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Veteran DCSO captain placed on paid leave amid internal investigation

Deschutes County Sheriff's Captain Deron McMaster
Deschutes County Sheriff's Captain Deron McMaster

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) – Deschutes County sheriff’s Captain Deron McMaster, a 28-year veteran of the agency, was placed on paid administrative leave Friday pending the outcome of an administrative investigation into alleged policy violations.

In a brief news release, Sgt. Jayson Janes said, "Any time the Sheriff’s Office receives information alleging a policy violation, we will completely investigate the allegation to determine if an agency policy violation(s) has occurred and if any personnel action is necessary."

"This investigation does not involve criminal allegations," Janes added. He told NewsChannel 21 he can't provide a timeframe on how long the investigation will take.

The news release concluded with a statement from Sheriff Shane Nelson: "I want to protect the integrity of administrative investigations, therefore I will not be releasing further details. We will investigate, collect facts, and review the investigative conclusions in order to arrive at an informed decision.”

According to a biography on the sheriff's office website, McMaster was hired as a patrol deputy in February 1993, rose through the ranks and was promoted to captain in July 2015. He is currently detective captain and runs the Detectives Division and Search and Rescue.

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  1. Lets hope its not going maskless while on duty at the vaccination clinic, or displaying a racist uniform morale patch, because then sheriff shane will have more deputies to investigate than just mcmaster (although lets be honest sheriff loves this stuff, it makes him look busy without actually having to do anything)

    1. Why can’t you focus on why your sister is married to your uncle, along with trying to figure out if you need a foundation for your dwelling in North LaPine?

    2. First of all, mouse, you are showing you ignorance of the facts. The CDC report on masks has been our for a couple months now. The C.D.C. did a study and concluded that mitigation of a spread of the virus by wearing a mask was a mere 1-1.5%. Negligible. And if you had read the warnings on the package that you muzzle came in, you would have read “Not meant to protect against viral or bacterial diseases”. You along with billions of other people have been duped into believing that lie.
      Second of all, The vast number of case infections were due to the PSR test levels being set to high, therefore creating a mass number of false positives. This truth was announced by the W.H.O. on January 21, 2021. The PSR test levels were reduced after that announcement and the case numbers began to drop.
      Third of all, the vaccine doesn’t prevent contraction of a virus.
      Fourth of all, the vaccine does not prevent the spread of a virus.
      Fifth of all, the vaccine does not promote immunity.
      Therefore, The vaccine is not a vaccine.

      1. I’m not keen on censorship, but this obvious and intentional misinformation is so far over the line I don’t see how it made it past a responsible moderator. Publishing this bs is irresponsible, and does not serve any purpose.

    3. Deron McMaster’s career has been stellar to include his military service to our nation.

      An administrative investigation in any law enforcement agency is just that. And DCSO under Sheriff Nelson, unlike other local agencies, does not sweep such investigations under the rug.

      I know, and at one time worked for McMaster. He is both a good man and a fine law enforcement professional.

      Your continued, and sadly pathetic attacks on Nelson speak for themselves.

    4. And, analimouse although the C.D.C stated that wearing a mask does little to nothing against the spread of the Covid-19 virus they still recommend that you continue to wear you muzzle.

    5. Racist uniform morale patch ? How long did it take you to make that one up ?
      Your continued claim that the small blue stripe on L.E vehicles was racist was
      ridiculous at best, but now you claim that they have racist patches on their uniforms ?
      Now I know for certain that you have completely derailed…

  2. Z21 doesn’t include the names of the dirt bags who are arrested for most crimes
    because, while it is unlikely, the person arrested might not be guilty of the crime
    that they were arrested for. Apparently Z21’s reasoning for this is because it can
    leave a lasting negative impression on the persons reputation…
    Why is Captain McMasters being treated differently than the dirt bags that are arrested
    almost daily for drugs or violent crimes ? He hasn’t been arrested or charged with a crime,
    yet his picture and name are front page news. I guess it doesn’t matter if a
    L.E officers reputation is damaged ?

      1. I don’t agree on this one. Why post his name and picture and not what the investigation is about just to I’ve all the really fine people on here an opportunity to start speculating and creating malicious rumors.

        1. The sheriff’s office thought it important enough to put out a news release. So the info is out there, whether we and other media reported it or not. It’s common when law enforcement is put on paid leave to make an announcement.

          1. Police also release names of the arrested, but you choose not to use them. At least be consistent rather than rhe wishy-washy “well, it depends.” If the person is not a minor, name ‘em.

  3. Barney, how come there is no news report on the alleged murder in Deschutes County whereby an individual is being held on $600,000 bail for Murder 2 and conspiracy?

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