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Police called, no citations after scuffle at downtown Bend Breonna Taylor protest

(Update: Adding video)

Woman says she sprayed man with mace after he shoved bullhorn in face

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) – Police were called to a Black Lives Matter protest rally in downtown Bend Wednesday after an argument led to a woman spraying a man with mace – in self-defense, according to the woman, who said he shoved her bullhorn in her face. Neither person pressed charges and police issued no citations.

Sgt. Joe Pacheco said officers responded around 1 p.m. to the protest event at the corner of Northwest Wall Street and Newport Avenue, the site known as Peace Corner where protests are frequently held.

On this day, a protest took place into the evening hours after a grand jury in Louisville charged no one in the March shooting death of Breonna Taylor, though one officer was charged for shooting into neighboring apartments.

Officers, called to the scene by another citizen, interviewed witnesses and obtained video footage of the incident, Pacheco said. They indicated that a 32-year-old Bend woman and 39-year-old Bend man were arguing near the intersection. During the argument, the woman allegedly sprayed the man with mace, he said.

The woman reported no injuries, Pacheco said, and did not wish to press charges. The man was treated by Bend Fire medics and also declined to press charges. Pacheco said no one was arrested or detained.

“The Bend Police Department is committed to the safety of citizens freely exercising their First Amendment rights and engaging in peaceful protest,” Pacheco said in a news release. “We will continue to respond to reports of criminal activities and investigate those events and refer cases to the Deschutes County District Attorney’s Office for consideration of criminal charges.”

The woman, who asked that we not use her name or show her face, told NewsChannel 21 the incident began when the man started yelling at the protesters.

"We repeatedly asked him to leave, at which point he decided to escalate the situation and become more volatile,” she said. “He started pushing a lot of us, after repeatedly asking him to leave. He at that point took the blare horn that I had in my hand and shoved it back into my mouth, causing me to have a pretty bad bloody lip."

She said the man then walked away, and protesters said he sat in the area for some time, before police and medics arrived on scene. He left in an ambulance.

Protesters said they wanted to keep the message on why they were protesting this day: the grand jury’s decision in Breonna Taylor’s death.

"It was injustice -- justice has not been done for Breonna,” protester Josie Stanfield said. “They gave one of the officers three counts of wonton endangerment, and it was related to her murder. There were no officers charged with her murder. So yeah, that's why we are down here. We're protesting the injustice that has once again happened to the Black and brown community."

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    1. Ouch you didnt even read the article before posting a juvenile insult, sounds like youre another one of these veterans=losers maga cuties too

      “Officers, called to the scene by another citizen, interviewed witnesses and obtained video footage of the incident”
      Now was that so hard comrade

  1. These people need to go back to California or Portland or whichever liberal ****hole they are from. Protest there, burn stuff there, and enjoy your liberal paradise.

      1. What injustice are you referring to, the jury and court are now racist? Her boyfriend pulls out a gun and shots at cops,and in the eyes of the moronic leftist educated millennial’s and blm anarchists it’s the cops fault. Lesson to this story date a thug get caught in a crossfire

        1. And now we are down another medical professional during the most deadly epidemic in many decades, calling others thugs doesnt fix a thing sadly… its time for solutions not hot air

          1. perfect example of many how you people manipulate. no a black gun owner obviously isn’t a thug. however a drug dealer regardless of skin color is a thug. you could u be such a idiot? what do you gain be looking so foolish?

            1. Who’s the fool? you don’t even know the facts of this case and yet you call me foolish? Talk about stupid and most likely racist because you don’t even go find the facts and just start making assumptions! Breona’s boyfriend who was in the apartment has never had any run in’s with the police at all! He shot in self defense and there are no charges against him at this time because they know it! he is not a drug dealer, no drugs were found. Allegedly Breona Taylor dated a drug dealer in the past, but that is not an excuse to break down her door murder her! You really are disgusting!

