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Deschutes, Crook County clerks note increase in callers disputing presidential election results

(Update: Adding video, comments by Deschutes, Crook County clerks)

'The most important thing is that voters trust our process and understand that we are following the law.'

BEND, Ore (KTVZ) -- Nearly a year after the 2020 presidential election, people are still reaching out to Crook and Deschutes county election officials, disputing the result. Although the controversy over the election isn’t new, both county clerks note more calls and emails, many of which concern forensic audits.

Deschutes County Clerk Steve Dennison said a flurry of calls came through at the later part of August. 

“We have been receiving a number of inquiries regarding conducting forensic audits and other types of audits that are outside the scope of what’s prescribed by Oregon law,” Dennison said this week.

Those inquiries are slowly beginning to taper off.

Dennison speculates the latest upsurge may have been a result of the concluding, controversial forensic audit of election results in Maricopa County, Arizona.

In response to the inquiries, Dennison said he explains the secured ballot process and Oregon state law, to help people understand the operation. As there are many parts to the process, he also encourages people to come in for a tour.

Crook County Clerk Cheryl Seely said many of the inquiries reveal people’s lack of understanding about Oregon’s ballot process and said she continually encourages people to contact their local clerk’s office to learn more about it. Although she has come across some election disputes, she said it’s not a significant increase.

“I get people that ask me, when we empty the ballot boxes, we have a drop box at the back of the building, ‘They ask me, you know, 'How do you get these ballots to Salem?’ They don’t realize that they just go upstairs in the courthouse and we collect them, check them here, check their signatures,” Seely said.

Both county clerks said there’s a lot of security protocols involved in the ballot validating and counting process, and they utilize tabulation equipment that’s never connected to the internet for safe transfer.

“The most important thing is that voters trust our process and understand that we are following the law,” Dennison said. “And I would say that nine times out of 10, when people walk out of here, after having gone through the process and understand a little better of what we do, they understand the security that goes into it, the technology that supports it.” 

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Bola Gbadebo

Bola Gbadebo is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Bola here.



      1. Trump kooks will never admit that dear leader lost to: “the worst candidate in the history of the nation ” DJT. “He’s not even campaigning, he’s hiding in his basement making videos” DJT. “Sleepy Joe they call him” DJT. ROTFLMAO!!!! And big fat, failed and fired donnie the orange snowflake lost to him!!! Hoping little failed donnie runs again!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!

    1. Pales in comparison to the damage biden and his bungling bunch are doing to this country on a daily basis. Even their bias media has turned on these fools. Pelois today scolded reporters for not “selling” biden’s agenda. They’re so desperate they aren’t even bothering to hide the collusion and corruption they have with a complicit press.

      1. – pales does it? – really? – whole bunch of angry people wandering around repeating that an election was stolen, when it wasn’t – a whole bunch, living in non reality – pales does it?

      2. “The virus is way down and will be gone soon” DJT. “Its just one person coming in from China, we have it totally under control, everything is going to be just fine ” DJT. “We’ve rounded the corner and are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel” DJT. “He (Kim Jong un) wrote me a beautiful letter and we fell in love” DJT. “Hydroxichloroquine will be the greatest game changer in the history of medicine” DJT. “I’ll be too busy working for the American people to play golf” DJT. As the only president in the history of the nation to lose: the house, Senate and presidential elections in four years he’s a proven loser!!! Soooooooo hoping he runs in 2024!!!! Sooooooo much losing karen!!!!

      1. – Biden is no prize, that’s for sure – just more R/D business as usual – that being said he still beat the Donald – what does that tell you about the Donald?

          1. – are you actually, finally having a revelation about this ridiculous R/D theater? – the game only works (for the money/power structure that runs it) if you consent to continue to participate – pick a team, hoot and holler, hate the other team – makes no difference which, and never will – the only question is, you gonna continue to play?

    1. Amazing how I never read comments about the Russian interference against Hillary. Yet, the Donald can brainwash people into thinking if he looses it was only because of fraud. Long before the actual election. I’ll give it to him. He’s one of the most brilliant fraudsters known to mankind. He’s a trust fund kid who’s never worked an honest day in his life.

