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Gun storage bill sparks debate on High Desert; Oregon House vote delayed

(Update: Adding video, comments)

'The strict liability provisions of this bill are draconian'

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- A vote in Oregon’s House of Representatives on controversial gun storage legislation, initially set for Monday, has been pushed back a week to enable Democrat lawmakers to work with the Senate as they seek its passage.

House Bill 2510 gun storage requirements would be among the toughest in the nation.

The bill requires the owner or possessor of a firearm to secure the firearm with a trigger or cable lock, in locked container or in a gun room, except in specified circumstances.

Those in favor say this is a gun safety issue, while those who oppose believe it could waste time, should someone have to defend themselves against an armed intruder.

Paul Kemp is just one of the hundreds of Oregonians that have testified about HB 2510.

"I don't know why with such a lethal weapon that there's no consequences," Kemp said.

Kemp's brother-in-law, Steve Forsyth, was killed with a stolen gun in the Clackamas Town Center shooting near Portland back in 2012.

"Nobody is asking anybody to do anything that is not already recommended by experts in the industry," Kemp told NewsChannel 21 Monday evening.

Kemp, now the president of Gun Owners For Responsible Ownership and director of State of Safety Action, says the storage law would hold firearms owners more accountable.

"We face consequences for leaving a child in a hot car. We face consequences for providing our children alcohol," Kemp said. "You face consequences if you have unsafe conditions at home."

But there are many who oppose the bill, like Redmond gun owner Ash Blair, who reached out to NewsChannel 21 to voice discontent with the proposal.

"Say if there was a robber, I wouldn't have time to unlock my gun lock, just to grab one gun to defend my home," Blair said.

And others like, the Oregon Hunter's Association, have expressed similar opposition, saying "the strict liability provisions of this bill are draconian" and that "shifting the burden onto law abiding gun owners for the actions of thieves is crazy."

House Bill 2510:

- Requires owner or possessor of firearm to secure firearm with trigger or cable lock, in locked container
- Punishes violation by maximum of $500 fine
- If minor obtains unsecured firearm, maximum of $2,000 fine

One of the sponsors of the bill is Bend's Democratic state Rep. Jason Kropf.

"I spent a large part of my career in the DA's office, and I've read and seen too many types of these acts of violence when it comes with firearms and suicides with firearms," Kropf said. "This is a measure that will make us a safer community, a safer state, and help prevent some of those incidents."

Kropf says he personally owns a gun, and uses a cable lock to ensure the safety of his spouse and 8-year-old daughter.

Those in favor also say safe storage could reduce school shootings.

But opponents say the bill is an infringement on their constitutional rights.

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  1. The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. What could be more clear. And anyhow, how could this be effectively enforced.The left is out of control.Criminals won’t pay a bit of attention to this.

    1. They want to make law abiding citizens criminals to control us! Crazy how they let the violet criminals burn down Portland shoot and kill someone for being a Trump supporter. Yet they want to take away the good guys right to protect his family. Unbelievable

          1. About time for Oregon’s Republican legislators to cut, run and hide again karen!!! Soooooooooo much winning karen!!!! ROTFLMAO!!!!! Total failure!!! LOL!!!

    2. Here is how Ms Browns followers will enforce it. First, they will have someone claim you have an unsecured gun. Then their constable will show up at your door with a search warrant. Then they will insist you show them the gun and if you don’t they will handcuff you and take you to jail which is now empty because all the criminals have been released so they can rob a store with a gun they stole from some guy who was so high on the small amount of heron that is now legal because there are not enough police to chase down addicts because they are too busy searching private citizens homes for a hunting rifles that doesn’t have a lock!!

  2. Yeah ok 😂 good luck Kate! Never going to work. Get off your high horse and read the constitution. The 2nd amendment was written to take on tyrants like yourself 😆 just saying

    1. If this becomes law it will cause an avalanche of legal challenges all the way to the Supreme Court. Won’t be law for long. Most gun owners will ignore it anyway.

  3. More gun laws don’t stop, or even slow gun crime. Apparently Kate and her idiot cohorts don’t pay attention to statistics from areas with the most stringent gun control. They’re a disaster. Her interest lies in control of law abiding people. It’s the way of a Marxist….

  4. My home is a locked container, and sufficiently secures any firearms I might own. I do not advise anyone to poke their nose inside to investigate further.

