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Amid big jump in Deschutes voters, county clerk answers some election questions

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Central Oregon has seen a major increase in new voters. In fact, according to the Deschutes County Clerk's Office, the county went from about 101,000 registered voters in 2016 to over 150,000 last week, a 50 percent jump in four years.

With so many new voters, NewsChannel 21 decided to visit the Deschutes County Clerk's Office to get some key questions answered

Topping the list of frequently asked questions was ballot tracking -- where voters can go to see if their ballot has been received, County Clerk Nancy Blankenship said.

"They can go to and under MyVote, they can go in
and see if their ballot has been (received)," she said.

Second, we asked about signatures, specifically what a voter can do about a challenged signature.

Blankenship said her office is looking carefully at the style of individual signatures, making sure the signature looks like it belongs to the voter.

She said for many reasons, the appearance of signatures can change, and anybody who's had their signature change over time should update her office, to get a new signature on file.

"Lots of people come in and say, 'Oh, my signatures never change.' Then we show it to them and compare it to the ballot we have, and you know, there's a significant change."

Blankenship described that signatures have multiple benefits.

"So the signature validates for the voter as well the system. we want to be sure that the ballot came from the voter"

Lastly comes the question of deadlines: When should we turn these ballots in?

Blankenship said for those looking to safely mail their ballot, to do so by Tuesday Oct. 27 and for those that don't make that deadline, take their vote to one the nine ballot drop sites, some open now and all open by Friday.

Those locations, the state and county Voter's Pamphlet and more are available at:

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Blake Allen is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Blake here.



      1. Yep dumb money right there! I would love to take that bet! Seeing how no republican has won the popular vote since Reagan and will never again after trump’s poisoning of the party!

              1. The last thing this world needs is justifications for the disregard of PEOPLE by using categories and labels, but if you want to use a distorted federalist lens to see things that way, keep in mind that two “states” you love to hate, California and New York, contribute more than a fifth of all the federal tax revenue.

  1. How do I register to vote in Oregon? Now that I have heard about the crimes Biden & his son committed I want to vote. Is it too late to register? Seems like I should be able to register to vote but I can’t find out how or where to do this. Any ideas?

    1. I also am interested in this ‘Voting’ thing I’ve been hearing about. Supposedly one of the candidates who wears orange makeup only paid $750 in Federal taxes, and he has a secret Chinese bank account, and his daughter got a bunch of Chinese trademarks fast-tracked, and two of his ex-campaign managers are in prison, and a team of doctors had to save him from a virus he calls a hoax, and he cheats at golf and everything else, and his wife wont hold his hand because he paid off at least two strippers to keep their mouths shut about affairs he had with them while his Genius-visa wife was 8 months pregnant, and allowed Putin to put bounties on US soldiers (who he calls losers and suckers) heads, and put babies in cages, and bragged for days about being able to remember ‘person woman man camera tv’ but calls the other guy senile, and seriously thinks windmill noise causes cancer, and plays air-accordion when he talks, so I also would like to vote. Any ideas?

      1. Too bad Barney doesn’t delete comments containing verified to be FALSE or FAKE claims. But then again, he’d have to delete comments that go against his/KTVZ/CNN agenda that are (later/currently) proven to be true as well. Can’t have lies and can’t have the truth, huh? So allow both unabated . . .

        1. You must think I have a whole lot more time for endless fact-checking of comments – I barely have time to read them all. Feel free to be specific, here or by email, with a link disputing the info and I’ll review as time allows.

      2. From the NY Times, which broke the story, You can see how it came down to that amount. He owed a large amount of taxes, but through the legal IRS rules, was able to write that down to $750.

        He didn’t under pay, he used the system to write down what he owed. It’s no different than what I did (on a much smaller scale). I owed over $15K in taxes, but after various credits and deductions, I paid a little over $600. If you don’t know how to use the system and you don’t take every tax credit and deduction you legally can . . . That’s your failure and your problem. Find a new tax accountant. I’ll give you one example you may not have known . . . I installed a wind turbine to cut my electricity costs and provide power during power outages. That was a 30% Federal tax credit right there. This coming year, I’ll add solar panels and solar hot water to zero out my electricity costs. That too will qualify for a Federal tax credit. At the same time, I no longer will have an electric bill from public utilities. With in 5 years, I’ll have recovered my cost in materials. (Labor is on me.) Then for the next 10 – 20 years, not only will have have those monthly savings, I will have reduced the amount of energy for the power company to produce. Of course, I could also connect to the power company and earn power credits on a 1 to 1 basis, but I don’t really want to have anything to do with the power company besides the $10 monthly fee I’d still have to pay . . . for no service, thanks to state law. Now if you want to get smart . . . and ask, what if there’s not enough sun or wind for a number of days? I’ve also tied in a running 7.5KW gas generator to charge the battery bank, which is rated at ~ 1,800ah, which is over a week of power under emergency use. (Emergency use is no washer, dryer, microwave, or heat (my primary heat is wood).

        The key point, is I’m paying a very low tax rate, because I’m using legal means to reduce my taxes . . . same at Trump is doing on a much larger scale.

  2. Jumping 49,000 in 4 years seems a bit high . . . Then again, you have all those leaving Portland, LA, San Francisco, and other high crime, over priced places . . . thinking Bend is going to be better when they get done changing it to remind them of home. Bend, always poverty with a view.

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