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In bipartisan unity, Oregon lawmakers advance police reform bills

Tear gas deployed at Portland protest
KGW file
Tear gas deployed at Portland protest

SALEM, Oregon (AP) — Republicans and Democrats on the Oregon House Judiciary Committee unanimously approved almost a dozen bills on police reform, a show of bipartisan unity in a Legislature that has been divided along party lines.

The bills approved Tuesday evening involve regulating use of tear gas, requiring a publicly accessible database that names officers disciplined for misconduct, and limiting arbitrators’ decisions on officers’ misconduct cases.

Gov. Kate Brown congratulated the committee for pushing forward so many reforms in the wake of the death of George Floyd last May in Minneapolis.

Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum said the package of bills can transform police work, and how officers are perceived.

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  1. When you see a mass exodus from the law enforcement profession, hell is exactly what you will get.

    Look at what the last 25 years of liberal policies and laws have turned this state into.

    Have you driven on Hummel Rd lately?

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