  5. This bill seems reasonable, given a reading that shows I can still make use of my concealed carry permit. I have a bunch of trigger and cable locks for use moving the weapons around, and they are all locked up in a box otherwise… AS ANY SENSIBLE PERSON WOULD DO. The “freedom” lovers, and the Kate haters are so far out there beyond the reality of this modern world that they’ve become a danger to our civilization.

    1. Crank, let us flip this a little bit. Are you willing to put a breathalyzer in all your rigs because other people drive drunk? Are you willing to be required to put a low jack system in all your rigs because someone might steal them? Are you willing to be held responsible for any and all damages that may be done if someone steals your rigs?

      1. Just lock your guns up and be responsible gun owners! Back in 2002 I had my guns stolen. 30/06 Remington, 38 special and 17 boxes of ammo. Unsecured. I was reimbursed by my insurance, but still freaks me out till this day knowing they’re out there! I should’ve locked them up and feel responsible. I coached little league football years ago and a player shot himself by accident and died bcz dad left a loaded gun on the kitchen counter and fell asleep. The data shows that most gun owners don’t save anyone. Most gun owners get their guns taken away or stolen. Suicide rates double when there’s a gun in the home. I have 1 rifle and a shotgun, both secured now and ready for hunting not a government take over. Get real, get educated and save your families from your own pride and prejudice. Good luck and God bless America! Lock them up!!

      2. I love this angle. Yes, compare it to vehicles, which you must be licensed to operate and insure as well as pay a registration fee. If you’re keen to insure and register your firearms and take a class to become licensed to use them legally, keep continuing to compare guns to cars.
        If you want to have a serious discussion about how to prevent mass shootings AND keep your precious 2A rights (which seem to be the only Constitutional rights you right-wingers care about), then come up with a decent solution. You can’t just keep shouting “yer not takin’ mah gunzzz” and let more and more Americans die from crazy people who can buy their murder weapons legally.
        Support Medicare for all so the crazies can get the help they need, and you can keep your 100-round drum magazines for your AR-15.

        1. So, you hold no blame for kate shutting down the mental hospitals yet you want “the government” to help the crazies. Not sure if that comment is just kinda stupid or just plain idiotic. Yes, I can compare this issue to vehicles on a side-by-side comparison as we are talking about stolen guns and stolen vehicles, both kill people but you want to only hold gun owners responsible for damages. Also, you’re wrong about the license to own and operate a vehicle, one can go onto Craigslist and buy rigs all day long without any proof. A question for you then if that is your tact, once a person has the background check and training, then by your standard then they would not need to secure any weapons, right?

      1. True that. Mexico, where the country’s one and only legal gun store is located on a military base in the capital city.

        That’s working out so well…

    1. Foot in the door slippery slope politics. It’s “sensible gun laws.” Who could be against this “sensible” step of making gun owners criminally liable for the actions of a criminal that robs them. It’s “sensible” that people can only have magazines that hold 7 rounds. It’s “sensible” that no one needs an AK-47. It’s “sensible” that no one should be allowed to own guns in their own home and they should be stored at the local police department (as Hawaii tried).

  6. Every exterior door on my home has a lock on it, as does every window, making my home a secure gun storage container. Anyone who breaches that container is a criminal and will be dealt with severely. As for securing my guns to the point where they become inaccessible to myself? That will NEVER happen. Creating gun laws that turn otherwise law biding citizens into criminals is not the answer to gun violence. Focus on the criminals, not the citizens who are merely trying to defend themselves. My guns are kept in a locked safe but two. One shotgun and one handgun. There are kept secure in my locked home. Again, if my home is breached, the criminal will be dealt with severely. And no retched tyrant like Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, or even Kate Brown has the right to infringe on my right to do so. They have no say in that what so ever. My 2nd Amendment rights shall not be taken from me. There are no children in my home at any time. At any time there may be children in my home, it will be at that time I will then, and only then, lock them in a safe or put a cable lock on them.

  7. We have a right to bear arms but there’s no right to be irresponsible with them. Laws like this should have been passed centuries ago.

    1. Lock up your guns. But then what do expect from a Biden supporter. I will keep mine accessible. The whole point of self defense is to have self defense accessible.

  8. Oh yes we need more gun laws. I mean look at Detroit and Chicago that have very strict gun laws and how well they work. Yo bo diddy lets go pop some caps tonight. Can’t bro my gun is locked up in the crib…..

