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Prineville Mayor Jason Beebe announces bid to unseat Senator Ron Wyden

'It is just flat-out time for him to leave.'

PRINEVILLE, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Prineville Mayor and data center contractor Jason Beebe announced his candidacy Tuesday for the U.S. Senate "to replace the failed policies of Ron Wyden," Oregon's senior senator, who was elected to the Senate 25 years ago after 15 years in the U.S. House.

Beebe told NewsChannel 21 he's only aware of one other Republican who has announced a May 2022 primary bid so far -- Jo Rae Perkins of Albany, who was the GOP nominee last year, but lost to Senator Jeff Merkley.

"I believe I have a great chance in the primary, but we know it will be an uphill fight in the general," Beebe said.

Here's the rest of Beebe's announcement news release:

When asked why he decided to run against long time liberal Ron Wyden in this election cycle, Beebe stated, “I have never seen a senator or public official that did not represent the people of Oregon more than Ron Wyden.” Beebe continued, “His extreme left, or communist views are so far out of touch with everyday working Oregonians, it is just flat-out time for him to leave.”

Beebe, his wife Heather, and their children live in Prineville. He entered the military at age 29 after 9/11 to fight for his country, serving one tour in Iraq. Serving in the 41st. IBCT, 1/82 Cavalry of the Oregon Army National Guard, he retired from duty in 2015 after 12.5 years of service.

Jason Beebe previously worked at the Facebook Data Center as a contractor, Apple Data Center, and currently is employed with HCL Technologies as a North American Regional Manager. Jason has served on the Prineville City Council for 10 years and was recently elected mayor, shepherding Prineville through some of the largest economic development years, and most recently an outspoken critic of the Governor (Kate Brown) on overreach with COVID-19.

Beebe noted that his reason to run started with his desire to serve in the Army and serve his community. As he stated, “I cannot just sit back and watch our nation continue down this treacherous path with the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Ron Wyden. We can and must stop them. It starts with removing Ron Wyden from office.”

Jason Beebe is traveling around the state discussing with Oregonians their thoughts on vital issues that are facing Oregon and America today.

To learn more about Jason Beebe and get involved, go to

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    1. 28 of the 38 Counties in the State voted Red. Oregon needs to adopt an “all or nothing” format that rewards our Electoral College votes based on County victories- not the popular vote from Portland or Salem. Dems don’t respect or represent the whole of the state- that can be fixed. Beebe must use this point when speaking to Oregonians statewide… Address the “Greater Idaho” concern at the same time.

      1. Gee, BGHW, I’m surprised that as brilliant as you are you’re still unaware that counties don’t vote, humans do (it’s that pesky “one person, one vote” thingy). And by the way, Beebee doesn’t have a chance of winning. Oh, and if you don’t like Oregon move to Idaho, most here will help you pack, few will miss you.

      2. Is Idaho a concern. I believe most in that state as well as most in the eastern part of Oregon are suffering from hypoxia. Farmers and ranchers hate socialism but yet they all want a government bailout. They want to use our federal grass lands to supplement their income. They just need to get a job like the rest of us.

  1. Another fat, white guy who thinks he knows something about the world cause he killed people overseas as a paid soldier for the oil industry. Cool. I bet Wyden is so scared.

    1. Yeh- probably no different than a skinny dope smokin’ half black guy who thought he knew something about the world cause he killed an Osama overseas as a paid figure-head for the solar industry- Kool- I bet we’re all so scared !

    2. So you hate white people, men, soldiers, and oil. Are you by chance a progressive? And don’t worry. Hating white people is not only not racist, it’s the cool thing to do.

  2. Wyden couldn’t find Oregon on a map. In 40 years he’s become a New Yorker who commutes into DC. In 40 years you and your democrat brothers and sisters have…1) ruined Oregon’s logging industry 2) ruined the fishing industry 3) ruined our education system 4) allowed homelessness to be aspirational 5) elevated income and estate taxes to the point that people with a brain and wealth are fleeing 6) been so inept at planning for growth that other than hwy 97 in Deschutes County that only 7 additional miles of multi lane hiways have been added to our hwy system. But we do have nice bike lanes for my $8,000 electric bicycle. No doubt that New York millionaire Wyden (estimated net worth $30m) has your best interests in mind.

        1. And how do you think trump loving bigots and racists are going to fix the state’s problems. Was taxes for the rich and more for the middle?

    1. Typical leftist, no thoughts just insults. You are brilliant k.C. Wealth and brains? No problem here young lady. I have an associates degree in welding and a Masters degree in weeding out crap from morons like you. Learn to spell “cause” you’ll need help down the road on you job application once you come out of mom’s basement. Enjoy your meatloaf.

    1. What has Ron Wyden done for you ? Take a look at our crumbling state- and tell me this is what you voted for- for forty years ! Yours is not a dream- it’s a nightmare- and dimwits like you need to snap out of it !

  3. If he didn’t enter the service until after 9/11 and retired in 2015…How is it that he spent 12.5 years???

    He entered the military at age 29 after 9/11 to fight for his country, serving one tour in Iraq. Serving in the 41st. IBCT, 1/82 Cavalry of the Oregon Army National Guard, he retired from duty in 2015 after 12.5 years of service.

      1. Well looky here- Mr. Beebe- in the flesh ! You and I have not always seen eye to eye- we’ve had our heated moments at the Chamber- But I respect the hell out of you showing up here in this liberal den of fools. You got your work cut out for you- name recognition is zilch- small town- not much track record… But yer up against the worst Senator this state has ever produced- and it’s time Wyden packed his bags for good and stayed in NY- he doesn’t represent anyone on the East side of the Cascades. He’s engaged in illegal and unconstitutional acts against a sitting President- he is a traitor- I expect you to use that against him. Our state is in free-fall. The economy- the forests- the air we breathe- all at historic lows… we need dramatic change- you have all that in your favor- use it accordingly !

        1. And how do you think trump loving bigots and racists are going to fix the state’s problems. Was taxes for the rich and more for the middle?

    1. So what exactly has Bumbling Joe and Hunter Ho done for ya sugar cakes ? Yer gas is 70% more expensive- inflation like we haven’t seen in decades- Amerika back at war with damn near everyone again- a surging virus that the old guy promised to rein in- a Southern border that looks like a refugee kamp- the only support Biden has is a extra-strength depends under garments ! You are a complete fool if you think Joe is looking out after you and your family. Trump put money in everyones pocket- raised average household income to record levels- had gas under $2.50- had secure borders- pulled the US out of never-ending conflicts- told a nation of pampered immature doofs to get their act together… Oh but he hurt yer feelings- So What ! Biden is a career poli with no track record of success- he’s killing the American dream !

  4. At least someone is stepping up and trying to make a change. But this state is so over ran with “Dumb” a normal person won’t have a chance.

  5. Does this mean Wyden will leave New York to debate? Wyden will just say “it is beneath my dignity to debate a racist” and let his machine destroy Beebe. Wyden is a fly in the ointment. He does nothing for Oregon or the nation. He serves the democrat party. Nothing else. Ask Wyden any question about anything. He NEVER answers a question. He has no principles except his loyalty to the party. He is an empty suit. At least Merkely is upfront about hating his political enemies and has convictions in his lunatic progressive dogma.

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