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Libertarian nominee Jo Jorgensen blames Portland unrest on both major parties

Party brings campaign to Oregon

PORTLAND, Ore (KTVZ) -- The Libertarian Party wrapped up a campaign run through Oregon on Sunday.

While vice presidential nominee Jeremy "Spike" Cohen spoke in Portland early Sunday afternoon, presidential nominee Jo Jorgensen spoke with NewsChannel 21.

Jorgensen took aim at both Democrats and Republicans, blaming both parties for the city's unrest.

"Well of course, since they’re the ones that got us into this position to begin with, and I think the reason we are so divided is because everything goes through government, so every little decision, every little aspect of our lives, we have to basically duke it out," Jorgensen said.

"If you don’t mind my giving an example with education -- so for instance, if you want prayer at your kids’ school and your next-door neighbor doesn’t, you've got to fight it out at the ballot box, you've got to put signs out, contribute to your candidate, get other people to contribute, then go vote.

"Then one of you is going to win and one of you is going to lose, and you’re both going to have to go under one system.  As opposed to a Libertarian system in which you keep your resources, and you can send your kid to a school of prayer and your neighbor doesn’t have to.”

Meanwhile, the Republicans and Democrats have taken aim at each other over the rioting and violence in Portland.

President Trump recently tweeted: "We are trying to help Portland, not hurt it. Their leadership has, for months, lost control of the anarchists and agitators. They are missing in action. We must protect Federal property, AND OUR PEOPLE. These were not merely protesters, these are the real deal!"

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler said in his own tweet: "Trump threatens to withdraw federal funds, possibly including health, education and safety net dollars Americans need to get through the pandemic and economic crisis. Again, he targets cities - including ours - with democratic Mayors, which he calls 'anarchist jurisdictions.'"

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Blake Allen

Blake Allen is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Blake here.



  1. Libertarian have always been an entertaining bunch. Rrepublican have had absoluty NOTHUNG to do with the 101 nights of lawlessness and murder by the pantifa cowards in downtown Portland

    1. This election more than ever the country needs to decide to take a fork in the road of history. We will not be voting for a candidate so much as a way of life. For those of you who have not decided or are voting 3rd party think about your part in the future of this country. As a centrist I have been disgusted these last Four years by both parties.
      The Democrats seem to have no ability to play the game Trump has brought to the table. They have no real cohesive message and to many different ideas and opinions. The republicans have sold out this country for an ideological power grab of epic proportion’s.
      Trumps big fat lying mouth, ego and narcissism are allowing them to reverse decades worth of work by both sides and bring to life agendas that would never have been possible without this orange train wreck of a man. Our Republican pirates at the senate will continue to allow Trump to destroy democracy until they have stolen every piece last piece of gold.

      This election you need to decide if your ok with what Trump is doing. Any of it. How much of this country are you willing to sacrifice for what gain? Anything other than a clear and decisive message from voters this year will likely result in bloodshed on some level.
      Think about it. We have already had loss of life because of this. On both sides of the political spectrum. Do you think it’s going to stop?
      It is not for me or any person to tell somebody else how to vote. But… It’s real simple math. You vote for Trump you get four more years of this crap. Your vote for a third-party you get four more years of this crap. Your vote for Biden you at least get the same old crap we’ve had for decades were politicians cheated and stole from us behind the scenes. Personally I’d like to remove the last four years of destruction from our history books.

  2. What a joke; the Libertarians talking about schools. According to their party platform, the only kids that should be able to go to school are those whose parents are rich enough to afford private school. Yea, right.

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