        1. – yea, wow, grammar police – big concern of mine being labeled that by someone who writes the kind of things he does, would really crush me, for sure

    2. Valid criticism for the outcome of the election is now showing the 100’s of millions of dollars Zuckerburg spent to turn out likely democratic voters. Using non profit organizations, CTCL and CEIR he pumped millions into local government offices with strings attached. In short the 2020 election wasn’t stolen, it appears instead to have been bought using loopholes.

      1. – please reread your first sentence – it is trying to say something, but maybe trying a bit too hard because it isn’t a sentence at all, just a stumbling confusion of words

        – BTW Zuck made hundreds of millions selling the American audience to a whole string of Russian bot farms, including almost all of the most popular “Christian” sites – guess which candidate they were promoting – please doubt what i have written and check it for yourself

        – so he’s a soulless profiteer… this is news? – and it promotes your agenda how?

    1. If the “fraud” resulted in a Biden win, why didn’t it also result in bigger House and Senate majorities for the Dems? If you’re certain you can steal one cookie, ego and arrogance dictate you might as well go for as many as you can get, right?

  1. I read this news article twice, couldn’t find where you reiterated the fact that no proof of any vote irregularities where found. Ever.
    This being despite 61 court cases, all being dismissed because of no legal standing.
    not a single instance of vote fraud, nor a single stolen election.
    Whereas I felt the concept of voting fraud was accepted as true, or at least commonplace.
    If there is one single sliver of cause for concern, provide proof.

    Normalizing this abhorring extreme deviation from social mores, is concerning.
    Shove the stolen election nuts, into the back of the basement, and keep them out of the limelight.
    Have pity on our poor deluded neighbors in their time of weakness. While shining the bright light of truth into that recesses of the basement.

    1. How on God’s green earth would KTVZ and Barney make any money then? These message boards (here and Fox) are a pure gold. Rile up the idiots and watch the money pour in. From Trump and his campaign coffers on down to the Facebook, Twitter, Fox News and ultimately local (KTVZ).

      1. Look at your name Billy. Trump barely won and won because of last minute BS that came out about Hillary. Look at yourself and wonder why you admire a disgusting man. It could be a spitting image of who you are.

  2. My friend that lives in California (who speaks Spanish) told me that he overheard some illegal aliens at Wal Mart laughing about how they voted several times for biden. I bet this hapened in all 50 states. Prove it didnt!

    1. Yo lifer, as previously explained Biden cheated by getting more people to vote for him. Was the media’s coverage biased? Sure all day long, but Trump didn’t play well enough to beat the DNC and it’s influence. A guy should be quicker getting out of Walmart – get in, get it, and get out.

    2. Oh, that’s nothing! I have a sister-in-law who’s ex husband’s cousin’s hairdresser’s doctor’s attorney’s gym partner’s bartender’s uncle saw the same thing!! *rolls eyes*

    3. You’re too funny!
      Yeah, I’m sure these dudes from another country were such huge fans of Biden that they voted for him…(checks numbers)…about 1 million times each, just to flip California for Biden. And then bragged about it while shopping at Wal Mart.
      Also, how did your friend know they were illegal aliens? Did they just happen to discuss their immigration status while shopping (and while your friend was eavesdropping)?

    4. Here in Oregon anyone getting a driver’s license is automatically registered to vote. Illegal aliens, thanks to Kate Brown, are now getting ballots. Does anyone care to rebuke that? I can provide you names of people who voted who are ILLEGAL ALIENS and have never and will never go for naturalization.

        1. Then come to Prineville, we can all point you to MANY illegals who voted this year. Sticking our collective heads in the sand around the many rule chances our government has enacted has led to this outcome. Our Electionscan no longer be trusted.

