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Bentz talks drought, Big Tech, ‘Greater Idaho’ and more with NewsChannel 21

NewsChannel 21's Alec Nolan had an exclusive talk Saturday at the KTVZ studios with Rep. Cliff Bentz about issues from his first six months in office, from the serious drought conditions in the region to regulation of Big Tech and his top priorities. He also weighed in on the 'Greater Idaho' movement and the violence in Portland and at the Capitol.

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Alec Nolan

Alec Nolan is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Alec here.



        1. And why is this??? Because every whacked out far left crazy is now living in Oregon….Central Oregon. It’s sickening what our state has turned into.

          1. I do not. Once I fleece another Californian for my house, I’m gonzo. I’m here because I was born and raised here. Served my country first, and now the people of Oregon for 26 years. There are still some good ones left here, but very few. This state is full of disgusting, lazy, welfare minded, freaks. And that is just the elected. Eric, while you, Tio, Martha, NT, and Anon are still here sucking up to Barney……I’ll be drinking palomas in Puerto Escondido. Do not wait for a postcard.

        2. That would of course be the “fake” US News if it was an article critical in any way of your big, fat,failed and fired dear leader!!! How convenient for all you gullible conspiracy kooks!!!

    1. Its not that they dont like where they live, its that they are outvoted all the time in elections. The bulk of Oregon’s population resides in western Oregon. If you put a measure on the ballot and all of western Oregon voted no and all of eastern Oregon voted yes (or vice versa) The western Oregon votes will win every time. The people are Eastern Oregon are tired of Western Oregon making all their choices for them. I do not support losing half of Oregon to Idaho. But I totally understand their problem.

      1. It really sux that real estate doesn’t vote, only people.
        *rolls eyes*
        This is the pretty much the dynamic in every state. what makes the precious souls of eastern oregon so special they have to trigger millions upon millions of dollars of lawyer fees and congressional bullsheet so their feelings dont get hurt?

        1. Actually the system in Oregon is more like the popular vote- not the electoral college. Creating the EC system wold be much better for Oregon- as 28 of 38 counties in the state are decidedly RED !

    2. that’s what is so great about our constitutional rights and sovereignty as a people…..we can own our land and change it with the vote of the people. just like it happened in the history books…..did you read about how this used to be a territory and then we the people decided to make it a state? now we the people are deciding to make our county ANOTHER STATE. just like that….the state constitution is being used for the people.

  1. So Alec scores the interview of the year for KTVZ… Not a single question about rising fuel prices- consumer goods- inflation- the ongoing surges in Kovid- the ever increasing wildfires… all under Demokrat controlled Oregon ??? Oh My- just who is mentoring this young lad- Anderson Doofer ?

  2. I listened to the entire interview and he made some valid points but as usual, failed to give a root cause. The drought is a global warming problem and deserts are expanding. Fire frequency is due to unprecedented summers in our area where our ecosystems can’t adjust. A majority of the un vaccinated listen to propaganda supported by Bentz and other politicians. Portlands issue is a justice issue with a bunch of dummies mixed in whereas the insurrection was propagated by Trump and his false election lies.

    1. Well, you listened to more than I did. I turned it off when asked about solutions for wild fires, his response was to clean up debris around your house.

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