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Wyden, Merkley call for AG Barr’s resignation

Cite 'corrupt' intervention in Roger Stone case

WASHINGTON (KTVZ) -- Sens. Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley, D-Ore., joined their Democratic colleagues on Friday in calling for U.S. Attorney General William Barr to resign immediately. 

In a letter addressed to Barr, the senators expressed alarm at, and opposition to, unethical political intervention of senior Department of Justice officials in the case of Roger Stone, a former campaign insider and adviser to Donald Trump. Mr. Stone was convicted of obstructing a congressional investigation, lying to Congress and tampering with a witness in connection with the investigation of Russian intervention into the 2016 presidential election.

“This is an extraordinary turn of events: it appears to show that you and other top DOJ officials intervened in a clearly political fashion to undermine the administration of justice at the President’s behest in order to protect a well-connected political ally who committed a ‘direct and brazen attack on the rule of law,’” the senators wrote. “It demonstrates that you lied to Congress during your confirmation hearing when you stated that you would ‘keep the enforcement process sacrosanct from political influence,’ and it reveals your unwillingness or inability to maintain the integrity of the DOJ and to uphold justice and the rule of law.”

“While you asserted yesterday in an interview with ABC News that you were ‘not going to be ... influenced by anybody,’ this statement is simply not credible given that it is sharply at odds with the behavior of top DOJ officials and the comments of the President over the past 72 hours,” the senators continued.

Wyden and Merkley were joined by U.S. Sens. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., Edward J. Markey, D-Mass., Patty Murray, D-Wash., Chris Van Hollen, D-Md., Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii.

A digital copy of the letter is available here.

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  1. these two idiots need to resign for their part in impeachment circus, for their part in wasting millions of dollars of tax payer money and failure to do their jobs. demonrats are nothing but a clown show.

    1. Barr just exonerated McCabe for his part in the Russia Russia Russia hoax. Now what kind of horse**** is THAT? If Barr is gonna let Andy off…there is absolutely no need for the hog jowl

  2. It has become very apparent that the Dems are completely incapable of doing their
    actual job of working for the people. They weren’t able to get their way with Trump
    even though they wasted a lot of time and millions of our dollars trying, and instead
    of them learning a lesson from their failures, they continue playing their little game,
    trying to get someone, anyone, associated with Trump out of office…
    It’s time to grow up and stop playing childish games. Apparently even voters in their
    own party have had enough of their failed, never ending circus but they aren’t smart
    enough to listen and learn. They just keep digging a bigger hole.

  3. So while these two jokers are over there in Washington throwing their weight around like a couple of hippos in a wading pool- back home in Oregon- their lack of attention to the needs of their constituents has propelled Oregon right to the bottom of some national rankings-

    **Best states to make a living in- Oregon #49 ! This survey clearly shows that Oregonians have a substantially high tax burden 8%(based on percentage of income) than any other state in the US- Hawaii is the second worst at 6% ! Gee- do we really live in such a tropical paradise ?
    **Oregon’s job site safety records continue to make it one of the most dangerous places in America to work- so not only is our tax burden the worst in the nation- our job site safety records are equal to working in the gold fields of Alaska- the oil rigs of North Dakota- the coal mines of West Virginia ! Yet all we really have are basic construction and infrastructure maintenance programs- WTH !
    **Oregon has managed to secure 3 of the top 5 slots for America’s most polluted air ! A combination of poorly executed programs to manage our forests and grasslands to prevent such catastrophes- the California model doesn’t work- and should have never been adapted for our state !
    **In the end- Oregon’s overall economy continues to muddle in around the middle of the pack- last I saw #29- so for all our risky behavior- polluted air- and high taxes- we are not seeing a lot of benefits… and now we know why- our Senators in Washington are distracted playing political games while we suffer here at home ! Time to throw em both out !

      1. “Sources” ?

        Gee- wouldn’t it be great if I was just simply able to say- “Yeh- all this important information was posted right here at Z21″… but for some reason- that is not possible.

        Maybe that’s a bigger issue than doing a basic internet search for “Oregon Injury/Fatality Rates” (Data found on both Oregon OSHA and Federal OSHA sites) or by typing in “Best/Worst States in America to make a living”- a wide scale survey going on for decades- courtesy of Forbes/Business Insider/Market Watch- the one I’m quoting came out last summer.

        “Sources for those claims”- Yeh- I got em… why don’t you ?

        1. Nice try at avoiding my request you share sources for your claims. Without them, you may as well have made them up. Judging a source is something not just journalists do. We share them all the time – I daresay few are as diligent at linking to specific legislation, original sources etc. as we are.

  4. So to paraphrase- that “without quoting your sources- you may as well have made them up”.

    Odd position- considering that you and yours at KTVZ peddle CNN opinion pieces disguised as factual news on a daily basis. From “Hillary in a landslide” to “Impeachment without a crime”… I’d say the criteria for judging “your” sources may be in need of a complete overhaul… Federal and State posted OSHA data (on the other hand) is not perfect by any means- but they are clearly not opinions based on political ideology.

    I would simply suggest that both Wyden and Merkley focus more of their attention on fixing the numerous problems facing Oregon residents- leave bad-mouthing of our US President to that idiot Pelosi… her days are numbered anyway.

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