      1. – provide, please do

        – rebuke? – nah, i’m calling it a steaming pile of hooey, so please provide the evidence you offered and show the world that i am wrong – take your time

    5. – you have a friend? who hangs out in Wal Mart eavesdropping on people, in Spanish no less? – ok, and now you are challenging people to “disprove” the validity of your.. em,…”claims” and presenting that as proof of the validity of the stolen election hoax? – your commitment to riding that train off a cliff is impressive

  3. My friend that lives in Idaho told me that he saw a flying saucer land in the Wal-Mart parking lot. A number of people went up to the little gray dudes and asked them what’s up. They said they couldn’t believe Trump lost as they themselves voted for him thousands of times. No, really, he says it is absolutely true. Prove he is a lier.

  4. How did Biden win? In 2016 people who couldn’t stomach either Trump or Hilary declined to vote. In 2020 they realized anyone was better than the disgrace-in-chief and came out to vote AGAINST Trump. Not for Biden.

    1. I voted for Biden/Harris and I miss Trump. I never thought I would ever type that sentence, but I miss him. The current “administration” is a complete embarrassment. I do believe there was some fraud, there always is. I’m sure not enough to really matter. I won’t make the same mistake again.

  5. All this talk about voter fraud and no evidence of it, yeah that’s somewhat true. But all I know is in the year 2000 through 2006 in the cities of Bell, CA and adjacent Maywood, CA there were city festivals. At those events there were large signs in Spanish to register to vote. I was there talking to these folks, and they were openly saying it was OK if you were not a US Citizen. They had signs saying, “This land was once ours and will soon be again”. Those two towns are totally run by illegal aliens. The mayor of Maywood at that time was a immigration attorney who later was prosecuting for ripping off his own clients, his own people. I won’t say who I worked for in the US Gov, but we reported it both through our administration channels and directly to the FBI. Year after year this went on and it was allowed. Very large numbers of illegal aliens were openly registered to vote in CA over a period of many years just in those two towns. All attempts by my team and our agency to get anyone to do anything about it completely failed.

    1. The number of illegals crossing since 38% biden took office are staggering. Hundreds of thousands a month in July alone 200k and that was the hottest months. As the weather cools some are predicting 400k for over 100 countries. Let’s go Brandon

  6. What they need to understand is despite the laws, we the people no longer are willing to trust them. my deceased father received a ballot despite me filing a death certificate in 2017. A lifelong Independent, having never been affiliated with a party, after renewing my car registration three years ago, I suddenly became a democrat…which I received a ballot for in the primaries in 2019. I immediately called and got it replaced, but there are countless people who say the same thing has happened to them. I have never ONCE heard someone complain they became a Republican, nor an Independent. I lived in a home with one Independent Voter, one Democrat Voter, and one republican voter. Our return envelopes in Bend were color-coded. Red, White, and Blue. Tell me that doesn’t STINK of fraud.
    WE THE PEOPLE no longer trust those in control. THAT is why we demand audits.

    1. County Clerk Steve Dennison’s response:
      “The color stripe on our ballot return envelopes has nothing to do with party affiliation. Fun fact: Each county in Oregon selects a unique color to help identify their county’s ballots when they’re coming in. There are some counties that have similar colors, but we all try to be unique from our neighbors so our ballots stand out as the come in.

      “I suppose there is a scenario where a household could receive ballots from different counties and thus see three different colors, but would be extremely rare… especially red, white and blue.

      “We changed from a blue stripe to a magenta one when we redesigned our envelopes to allow for pre-paid postage. We never used both colors in the same election.”

      And as I noted before, the public voter rolls do indicate which party you are registered to (or non-affiliated).

      1. He says that, but it happened and we were all BEND. Wish now I had snapped a picture of it. I did report it to our former Secretary of State.
        Never tried to refute a dead man’s ballot…since this state is trying to pass a law that they no longer need to “keep up with the voter rolls”, which means clean them out of moved, and deceased people. Great way to pad votes.

    1. Now we have tsunami of illegals flooding the country, sky rocketing debt, out of control inflation and gas prices, exploding taxes. Yeap, what an achievement. But let’s chant all of us like zombies: orange man bad… orange man bad…

      1. There’s one way I see this could have been better under Trump: way more people would have gotten vaccinated. That would have had a modest secondary impact.

