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Mt. Bachelor proposes new hiking-mtn. biking, snow-cat trails, snow-making guns

Mt. Bachelor project proposals USFS
U.S. Forest Service

Deschutes National Forest seeking public comments

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- New trails and snow-making guns are proposed improvements at Mt. Bachelor out for public review and comment from the Deschutes National Forest's Bend-Fort Rock Ranger District.

The resort, which operates under a special use permit, is proposing to build a 5 1/2-mile trail to connect Pine Marten Lodge and West Village, for both hiking and mountain biking. Construction of the proposed 4-foot-wide trail would begin next spring or summer.

Mt. Bachelor also proposes a new snow-cat trail from the top of the Sunrise lift to the top of the Carnival Run, allowing the snow-cat to access beginner terrain on Carnival and groom, especially early in the season, when snow levels are low.

The resort wants to add two snow-making guns, one in the area of the slopestyle park and the other in the half-pipe.

The Forest Service is seeking comments by Oct. 2. More details are available at

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  1. They can build new trails and it’s ok….because they make revenue off of forcing people to buy a trail pass. Make your own path tho….and armed federal law enforcement will find you

    Ok. I’m all in with your game

  2. So Clearcuts – even for a 4-foot wide trail and for the snowcat trail – are okay as long as they are for recreation but not for the production of a forest resource.

    1. Silly pants, nowhere does it mention any clearcuts nor is clearcutting required to build trails. If you were at all familiar with Bachelor you’d know the proposed cat trail from top of Sunrise to Carnival is only 300 ft long in a spot where there are already only a few trees. And also from looking at that map the proposed hike/bike trail would be on mostly cleared/existing slopes where any further tree removal would likely be minimal if any at all.

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