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Redmond councilors urge Gov. Brown to let businesses reopen, as schools are

(Update: Council votes 5-2 to send letter to governor)

REDMOND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- After making several changes, Redmond city councilors voted 5-2 Tuesday evening to send a letter to Gov. Kate Brown, urging her to give businesses in "Extreme Risk" counties the same flexibility to reopen with health protocols in place that she has granted schools.

The letter asks the governor to consider adjusting guidance and "allow businesses to reopen in a manner that requires masks and physical distancing measures and frequent hand-washing."

"Many of our small business owners and their employees are now scared, angry, frustrated and confused," the letter states. "They feel they have been abandoned by our state government, selectively eliminated from the economy, and left to survive by their own devices. Meanwhile, larger chain and big box stores have crowded aisles and checkout counters.

"It has reached a breaking point," the letter says.

Read the two-page letter here:


Earlier story:

REDMOND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- The current restaurant restrictions in Oregon do not allow indoor dining in at-risk counties such as Deschutes County.

While many restaurants in Redmond are doing what they can to survive, some feel they don't have a say in whether they can remain open or closed.

These restaurants have turned to Mayor George Endicott and the Redmond City Council to give them a voice.

"I guess my point is, I do trust businesses to do the right thing, when given the opportunity," Endicott said.

At next Tuesday's council meeting, Mayor Endicott and the other councilors will further discuss sending a letter (the staff draft is at P. 13 of the council agenda packet) to Gov. Kate Brown, asking that she give the same reopening consideration she is granting school districts. 

"People are scared, angry, frustrated and confused," the draft letter states. "They feel they have been abandoned by our state government, selectively eliminated from the economy, and left to survive by their own devices.

"Meanwhile, larger chain and big box stores are able to unfairly steal their customer base and their revenues, while these hardworking women and men are left to whither through no fault of their own.

"It has reached a breaking point," the letter states, asking the governor give counties in the "Extreme Risk" category more flexibility and let communities and businesses reopen under COVID-19 safety protocols.

Redmond does allow outdoor dining, but with the added costs of tents, heaters and propane met with fewer customers, it isn’t enough for some businesses.

Endicott said Friday he feels that restaurants should be able to have indoor dining, as long as they follow the basic guidelines with masks, sanitizing and distance.

Richard Lance, a Redmond citizen, wrote his own letter to the council after last week's discussion about sending the governor a letter, expressing that these guidelines are here for a reason.

"Say you're at the bar and you have a meal or a drink, and you have your mask on and off,” Lance said. “You may end up in a pretty animated conversation with whoever you're dining with. You may stay there for a while after the meal."

Lance said he feels that the council's letter to he governor doesn’t consider the reasoning for the guidelines, and is wary of having restaurants open.

However, he does understand the need.

"I think this is a very hard balance to strike, but I just feel like the letter doesn't pay very much attention to the health and safety needs," Lance said.

Endicott said he is trying to help his community, but needs transparency from all sides.

"The best we can do is just ask and say, 'Look, we'll fight for you, but you have to be willing to adhere to guidelines.'"

Endicott said Brown plans to meet with mayors and representatives across the state, and hopes they can find a workable solution.

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  1. endicott does not care about Redmond at all.
    If he did why would he allow a cell phone tower to be put up right across from our hospice and right across from the back side of our high school?
    Total disrespect and disregard for our youth and our elderly.

    Shame on you endicott.

    1. He doesn’t have a say and what difference does it make if a cell tower is across the street from the administrative offices of one of the 6 different nonprofits that offer hospice care in Central Oregon? There are ZERO clients there!

      Besides you ignorant resident of Redmond, if you ever actually paid attention you would have noticed the cell towers on the roof of Logans market that have been there for years, along with the towers placed on district property at the far end by the Bus barns.

      1. To: lertenleansleft as well.
        There are cell towers all over central OR and elsewhere. Some are more visible, others not. The point is the cell companies pay money to the landowners. The school district may have a revenue stream from the cell tower.
        As with most things, follow the money.

  2. Why send a letter? Endicott needs to do his job and represent Redmond and it’s businesses. What is there to talk about? Peoples livelihood and businesses are dying. Reopen.

    1. I was thinking this as well… There’s no point in sending a letter to Brown the dictator. Just man up and pass an ordinance that says restaurants can have indoor dining despite Brown’s order.

  3. It’s about time! Crazy you can sit 6 inches away from another on a flight from Redmond to Portland but cannot do the same 6 feet away at a restaurant. Oh that’s right airplanes have such a better filtration system so that makes it fine to sit shoulder to shoulder. Stop the crap and let people make a living and feed their family.

    1. “It’s about time” ??? Not looking to argue- but what exactly have you been waiting for from Kate Brown ? What have you done to demonstrate your frustration with the dictator in Salem- besides post a couple of mild rebukes ? Did you sign the petition to recall- did you gather signatures- did you refuse to support “curbside” or delivery services- did you call out Z21 for their propaganda and biased coverage of the fake pandemic ? If you are not engaging the locals through tough love- then yer just whining- it seems to be a trait unique to Bend and Redmond. In short- stop waiting ! Find your sea legs and demand change. Support the patriots that are doing the dirty work for you-feel free to flood this site with your fact based opinions- let the mod know that there are other voices and opinions that need to be heard- that Tio-Kuya-Martha-Anymouse-eldumbo and the rest need to stop yapping and start listening. They built the divide- now they’re gloating over their success- while the nation burns. Kapiche ?