              1. well obviously you believe everything you see on cnn. halilrous how you consider that jibberish “facts”. and ah yes the racist comment… the only ones racist are you white liberals. its always been that way. the party you support is running on racism. you radical liberals really are poorly educated. its sad how you people are hell bent on destroying this country. oh and theirs tape of the police knocking at the door saying who they were and that they had warrants. taylor was at the door saying “i don’t no , no Warren ” playing stupid and the boyfriend started shooting 1st.the police definitely did not kick down her door and shoot her while she was sleeping in her bed like cnn reported. cnn simply lied like they always do. and your racist comment is another example of how pathetic you people are

        2. What do you do when your door is broken down by two or three strangers NOT in police uniforms?
          “Lesson to this story date a thug get caught in a crossfire” is a disgusting way to look at this situation. Why is it okay for police to kill an innocent person because of their past?

          1. except for the simple fact that the cops didn’t kick down the door till AFTER they were shot at… you people always regurgitate the lies of the radical liberal media. you people believe the wildest conspiracy theories , so poorly educated

      2. well for one they are wrong. Brianna taylor was part of a drug trafficking ring and her boyfriend opened fire 1st when the police were there to serve a warrant. the police were just doing their job and defending themselves. it wasnt murder at all . its wild how this terrorist group gets support as they defend criminals that do stupid things that get themselves killed.anyone that could support this group is very ill informed. these people are terrorists plain and simple. theirs many examples. everyone one in the blm/antifa gang needs to be arrested and charged with terrorism

            1. “12:40 a.m.: Officers were in place outside of Taylor’s apartment and began to knock on the door.
              The knocking startles Taylor and Walker out of bed, and they began yelling out, asking who is there, Walker said. They don’t hear a response.
              After about a minute and hearing no response from inside, police use a battering ram to knock in the front door.”

              The police filed an incident report that claimed that Taylor had no injuries and that no forced entry occurred. The police department said that “technical errors” led to a nearly entirely blank malformed report.

              If you were paying attention you would know that these police are inept and their failure to perform their job correctly ended in the murder of an innocent woman. Prosecute the murderers.

          1. you are absolutely correct. why did you leave out that this institutionalized racism is happening in Democrat run areas? the Democrats have been oppressing blacks in this country since its founding. its simple facts . it amazes me how any black person would vote for the party that has been enslaving them. do they not read history? no wonder the Democrats refuse to throw more funds in the schools for better education in black communities. they don’t want black people learning who the real enemy is. i bet malcolm x is rolling in his grave these days

  2. Breonna Taylor was not murdered. Her ‘boyfried’ opened fire on the Police and she was killed when they returned fire. A Murder charge would never stand in any Court. BPM wants mob-justice

    1. Breona was stealing the drugs off the ambulance and selling to her drug friends, that was the reason for the no-knock warrant, her and her boyfriend were both involved… no innocent there..

      1. @Anon… Read the summary of the investigation. The police didn’t kill her according to ballistics report.

        Don’t act as if you care about any life, you can barely take care of your own.

  3. Why should we have to listen to somebody with a bullhorn making unnecessary noise regardless of whatever side you are on? I’m all for people expressing their 1st amendment rights but shouting in a bullhorn is disruptive. Now more protests because BLM does not like the results of a Grand Jury decision made by people of the community who listened to facts and law and then made their decision.

    1. It doesn’t matter to them. A black person could be spraying bullets at officers and if the officers kill said person, they will protest against it. They are the definition of stupid.

  4. Some Lives Matter. No one else matters, right?! For the drama troupe at Bend’s peace corner, don’t any of you have a job?? I doubt if any of today’s protesters were of retirement age.

  5. Cops have a choice in a “mutual combat” scuffle. Both go or no one goes. Taking charge of the situation, calm it down, send both on their way, sounds like good policing to me.

      1. Hence the word “All” el chic let me tell you the meaning of “All” – Black, Brown, Yellow, Orange, White, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hinduism, Left, Right, Liberal and even your Antifa loving self.

