- alcohol- and social problems will increase with isolation-large scale numbers of people are not dying “of corona” (the CDC has since agreed)- Oregon will never see the death and destruction as predicted by Kate Brown and her UofW models… and we haven’t… and we never will. The Demokrat response to this virus is a hoax- meant to maximize pain- I’d say the only thing I got wrong- was President Trumps exposure (what appears to have been done intentionally)- But in hindsight- whatta great opportunity to prove to the naysayers- the bed-wetters- the thumb-suckers- all in hiding- stop being wimps… “It Aint Ebola” !

        2. Speak for yourself. We are doing just fine. It requires a little more help from me, but online schools have been a reality for years now. Anyone that keeps referring to COVID-19 as the corona China virus is the very last person I would take any educational advice from.

          1. Here- then try these folks at the CDC. Seems they talked to a buncha doctors and researchers- you know- just a buncha self proclaimed brainiacs doing stuff !………
   Personally I have no dog in your race to pull yer little ones up to educational standards… if yer happy with Kates Kovid Slip- why should I care- I’m sure yer kiddies will do just fine- workin’ to clean the rooms at the Motel 6 !

            1. You lost the right to call others stupid comrade owen, youve been caught wrong so many times now, the fact you dont even know the years of our nations civil war makes your truthyish claims completely worthless for all time… no international corporation would ever hire you as despite your constant grandiose pretensions to the contrary, its clear as day to the rest of us

              1. And boom-shaka-laka ! I’ll take my minor victory and proudly display it on the mantel- as once again- you’ve run out of debate points and have gone all in Angry Joe- “Awww- just shut up man” ! Yer free to return to the discussion after you gather your thoughts- and re-organize your weak arguments- but what about Russia ??? In the meantime- i support these parents who have had enough of Hate Brown’s tantrums and attacks on the state’s citizens- there was also a demonstration in Salem- that I don’t believe was covered here at the Z- so this has become a state-wide movement to halt Kates Kovid Slip- These children may very well never recover ! And that is on Brown and silent parents who are still in hiding ! Like the President has proven- “It aint Ebola” !

  2. Are these people incredibly stupid. You want to put put my teacher wife’s on the line. Look at the White House this week. That is your kid’s class room, Morons;

        1. What data do you have that promotes your statement that children are being infected at school ? Crook County has been open for weeks now- there has been no dramatic surge in their new case numbers. In fact- the OHA data from today states that youth 10-19 make up the lowest case percentage of all age categories in the state at 1%- literally- the least affected !


          You and Kate need to stop lying !

          1. Again, say it with me slowly and sound out the letters if you have trouble
            ” its not generally the kids who die from bat flu its their parents and grandparents who catch it “

            1. Oh yes- so much death- so much destruction… here- chew on this till yer crow pie arrives… The CDC has confirmed that less than 6% of Wuhan Bat virus deaths are due “solely” to the virus… that means that out of Oregon’s reported 550 plus deaths blamed on Korona… the actual number of deaths due to Korona China Virus alone is… 34 ! and that is for the whole state of 4 million Oregonians !
              You are a fool- and these parents have had enough- it’s about time they started to take their schools back- I see where the Regal Cinemas are closing their doors- Gee- what a great place to hold some classes- more than a dozen rooms- plenty of comfortable seating- start bringing in groups for morning and afternoon sessions- start with daily splits of M/W/F and T/Th/Sat. Masks-and deep cleaning between daily groups. Find some Teachers willing to work for a day rate- cripes- Five bucks a kid- Cash- thirty student limit- that’s $300 bucks a day in Ichabod Cranes pocket- The Cinema Owner puts in for a Covid related grant and everyone gets some of Kate’s Money ! Time to think outside the box people- the Governor has dug her heels in and will take the state down to the pits of hell !

          2. I guess Governor Brown’s metrics-based approach has worked for Crook County! Now if only the rest of us could get with the program and drive the numbers down.

            1. Crook County is decidedly Conservative Republicans- Trump country- independent thinkers ! Bend-Redmond ??? Liberal nanny staters who need Governor Kate Brown to tell them how to live ! It really is that simple !

  3. About time, why in the H*!! are teachers getting a paycheck? Nothing but BS. We the tax payers also need to have our property tax prorated because of school closures.