      1. Careful making assumptions. You know what they tend to do…Yes I signed the petition and we have been supporting businesses that have stayed open the whole time and will continue to do so. Stay in your lane my friend.

      1. That’s true but ones home is omly useful if you are alive and healthy. I guess I need to spell it out: There will be a lot of vacancies in the Spring.

  4. Doosh County and their residents have now resulted to begging like the paupers that they are ! Yer all a disgrace to the region ! You had your chance to recall this Dictator in Salem- but you wanted to take the high road while high ! Dictator Brown has played you all like fine tuned fiddles… while out in Crook County we thumbed our collective noses at the witch ! We opened our schools while you groveled- our Sheriff told the Nazi wannabe that none of his officers would be kicking in doors and threatening family gatherings over the holidays- you all just mocked the little town that could ! our Mayor came out and clearly stated- come January 1st- the town is open for business… and what the hell did Doosh do ? Oh yeh- you all complained that President Trump said a naughty word ! You half-wits still don’t get it ! Your “urging”- your twisting in the wind- your non-stop whining… has gotten you no-where ! Kovid Kate Kouldn’t Kare Less about you- your Kovid slip children- your meaningless businesses- Kause Kalamity Kate has been sidetracked with her hoax to take down a President- she’s had bigger fish to fry… and she aint done yet… so just go back to your impoverished lives- and prepare for worse things to come- I promise you- with China Joe at the helm- Amerika will self destruct. But hey- Ya got rid of the Orange Anus !

  5. “I guess my point is, I do trust businesses to do the right thing, when given the opportunity,” Endicott said. Really George? You haven’t noticed that some of these businesses are ground zero for anti-maskers and armed militia? Some of these restaurateurs are leading the protests at city hall that covid is a hoax not worthy of a mask? In short, George, you cant expect MAGA clowns to do the right thing.

    1. Absolutely Agree!!! Once again, the RedNeck city council is advocating the wrong solution to a complex problem. Why not focus on getting Deschutes County Fairgrounds ready as a mass vaccination site??? EXACTLY why we left Redmond. Wrong-headed political leadership.

  6. I think it is silly that in order to eat out you must go in to an outside tent that is enclosed with four walls. A building with four walls or a tent with four walls what is the difference.

  7. How about this. Request a trial period to allow businesses to decide how to conduct their services safely and monitor the infection rate in the county. If it does not increase proportionately compared to other counties which have been rated safer then it could be counted as a success and the risk rating or the county could be lowered.

  8. Is that really how they spelled “wither” in their letter or is that a KTVZ typo? If it’s their letter they may want to use spellcheck before firing it off. People tend to take you more seriously when you use correct spelling in any official missive.

    1. Yep that’s a cut and paste from the letter (we have a link in the article to the agenda packet) – I could do what some publications do and put “(sic)” after it, but that just feels dumb. It was drafted by staff and presumably will undergo revisions if sent based on Tuesday’s discussion…

  9. Kate is closing down businesses in town, but if you look at the traffic cameras and check out the massive amounts of people going skiing on Bachelor, Hood, HooDoo, and Willamette ski areas it makes you wonder why the ski areas are not being shut down as well?

      1. Actually no ! Public officials have closed local skate parks, Zoos, tennis courts, outdoor wedding venues, family picnics and reunions, outdoor malls- anywhere Dictator Brown felt she could maximize the pain and suffering- up her misery index… It’s really been a subjective poorly thought out strategy to combat a mild virus.

        My how soon we wish to forget…….. Executive Order 20-12…………..
        “Stay Home, Save Lives: Ordering Oregonians to Stay at Home, Closing Specified Retail Businesses, Requiring Social Distancing Measures for Other Public and Private Facilities, and Imposing Requirements for Outdoor Areas and Licensed Childcare Facilities”…. The details include Page 3- section d) that clearly details the shutdown of outdoor activities with a whole lot of generalized statements that have proven ineffective. In hindsight- none of this seems to be based on actual science- your health experts have been wrong time and time again. At some point one must admit that with the seasonal flu seeing no impact all of 2020- and the China virus surging to record numbers of new cases… that the evidence is clear- Brown- the OHA- and the corrupt media have failed Oregon- at all levels ! But hey- ya did get Joke Biden elected and crack cocaine decriminalized ! What says you ???

          1. Kovid Kate Browns EO’s have been extended with no limitation on time frames- she’s ramped them up and toned them down on her whim. I’ll ignore your childish outburst about “evolving” and ask you a simple question… According to the past two months data- are there more or fewer “new case exposures” of the China Virus in the State of Oregon ? Is the state’s deaths per million percentages lower now then they were back in “March” ??? The data don’t lie ! Kalamity Kate’s strategy to control this “mild” virus has been a complete katastrophe- and you’ve been a willing enabler from day one… what exactly is in it for you ???

              1. And the science today states that since the China Virus has been surging the past two months- and Oregon’s “deaths per one million population rate is twice what it was in April… that even though they’ve been closed for 11 months under less severe conditions… this is the time to re-open schools… Is that the science yer referring to ? Oh My- Me and My Prattle seem to have it all wrong !

  10. See how far you get saying that to people not able to pay rent right now and are hoping when the rent moratorium is let up that they dont get evicted faster than Barney can raise the ra ra flag for our governor. Its been 11 months about it and we still are as near to getting a hold on this as we were then. I know people scared of their living conditions now but brown will still have this locked down into valentines day as super bowl parties are when people get together and she wont miss chance to squash that saying its a super spreader.

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