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Blurry ballots in Clackamas County delay 5th District results; McLeod-Skinner leading incumbent Schrader

(Update: Adding video, comments from both candidates)

TERREBONNE, Ore. (KTVZ) -- As of Wednesday morning, Jamie McLeod-Skinner is leading incumbent Kurt Schrader to become the democratic nominee for Oregon's 5th Congressional District.

“As of yesterday, our focus is on moving forward to the general (election),” McLeod-Skinner said. 

The Terrebonne resident, who took time to call and thank supporters Wednesday, has a nearly 10,000-vote lead, which is close to 20 percentage points.

“Given the fact I’m running against a sitting member of Congress, the numbers and the results are really high,” McLeod-Skinner said. 

She received more than 70 percent of the votes from Deschutes County Democrats, which she attributed to the mindset of Central Oregonians.

“This idea of working together across the urban-rural divide, across the political divide, to focus on the needs of our community, and to work and get things done for our community, that’s what I see it as a reflection of,” McLeod-Skinner said. 

But the race isn't over yet. 

Most of the ballots in Clackamas County, Schrader’s home county ,which has 45% of the newly drawn district's Democratic voters, were rejected due to blurry barcodes, and have not yet been officially counted.

NewsChannel 21 was told Schrader was at a committee markup in Washington D.C and not available for comment, but his campaign sent this statement:

“I want to first and foremost thank everyone for their continued support of our campaign.  ... We still don’t have an answer as to the final outcome in this election, but I remain optimistic that our message to Oregon families has resonated with voters across the Fifth Congressional District. We will wait until the final votes are counted, including those here in Clackamas County, because every vote matters."

Mcleod-Skinner’s campaign believes she only needs about 36 percent of the votes in Clackamas County to win the primary.

She's optimistic, but willing to accept either outcome.

“Regardless of whether I’m the nominee or Kurt’s the nominee, the focus is on showing up and addressing the challenges our working families are facing, addressing our environmental challenges, and really helping to protect our civil rights and our democracy,” McLeod-Skinner said.

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Noah Chast

Noah Chast is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Noah here.



  1. This race is obviously “tainted” and both parties should demand the counting be stopped- new ballots made- and a re-vote to take place in two weeks ! As is- whoever loses- will claim fraud ! Oregon’s electoral process is a disaster !

    1. That’s the democrats way. They obviously wanted a “certain” person to be in there. What better way than a simple blurry barcode, gives the democrats a reason to offer to come in and help count the ballots which this lady wisely declined. If the democrats don’t get their prize horse in there they’ll now scream voter fraud like they have several times in the past.

  2. I know a lot of KTVZ’s reporters are new to the area, but calling Jamie a Terrebonne “native” is completely untrue and misleading. She just moved there in 2018. She was born in Wisconsin and lived there until age nine. She left the country and returned at age 15 and attended HS in Ashland, OR. College in NY, then lived in Bosnia for years. When she returned, she moved to California and held positions there for 12-14 years before moving back to Oregon for college. She lived in Phoenix from 2016-1027 before moving to Terrebonne in 2018. My opinion, but the last thing Oregon needs is another Bay Area type trying to run things…

    1. They just do what they’re told. They don’t report on anything, nor will they issue any retraction. There’s no investigative anything, nor will a story be re-visited if it turns out not to be in their favor

      1. KTVZ doesn’t need journalists anymore as NO journalism happens with KTVZ. They regurgitate news stories from other outlets without investigating ANY of it. Everything people tell KTVZ is taken as fact UNLESS you’re a normal community member then they try to villinize every word you say. Everyone else is fact to them.

    2. Terrebonne is a mailing address. She actually lives in Jefferson County. She lives in Crooked River Ranch.
      Has a great team in Bend, but she doesn’t live in the district she’s running for. Doesn’t have to by Oregon law, but still seems kinda strange to me.

    1. It will do no good in Oregon. Californians are here in droves and they are brainwashed as brainwashed can be. They flee from the towns they’ve ruined and bring their same voting practices with them ruining the communities they fled to. Californians spread like a cancer killing every community they flee to.

  3. I just check McCleod-Skinner’s math and I think she is wrong. My back of the napkin calculations say she has to get nearly 45% of the remaining Clackamas votes to win. And, that is much higher than she has gotten so far there. So, I predict Schrader in a squeaker, maybe a 2000 vote margin.

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