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Students at Bend’s Realms High School hold their first-ever prom

(Update: Adding video and comments from teacher, student)

Students are excited to be able to dress up and get on the dance floor

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Realms High School hosting its first-ever prom on Friday. After two years of the COVID disruption other Central Oregon high schools are starting to return to what we used to know as normal. Students will be able to enjoy in-person events like prom and graduations again.

The prom is at Aspen Hall on Shevlin Park Friday evening, with the theme of "Alice in Wonderland."

The magnet school in northeast Bend has been open for four years now. so the prom for both seniors and juniors is a welcome event after the past two years of COVID-19 restrictions affecting all schools.

A survey was sent out to the juniors and seniors to cast their votes for a theme. The other possible themes were Under the Sea, Masquerade, and Roaring 20's. Alice in Wonderland won out.

About 75 students that are attending, with tickets costing $30. Volunteers were busy Friday afternoon helping transform the Aspen Hall venue.

"I think It's really exciting that they get to have a prom -- especially having our first prom ever," teacher Allie Chiavetta said. "Especially, after the pandemic. And it's really fun for them to have that experience."

"Our seniors now were our first freshmen at Realms High School. So it's nice that this is our first prom, and they get to be there."

A student said she feels like prom is a milestone everyone needs to experience.

"Honestly, it means a lot to me, because I feel that this is a very important high school experience," said junior London Ivie. "I've seen the movies with prom and stuff and so, I don't know -- It's just really exciting."

Realms High School, a magnet school on Northeast Brinson Boulevard, combined with another school, Skyline High School, last fall and has about 240 students. Its expeditionary learning curriculum takes students out of the classroom to tackle real-world problems.

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