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Attorney Emerson Levy declares bid for Zika’s Oregon House District 53 seat

Emerson Levy
Emerson Levy
Emerson Levy

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Community advocate and attorney Emerson Levy announced Thursday that she is filing to run again for state representative for House District 53, seeking to unseat Republican Jack Zika.

HD-53’s borders were changed in redistricting, and it now (barring successful challenges/revisions) covers the north side of Bend, Tumalo, Sisters and the southwestern part of Redmond. 

Levy ran as the Democratic and Independent nominee in 2020, but lost to Zika in the general election, 57-42 percent.

Asked whether she thinks the revised district boundaries will help or hurt her in her new bid for office, Levy told NewsChannel 21: "We'll see!"

Here's the rest of her announcement:

“I am excited for the opportunity to run in this district,” says Levy. “Bend, Redmond, Sisters, and Tumalo are different cities with different needs, but they share common traits. They are becoming increasingly unaffordable, and families are stressed from the pressures of Covid. We need policies that center working families and healthy communities.” 

Levy’s background in finance and real estate are essential to this district. Jack Zika, HD-53’s current representative, has failed to support affordable housing by voting against both HB 2009 and SB 282, which established critical foreclosure and mortgage assistance and extended late rent payments for Oregonians hurt financially during this pandemic. Levy’s priorities will include affordable housing, expanding childcare options, and making our schools resilient and safe. 

In 2020, Levy worked with Rep. Courtney Neron (HD-26) on a legislative concept for a school safety bill modeled on Alyssa’s Law, which was developed by the family of a Parkland school shooting victim to improve response times in school emergencies.

“Emerson Levy is already doing the work we need to promote safe schools,” says Jefferson Education Service District Board Member Jamie McLeod-Skinner in her endorsement of Levy. 

Levy is invested in her community as a volunteer on the State Task Force for School Safety, a member of her daughter’s elementary school PTO, an executive board member at Team Jamie PAC focused on working to elect diverse candidates and amplify marginalized voices, a co-host on the civics podcast The State of Bend and as a State Central Committee delegate.

For more information: or follow on social @Emerson4OR

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  1. What we need are fresh innovative solutions from successful and prosperous areas such as wheeler, crook, malhuer and lake counties. These highly successful and growing centers of commerce are the result of exceptional and creative leadership!!!! They are the counties paying Oregon’s bill’s not not the failed and declining Willamette valley’s communities!!! And Mexico is paying for the wall!!! ROTFLMAO!!!

        1. So you have real evidence that they didn’t? Besides, tump and the wall don’t have much to do with a real estate attorney that claims to want to make housing more affordable. That is generally what real estate folks want….a smaller commission. Lawyers are always trying to make their services more affordable. I can scarcely believe how much cheaper retainers and hourly fees have gotten.

          1. Are you kidding? Nobody is literally this stupid, right?

            Trump’s huge campaign slogan was we’re building a wall and Mexico is going to pay for it. And when everyone proved that there is no possible way for Mexico to pay for it, you imbeciles argued that through some convoluted trade deal, Mexico would pay for it. Then the trade deal came and went and Mexico didn’t pay for it.

            Like I said to the other guy, I’m going out to eat tonight and you ‘re paying my bill. When you don’t show up to pay, can I say you welched and backed out? Just want you to at least maintain some level of mental standard, or are you going to start doing some cartwheels now that it’s plainly obvious how absurd and stupid your statement was?

      1. Wow if this isn’t the epitome of revisonist delusion I don’t know what is.

        Remind me again, who said Mexico would pay it in the first place?

        I’m going out to eat tonight and you’re paying for it. When you don’t show up to pay my bill, are you going to let me hold you accountable for it?

    1. Well said, Herr Gropenfuhrer. We need someone with COMMON SENSE, and NOT another liberal Democrat to HOPEFULLY give all of us in central and eastern Oregon a BIT of a voice in how OUR lives are affected.

  2. I agree with the Regressives here. We need someone with common sense and reason. Who better to trust than the commenters here saying “Mexico welched on paying for the wall” and anyone else living in that world of fantasy and delusion!?!

      1. Yes it’s really embarrassing that we take a local political story and turn it into a National political debate. Idiots on both sides of the fence IMO. Hang it up for Pete’s sake, we are almost 2 years into a new administration.

    1. You call us Regressives, although we are not the people pushing Critical Racist Theory, trying to have segregate graduation ceremonies, identity politics, identifying be gender or skin tone. We are the ones who believe in E Pluribus Unum. You, so called progressives, are just trying to bring back segregation. Tell me how that is progressive.

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