    1. Most fortune 500 companies are still working remote, heck even the president is these days, its insulting you think our kids arent even worth it

      1. News Flash- even the President is not working “remotely”- he’s back at the White House- perfectly healthy- after CNN and their parrots had him on his death bed- three days of zinc- vitamins- fluids- bed rest- aspirin- and some chicken noodle soup… three whole days for you and the local media to run your conspiracy stories- brow beat the guy- claim intellectual superiority- then Wham ! Like Iron Man !! he busts outta the hospital- gets into a limo- and gets back to work… all the while you stand there with yer gums a flappin’ in the breeze ! Now get out there and make me some t-shirts… “It aint Ebola” !!!

    2. Do you know any teachers? Do you know what they go through to make this remote learning work? They are at wits end, working FAR MORE HOURS than their CONTRACTS allow. If you don;t have facts, shut your pie hole

      1. Nope. Just loving all the personal responsibility that these parents are taking with THEIR OWN CHILDREN. They want their babysitter back, not to have their children educated. They had a choice to have children or not. They chose to have children – they can take the responsibility to educate and care for them. School is being offered, they are choosing to act like petulant children.

        1. Still a moronic statement. You assume to know what the parents are thinking however you have no clue. Nice of you to attack them for having kids though, real neighborly of you.

          1. Its what im seeing too, the folks who want the schools reopening are not supporters of strong schools but the exact opposite, they vote against school funding and try to ban books, but they darn well want minimum wage employees to constantly guard their poorly socialized children while complaining about it ad nauseum

            1. Nonsense ! You don’t “see” squat- yer as blind as a Wuhan Bat with your CNN talking points- none of which are intended for the state of Oregon- but that hasn’t stopped you from running yer gums ! Parents have the US constitution that protects their civil rights and liberties- Hate Brown has over-stepped her authority- and will face class action lawsuits that will cost the state millions. But I get it- because she didn’t shut down your “essential” marijuana shops- you support the hop head in charge. “Bongs Away”- right ???

  4. What is with these magas and their illegal political signs, first it was tim knopp and now these fools, pro tip the right of way permits are only valid outside city limits and not on public or private property regardless, but first you have to get one duh!

      1. Yeah, like me. Both of my kids were kept out of oregon public education for a reason. My daughter works at Idaho National Laboratory as an Engineer, and my son is a double major and will be an Analyst for the State Dept. Right now, he teaches Calc and is a foreign language tutor

        1. Whatever dude. I have a doctor who went through BLPS schools. Graduate of Summit. Our schools are great, it is usually the parents that are lacking in the necessary support for their kids.

  5. My question is to the Newschannel 21 newsroom. I understand why Crook county was able to go back, because they are a different county with different county metrics. Can you guys follow up with some information on why Sisters school district was allowed to proceed to K-3 opening? Sisters is Deschutes county. Is the decision up to each school district’s discretion?

      1. Hi Barney-This comment: “We have no option except to follow the metrics established by Oregon Department of Education and Oregon Health Authority. Under those guidelines, we are not able to reopen our schools for in-person instruction at this time.” appears to show that it is not up to discretion, but a requirement. Can we get a follow up to this story about how some school districts in the same county were able to go back?

          1. The article notes… “The CDC came out with guidance for when to open to in-person instruction on Sept.15, Oregon’s metrics align with these metrics,” the ODE statement said”…… I find this sentence to be misleading…. The metrics are based on CDC “guidelines”- and Rhea should point that out in her article- that guidelines are not mandates… Seeing how easily unhinged the left is on this- clarification is often times necessary… Journalistic integrity is always at the forefront of issues- let’s keep it that way.

      1. Thank you for looking into that. I wonder how they were able to return early if we just had met the metrics for three weeks in a row in September for Deschutes county. These inconsistencies between school districts, in the same county, is what is frustrating. I guess these are just “recommendations” from the health department, not requirements. Would love to have some coverage on the Deschutes county health department’s opinion on these inconsistencies between school districts.

        1. Or we could just CLOSE IT ALL DOWN again like what worked in spring, none of this fussing about masks and metrics that clearly arent working while the dreaded quarantine actually does

          1. You are the reason we are still worrying about COVID even though it is no worse then the FLU. Keep spreading fear and believing the main stream media. You obviously dont own a business or work for one that has been shut down since you still want everything shut down.

