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Senator Wyden talks Supreme Court, voting rights and more at KTVZ

Other topics during the senator's Wednesday evening live talk with NewsChannel 21's Lee Anderson included possible Medicare and drug price hikes, curbing inflation, Ukraine-Russia-Putin tensions and efforts to help Oregon's small brewers.

KTVZ News Team



  1. Little Lyin’ Ronnie seems to have found his comfy chair at the Z21 news desk… when will the Z give equal amount of time to the other side of the aisle… My sources say you’ve yet to reach out to them- promising softball questions- a baseball cap if so desired- and of course Mr. Lee appearing all attentive and nodding accordingly. Fact- Oregon’s CV19 numbers are catastrophic- the summer skies are filled with more pollutants and toxic emissions than downtown Beijing- our Guv has ranked dead last in polling- fuel and energy prices have seniors and those on fixed incomes on a steady diet of ramen and crackers ! Needless to say- “we” are disappointed that these sit downs are nothing more than face time for a completely ineffective senator- who doesn’t even live here.

  2. I wonder if he’ll talk about the economy growing at nearly 7% last quarter and nearly 6% for the entire year?
    Remember when Trump was bragging about how his economy woyld hrew

    1. You mean easy money federal reserve policies and government spending that has produced massive inflation and artificially pumped up the stock market?

      1. Obama handed Trump a win with great unemployment numbers and now Trump can hand Biden a win since it was Trump that started printing money and running up our debt (actually more than any other president in history, not sure why the GOP got behind it then, just glad they are gone).

        1. Biden is winning nothing- lowest approval ratings (in record time) of any US President ever ! He’s already lame duck material- but I’m still gonna vote him in for another four years- just for people like you- in need of more educamation !

    2. I doubt he’d talk about any economic news- especially after “tanking” the best economy our nation had ever seen to a complete global melt-down… my how easily you forget !

  3. Wyden and Merkley are both on the side of promoting the destruction of America. Neither he or Merkley plus Congress is not stopping the most inept President in my 83 years.

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