  9. Ok, so carrying a firearm around my house will now be the norm. Probably a good idea given the recent home invasions in Bend. Look, I get the desire for safety but holding someone liable for a weapon stolen from their locked home for years following the theft isn’t about safety. It’s about making gun ownership onerous and legally perilous. Oregon averages 550+ firearm deaths annual, vast majority being suicide (same trend nationally) and 450 annual vehicle deaths annually. Recently, a car was stolen from a home in Bend where the owner had left it unlocked with the keys in it, roughly analogous to leaving a gun inside your home. Fortunately, the thief only did property damage to a neighbor as he crashed while trying to get away. Should the car owner be held liable for that damage? If the thief had committed further crimes, even killing someone, with the vehicle should the owner be held liable? No. We hold the criminal liable. This bill would make firearms the exception to that bit of legal common sense. This isn’t about safety. Nothing pending in the legislature regarding firearms ownership is about safety. Nor will it stop.

  10. Guns laws, like government, are anti freedom. They both take away freedoms and replace them with government issued liberites and selectively granted rights. If only this country’s government governed exactly the way I want it to it would be perfect.

    Of course that isn’t how things work in a democraticly elected republic. However we do have the rights to vote out our representatives out of and loudly complain about them in between elections.

  11. This is such a wonderful thing. This will protect us from all those guns that, up to this point anyway, been crouched by the doors and windows of all those homes we have been walking and driving by for so long. I just feel soooo fortunate to have survived this long without being attacked. Thank you for thinking of us in all your wisdom.

  12. They don’t require us to lock up our alcohol and prescription drugs, is that next. The keys to the car, kitchen knives, baseball bats, where will the stop.
    The government wants to disarm us period. There not trying to protect anyone.
    If they were protecting us, they would ban smoking. That affects everyone and kills thousands of smokers and non smokers, not to mention the drain on the health care system. I’m tired of watching someone throw there burning butt out the window. But with the millions in “donations” to the politicians it will never happen.

  13. At my ranch I keep a ranch rifle over the back door.
    It is loaded with a magazine but nothing in the tube.
    If and when my livestock comes under attack by varmits I do not have the time to go to my safe, open it, grab my rifle, retrieve my key for a trigger lock, (hope it is the right one) unlock it, grab a magazine, run back to the back door and then go to terminate the threat. By that time it is too damn late. Might as well call the police if you know what I mean.
    Yes, they can pass all the laws they want but common sense in gun storage should be just that and most every firearms owner I know practices good safety.
    Go home kar…er Kate and Co. and mind your own business.
    BTW. I, we are already liable for what unlawful activity we do with our firearms.

  14. What about the story on the child sex predator in jail this morning on a $400,000 bail, Barney? You actively ignore these stories and it makes it appear like you are probably a creep just like them

  15. Seeking clarity, if I have my gun in a safe, does it also need trigger locks? Or is it just one or the other. I have my handgun in my safe, but then it accessible and ready to go. If it is both that is too much and would slow me down in the event that I needed it.

  16. This law will only be enforced if someone in your household (minor or person not allowed a gun) gets hold of your gun and kills themselves or goes out and kills others. Then you will be subject to a $2000 fine. Maybe

  17. Well I knew from the title of this article that it would get the most comments. Given that there have been over 50 mass shootings in the past month this subject was bound to keep coming up.
    When I grew up in Montana where most people owned guns of some sort and it was not a big deal. Until one day in the early 90s a woman was picking up her two sons from elementary school. She went in to talk to a teacher for a few minutes. Her 7 year old found her gun under the seat and then accidentally shot his brother in the head. This is not a unique story unfortunately and it tends to repeat itself every year. I would love to find a solution to this sort of problem and it seems like education and a few precautionary measures might help. I was intrigued for a while by the idea of fingerprint sensors on triggers but that didn’t get any traction either. I am open to any better ideas that help keep people safe from the irresponsible and the criminals. Adding more guns simply hasn’t worked, as the statistics show. For all the responsible gun owners out there I applaud you for your common sense. But this really is not about you.
    As for the idea that any law regarding guns is a “slippery slope” is just ridiculous and shows the effect the fear mongering NRA and right wing media have on our society. After all, the easiest way to control people is through fear. Fear of government, fear of people who don’t look or talk like you, fear of the left, fear of the right, fear of disease, fear of vaccines……..etc. So many of the comments I read on these forums come from such a deep seated irrational fear of something. And that makes the comment hard to take seriously. If you really want to see what living in fear is then spend some time in Afghanistan. But now I am getting off subject. Until next time

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