            1. Barf
              If we had stayed closed past memorial day we could have reopened by july 4th with a much lower death count, thats what the funding packages were designed for because that was the expected timeframe for a successful response
              Instead we reopened too soon and spiked too high and too early and all the sba funding ran out too fast, not listening to statisticians and scientists has consequences

              Now were are scrabbling around trying to stretch money meant for may into october and forced to reopen high-risk sectors due to poor economic planning, you are right its a huge mess for some local businesses and all because they forced an imprudent and premature end to the successful quarantine

          2. If it worked in Spring- and then Brown ramped up her Executive Orders- redefined the vocabulary- and initiated OSHA and the OLCC to force compliance state-wide… why did the new case numbers explode from less than 100 in your spring- to over 450 by Summer ???…. You can’t argue that Brown’s EO’s worked- the numbers prove otherwise ! Now she’s dug her heels in on schooling and is hell bent on making children and families suffer even more- even though various Pacific nations have proven time and time again that children are the least of our worries- and the CDC agrees… so why do Brown and folks like you continue to push a failed strategy ??? I’m willing to guess- that like most science deniers- stupidity- arrogance- childish immaturity are the main reasons.

      1. No coverage of the rally in Salem on the same demands by parents to open the schools ? If there’s a story on the Z out there- I missed it !

          1. Oh- I see ! That if’s a BLM Antifa riot promoted by Brown and Wheeler- the Z has plenty of room to run the story…. but Brown’s state-wide education shutdown- complete with protests- signs- chants and angry parents…. is off limits- not local- no interest- let’s see if the national market picks it up… Nope- not even a smidgen of biased reporting here… I’m sure you’ll tell me if I’m wrong !

    1. Then I’d say you can’t go to the grocery store, cannot get takeout, cannot get gas and cannot go to work either. After all all these are “risk”. Lets see how that works out for you.

    1. Yep- many of us remember- that we actually flattened the hospital visit curve in April- so Brown had the definition of “Influenza Like Illness (ILI)- changed to “Covid Like Illness (CLI) in order to combine the two- thus doubling the appearance of the virus in the state- shooting the new case numbers from 100 in April to 450 by August… the fatality rate also flattened in April- even with the inclusion of death with covid and not death by covid manipulating the data… nothing but smoke and mirrors from one of the most dishonest administrations in Oregon history.

  6. Yeah back before president kgb was unflattening the curve just so he could throw parties, not great times but at least americans werent willingly infecting each other

  7. I read all these comments, saying either all go or all no go. It is so simple, open the schools, period. If a student or teacher doesn’t want to attend due to fear of getting sick than don’t attend, it’s still a free country. As typical nowadays the minority are determining the policy for the society as a whole. OPEN THE SCHOOLS! If any person doesn’t want to attend then don’t attend.

    1. You are so wrong…sounds like you are a member of the Loud Minority. Teachers…office staff…nutrition services…janitors..aids…all make it possible for school to be in session. If schools open they are forced to risk their health or quit their jobs. The trump administration has not sent federal dollars to equip them to be safe…they even shut down the CDC when they gave specific guidelines and made them publish vague info for schools. Our kids could be in school if everyone wore a mask in our country!!! The Republican party is to blame for the unnecessary deaths in our country and shut downs. Maybe if more Republicans graduated from high school and attended college they would understand science is real not political

      1. Cripes there Hissy Fit Girl… what a dumb thing to say… “If schools open they are forced to risk their health or quit their jobs.”…. What the hell “jobs” are you talking about ??? Millions have lost theirs- not just teachers and staff ! Have you been bunkered down so deep under your bed that you have no idea how badly Oregon’s economy has imploded ??? That Brown’s unemployment assistance for people never arrived ! That all Hateful Kate wants to do is demand more and more money from the feds- while she squanders what she’s been given to petty selective grant distributors ??? Stop yer nasty name-calling false allegations- and petty political pandering to the left- half-wits like yerself are destroying young minds- this generation of kids will forever be known as Kate’s Kovid Kids- and that KKK will be a hard tag to remove !

  8. Open up! The democrats are destroying the kid’s mental health, lives, and this country. Watch, write it down-Flu season is next. They’ll want to shut the country back again or the spread fear to keep people locked up. I have heard so many cases of doctors & funeral homes writing Covid to the count and they never had it. Lies & fear!

  9. Parents want their taxpayer funded child care/socialist indoctrination centers re-opened.
    Who can blame them?
    Having to spend so much time with their spawn is so unfair.

  10. It bears repeating- Kate Brown will go down in history as the worst Governor the state has ever had to suffer through ! Along with Demokrat controlled Salem- the state has been in free fall for decades now. It’s time Oregonians took some sage advice from the US President- and vote Republican- what have you got to lose ???

  11. Schools have been closed for 6 months now, and we achieved nothing. Why would we punish the young and healthy, destroy their education and future so the elderly can stroll around?
    Interestingly Idaho, Montana, most parts of Texas and many more have opened their schools and there is nothing in Oregon that would justify keeping it closed.

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