  6. A protest because they aren’t happy with the outcome of a trial. Big surprise…
    Give it a rest people. Your protesting and destroying property got old a long time ago.
    We have all heard the same wore out message over and over, and a lot of people don’t care anymore. Find something productive to do with your life that actually helps people and makes a difference… The only thing you are accomplishing is looking like clueless idiots fighting a cause for a group of people that don’t put as much time and effort into taking personal responsibility, and changing their lives as you do.
    Doesn’t that seem a little odd and pointless to you ?

    If it was supposed to be peaceful, why did she have a stupid bullhorn and mace ?
    I can see why a woman would carry mace everywhere they go, but not a bull horn.
    They are loud and extremely obnoxious, and once someone starts using one, the protest
    is no longer peaceful…
    Nobody wants to hear someone yelling into the stupid things, especially if it’s the same
    old wore out, BLM dribble that people are already tired of hearing.
    The only reason people use a bullhorn is for attention. Look at me… Look at me…
    Pay attention to me… Listen to me…

  7. Story posted three hours ago- and nobody caught this ?

    “according to the woman, who said he shoved her bullhorn in her face.”

    Maybe it was “his” bullhorn in her face ?

      1. Ooops- my bad- I didn’t read down further to get a better description of what happened.

        I will agree with Mike above though- “a bullhorn-mace-and an attitude at Peace Corner Bend Oregon” ???

        Talk about time wasted !

  8. It seems the man should have been arrested for assaulting the woman.
    A few weeks ago a Redmond Fred Meyer gas station employee got charges pressed on him for touching the shoulder of a stupid sissy Trump supporter who was harassing some teenage girls.

  9. Meanwhile, the folks at the Central Oregon Black Leaders Assembly (COBLA) were talking with Merkley’s office earlier this week regarding their non-profit status being reviewed for approval.

    COVID 19 issues have slowed down routine government actions and Merkley’s office is now helping this organization move forward.

    An organization that is involved with the JEDI program in Prineville, delivering clean water when needed to Warm Springs residents, is now a contributing member to the downtown Bend business association, has an internship program putting people into career paths, and more.

    Perhaps the local Media should focus a bit on those other constructive, positive, and truly inclusive groups like COBLA and leave the “peace corner” crowd to its self-absorbed antics?

  10. that guy was an idiot for even trying to engage them. however, I suggest watching the video before you claim that he “battered” or “assaulted” her. He didn’t shove the bull horn in her face he pushed it away, as anyone would, faced with some self-hating land whale screeching through a bullhorn , three feet away from their face.
    Also she, and others shoved him and surrounded him. She pulled out her mace and chased after him to spray him with it. That guy was stupid for even going down there. What did he think was going to happen? Super peaceful. these protesters are clearly buying junk food with their foodstamps. They were so excited about the verdict, they had a reason to gather and screech.

  11. the video of this incident is on the peacekeepers ridiculous facebook page. none of what she said lines up with what actually happened. she probably bit her lip afterwards in an attempt to make it believable. after she drank a gallon of mayonnaise, of course

  12. Which of these sounds more applicable to Brionna Taylor’s death:

    Wanton Endangerment –

    According to Kentucky law, “A person is guilty of wanton endangerment in the first degree when, under circumstances manifesting extreme indifference to the value of human life, he wantonly engages in conduct which creates a substantial danger of death or serious physical injury to another person.”

    Homicide –

    The killing of one person by another, regardless of intention or legality.

    Negligent Homicide –

    Negligent homicide is a criminal charge brought against a person who, through criminal negligence, allows another person to die.

    Voluntary Manslaughter –

    Voluntary manslaughter is the killing of a human being in which the offender acted during the heat of passion, under circumstances that would cause a reasonable person to become emotionally or mentally disturbed to the point that they cannot reasonably control their emotions.

    Involuntary Manslaughter –

    In most states involuntary manslaughter results from an improper use of reasonable care or skill while performing a legal act, or while committing an act that is unlawful but not felonious.

    And remember –

    How Facism Works by Jason Stanley –

    “Strategies include undermining journalists and reporters, promoting anti-intellectualism, the use of propaganda, spreading conspiracy theories, letting fear and anger overtake “reasoned debate”, and then calling on “law and order” solutions.”

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