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Bend Fire & Rescue asks residents to report illegal fireworks, notes $750 fine

No illegal fireworks in neighborhood Bend Fire

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Bend Fire & Rescue is urging residents to celebrate the Fourth of July safely, with legal fireworks -- and to report the use of illegal fireworks in their neighborhood, which carries a $750 fine.

Here's their message, issued Tuesday:

We need your help spreading the word to celebrate safely and legally this 4th of July.

Illegal fireworks can cause serious injuries and devastating fires. This year, we are asking our community’s help to keep our neighborhoods safe and legal when celebrating this 4th of July. 

The most important thing we can do is only use legal fireworks. Fireworks sold at locally permitted fireworks stands are legal. Illegal fireworks are not sold in Oregon. 

Illegal fireworks include devices that fly off the ground more than 12 inches, move across the ground more than six feet, and explode. These illegal fireworks are dangerous and unsafe.

We are asking our community to help us identify problems by reporting illegal firework activity to 541-693-6911. Please remind others that illegal fireworks are subject to up to a $750 fine.

The safest thing we can do is to find fun alternatives to fireworks, and enjoy the amazing fireworks show put on by the professionals!

Only collectively, as a community, can we keep our community safe.

Celebrate Safely and Legally.

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      1. Using illegal fireworks is a type of crime if you choose to commit it. You don’t have to wear a mask unless you choose to go into indoor spaces that are open to the public. We should have started that back when very stable genius was calling it a hoax and the problem would be a few months behind us by now.

  1. i live in a neighborhood with several cops. lots of people in my neighborhood light tons of fireworks. tons of illegal ones too. i water down my small property early in the evening then sit on my roof with 5he family and enjoy the show! its pretty awesome! fireworks in every direction! my neighborhood put on a great show 🙂

    1. How about ImOnAHorse? WuGu****? OdemMedo?
      You literally could have had a thousand names that weren’t already taken!
      Let us do a survey and all think up names for you and vote for it!
      And we promise not to Masky McMaskface you, we’ll pick something you like…
      COME ON!!!

    1. nice ,the racist that wants to defund the police , is going to call the police on their neighbors for lightning fireworks. hypocrite. i dont have any illegal fireworks however im thankful i dont have neighbors like you. you are one of those “Karen’s ” everyone’s been talking about

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