        And it’s really not flattering to say Trump with his record-setting deficits in a strong economy was any good with debt. Dude wasn’t. Obama was waaaay better.

  7. If you look at the Bidens approval ratings it is dropping faster then the sinking of the titanic, compared to Trumps ratings. The thing is Bidens ratings drop is from handling of Afghanistan pullout, covid surge, border crisis, stagnation of jobs/unemployment rate, and now gas prices. Were as Trumps ratings drop was do to mean things he said on Twitter, a so-called Russian hoax, and yes a downplay of Covid. Humm? Which one would you take?

  8. False headline – first of all an inquiry is not a dispute, no matter how someone trys to spin it. Second, if I was the clerk and was comfortable with the results I would welcome an audit as long as I didn’t have to pay for it.

  9. There’s the same amount of vote error as per usual per every election. ANYONE that believes there is ZERO error is as foolish as any Trumper.

    These elections results are part of The Biblical Revelations. EVERYTHING that The Leftist, BLM, socialist and the descendants of Ishmael want, WILL occur. It’s inevitable. It’s Biblical.

    After all economies fall, a man from the middle east offers a way to fix it and the US becomes part of that single government. No one will be able to fight it because firearms will have already been taken away.

    Everything Democrats want will come to be. Very soon.

  10. Because of Trump Republicans have a shiny way of being stupid. You don’t like the results of a election then you just ignore it and shed tears and cry about injustice while calling others snowflakes (irony) and drive around in big trucks with Trump 2020 flags still flying (denial). Funny how most of the issues of voter fraud end up being REPUBLICANS? Democracy is not a salad bar that you get to pick and choose from but Trump is outdated and rotten so please help yourselves.

  11. I always found it odd that voter cannot verify how their votes were counted in some way. Once drop your ballot (or mail it) there is zero control over how it is processed.
    I would be much more comfortable with booths with voting machines which also not fool proof as the latest CA recall voting showed us.

    1. This is a hard problem.

      Let’s say we simply publish the entire spreadsheet. Here’s your name, here’s how you voted.

      No one will like that because they want their votes private. Not only that, but it’s hard to see added votes–you can tell if you weren’t counted, but you can’t know if “John Random” is a real person or not.

      So you replace the name with a random code that only the voter knows. Then you can look up your code and see how you voted, and you can tally the votes, and no one will know how you voted. But now you’re even farther from verifying that all the votes were valid votes. And the government still knows how you voted even if the general public doesn’t.

      How do you verify votes in such a way that:

      * You’re sure you voted

      * You know they’ve all been tallied correctly

      * ​You know there aren’t any stuffed votes

      * No one knows how you voted

      * The government doesn’t know how you voted

      It’s very challenging. And really held together only by trust and honor.

      So when someone calls BS, they NEED to be able to prove that in court. Because if they fail, they’ve just undermined the bedrock of this country. Accidentally? Who can really say. But there are some power-hungry people out there with an unlimited suppply of willing sycophants. It’s a dictator power move to make the election untrustworthy. Trump said, “We’re not going to lose this except if they cheat.”

      Preventing cheating in an election is like outrunning a hungry lion. You don’t have to run faster than the lion; you just have to run faster than the next guy.

      Right now, the cheapest way to buy an election is with internet misinformation, robocalls, and attack ads. It gets you millions of votes for relatively cheap, and is way easier, more effective, and more legal than bussing people places, finding dead people, stuffing ballot boxes, etc. If you want to influence the election, give a small amount of money to a SuperPAC and buy 1000 votes. Only takes a second and is completely legal. Are you going to risk a felony and try to find 1000 dead people? Of course not.

  12. Problem is with most Trump Cult supporters, if you can convince people that Adam and Eve talked to a Snake 🐍 how had could it be to convince them that Trump is the new Messiah?
    Similar to Scientology Cult members Trump cult members only believe who he says even when presenting visual facts and truths.

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