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Heater sparks tent fire in southern Bend

Bend Deputy Fire Marshal Cindy Kettering says a heater sparked a tent fire off Mahogany Street in southern Bend late Friday morning. It may have been a malfunction, or combustibles too close to it.

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  1. That is why you have building codes and housing costs so much. The cost of ultra safe housing is a major cause of homelessness. Round and round. Less developed countries just accept shantytowns but here we solve the poverty problem by making sub standard housing illegal. Homeless problem? Just make it illegal! Meanwhile the stock market is at record highs.

    I guess we have to accept the increase in urban covid camps. Man those folks can accumulate a lot of junk and trash in a hurry. It is like it is some sort of contest.

      1. People from California live in McMansions on Awbrey Butte.

        People that live in an old tent aren’t going to move from warm and sunny California in order to freeze their butts off in wintery Bend.

  2. Illegal campsite with a stolen shopping cart, I wonder how much it is costing the taxpayers and businesses in town to support these bums? Pick them up, stick them on a bus and ship them to Salem and let Kate deal with it. The State fairgrounds are empty right now and there is plenty of room to house thousands of bums, they will be inside, they will be warm, they will be close to Kate to help them out.

    1. I couldn’t agree more, Gandalf. Love too, the lovely little living quarters and tent RIGHT behind the NO CAMPING sign. Like a bratty child running the household by threatening to turn his parents in (to their face) if they give him a spanking, now all law enforcement’s hands are tied by soppy do-gooders and ridiculous laws.

    2. Now when you report the bums, the trespassing, and the litter they cause you get the covid run around. Call the police they say they’re working with the city, call the city they say they’re working with the police. If the property is owned by ODOT you get the trifecta they’ll tell you “we’re working with Salem, the police and the city”.

  3. My property shares the property line with this area. This looks like the same “campsite” I called the police about a couple of months ago. At 11:30 at night, I heard blood curdling screams for help by a woman, coming from the dark woods behind my home. She screamed nonstop for a total of 45 mins. I called the police soon as I heard it because it sounded like a violent attack was occurring. After 30 mins I finally heard from an officer that told me it was a couple camping right next to a no camping sign, and that police had been called out there three nights in a row due to their behavior. She described the people as a couple with mental health and severe alcohol issues, and said the woman was volatile towards the man she shared the site with. When I told her I was very concerned because the woman was still screaming at that moment, she admitted to not having even gone to check on them, but had not heard her from her car parked nearby. She said she would go ask them to “quiet down”. Seriously??? I asked about them causing a fire, and what could be done to make them move, and I was told that they are on ODOT land right now, and even though it is posted, they were not enforcing trespasses due to COVID. So…those of us who live in the very modest dwellings here, and cannot afford to replace our homes or personal property if these “campers” burn down our neighborhood, are helpless to stop them from being there. Is it fair to have to hear screams in the middle of the night or fear a wildfire because these folks are getting a free pass right now? A few summers ago, there was an enormous homeless city back there, and it took tens of thousands of dollars to clean up after they were evicted. They were given two weeks to vacate because they were indeed trespassing. Now, there are no longer rules for such things. I feel sorry for the area owned by private parties, who will ultimately be responsible for removing all the trash, and human waste they will leave. I just hope they don’t burn down mine and many other homes in the meantime.

  4. And for all the bleeding hearts who want to say these poor people are treated so badly…the officer told me this couple has been offered every available form of assistance in our community, and they have refused all it. They want to live this way because it allows them to continue to abuse drugs and alcohol. My empathy for others ends when they refuse to help themselves and make no effort towards having a better life. These homeless folks have a lot of resources which would offer them the opportunity for a better life, but they have to accept it.

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