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‘Why are we not fixing this?’: C.O. groups gather in support of gun legislation, against gun-related violence

(Update: Adding video, comments from Lift Every Voice, Moms Demand Action, gun law attorney)

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- A day after the school shooting in Texas, groups gathered in downtown Bend advocating against gun violence.

Theil Larson is the head of the Peace and Justice Team at First Presbyterian Church in Bend and a member of Lift Every Voice Oregon.

The statewide group, made up mostly of current and former pastors, is advocating for mandatory background checks, safety and training, and 10-round ammunition limits for gun owners.

“Because within minutes, hundreds can be killed and that just doesn’t make any sense,” Larson said. 

They were outside the downtown Bend Library, gathering signatures for initiative IP-17.

If the group gets 140,000 valid signatures by July, the “Reduction of Gun Violence Act” will be on the November ballot.

They've been at it for four months and said they have gotten mostly positive feedback.

“People have been very, very good.” Larson said. “There’s very few people who turn us down, who feel like it’s not a good idea.”

At this point, Larson isn’t sure what first inspired the initiative.

“So it’s not one particular shooting, it's all of them -- again and again and again,” Larson said. 

While Lift Every Voice had been planning to gather signatures for a few days, Moms Demand Action was gathered just down the street in downtown Bend, in much more of a direct response to the school shooting in Texas.

Brandy Steelhammer is the Central Oregon leader for Moms Demand Action.

“I’m angry,’ Steelhammer said. “It’s hard to be a gun violence prevention advocate and watch this happen over and over.”

She said she's lost five people to gun violence, and she wants people to know change is possible, but it could take some deep reflection.

“We can fix this if we want to, and we need to take a really hard look at ourselves and ask ourselves why we don’t want to -- why are we not fixing this?” Steelhammer said. 

Steelhammer said she supports background checks for every gun purchase, and pointed out why she believes America's gun-related violence statistically is worse than nearly every other developed country.

“They have mental illness, they have divorce, they use social media, they have problems just like we do in America,” Steelhammer said of the other countries. “What we in America are unique with is, we have a gun culture, where we are putting guns above the lives of our children.”

NewsChannel 21 also spoke with Shawn Kollie, a gun law attorney in Medford, who says further gun legislation like IP-17 is not necessary and will not be effective. 

He noted Oregon already requires state and federal background checks for gun owners, and adding these extra parameters will “turn law-abiding citizens into criminals” and will not prevent tragedies like the one that befell Uvalde, Texas. 

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Noah Chast

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      1. Really? Seems to me, just offhand that a lot of these shootings are committed by young men who recently were in school themselves. Wild idea here, but maybe barring someone from acquiring a firearm until their brain finishes its full growth might be something to consider.

    1. I believe something EVERYONE could agree on is at an absolute minimum is the hardening of schools. We just sent 40 billion dollars to purchase weapons and equipment to Ukraine. That’s a whole lot of money for every public school in the country to invest in security, be it physical barriers to entry or personnel or both. Send money to foreign governments but not to protect our own children. Infuriating. If morality could be legislated we wouldn’t be discussing this.

      1. NO! NO! NO! We need to keep federal money out of our local schools. The Board of Education needs to be disbanded and our schools need to be left at the local level of funding. Federal money always comes with strings attached to it.

      2. We DON’T agree on it. Redmond proposed a school bond in 2020 to rebuild two of its schools that are flagrantly and obviously at risk of this problem because of old, pre-Columbine layouts, and the conservatives shot it down.

        Conservatives do not care. About Gun violence.

        1. This really isn’t a political issue. Please quit making it one. No one, irrespective of their political affiliation or beliefs, can look at the death of a child and know the pain of the parents and families without feeling a need to do better. Stop being divisive

  1. For anyone believing this bill will solve anything please describe in detail how any of the provisions in this bill would have prevented the recent mass shootings that have occurred.

    1. Not a thing. These shooters are mentally ill and are mostly not legal gun owners. They had this kid spotted for mental illness a year or two ago for something like this happening. WHY did they not catch it?

      1. This kid passed three background checks. The ATF performed an additional one because he purchased his two long guns within thirty days of each other. As far as I know no one has provided any information suggesting he was identified as being mentally ill. Even if that was the case, juvenile records are sealed in this country. He was eighteen. Not that long to have to hold it together for.

        1. Exactly. No one has even tried to argue or show how these new proposed regulations would have stopped it. Why is that? How about focusing on the real problems like: why did he live with his grandparents? Where was his father? Was their abuse, drugs, or other things going on to create this situation? This heinous act could literally be done with almost anything. The gun is NOT the issue.

  2. nope, not this time. Make the ARs and all their mags illegal, no grandfather clause nonsense. Enough of the murdered children. The pistol brace & suppressor wanna-b solider Boyz will just have to suck it up

    1. No, this will not do anything at all. The gun was used by a mentally ill person. So blame the gun, brilliant. Just another liberal with no clue. Oh, I dont own an AR either.

        1. Reopen mental health hospitals. Hold so called professionals accountable when someone is identified as having and issue. So what do you propose?

          1. In addition to what you suggest (according to what’s been what’s been reported the kid wasn’t identified as having mental issues, so all the mental hospitals in the country wouldn’t have made a difference) I kinda like raising the age for gun purchases and much of what the Oregon Initiative Petition 17 contains.

            1. It our 18 years olds are too young to buy a gun, are they also too young to be drafted into the military and sent to foreign countries to “fight for our freedom” at the whim of a demented, politically motivated President?

    2. Such a wrong position. You do realize an individual who is this crazy could do the exact same thing in a room full of children in a classroom with only a knife, or a pressure cooker, or anything else that can easily be turned into something heinous. Horrible to think about for sure but The weapon would not matter. They can not fight back. Banning a certain gun does absolutely nothing. The ONLY thing that stopped the individual was a gun. Had more been armed in the school would it have stopped sooner? No one will know, but it sure would have given them a chance. Creating soft targets could be the worst historical policy ever created.

      1. If firearms and knives are as interchangeable as republicans say, how comes they aren’t voting to stop giving our military firearms and just give them knives. We would save billions in our defenses budget!

        Infact, let’s just change the second amendment to guarantee people the right to bear a knife, I mean its the exact same as a firearm, right?


        1. You’re not serious, are you? Murders will be committed by mentally ill people by any means possible whether it is a gun, a knife, a club, etc. More laws trying to control that won’t work. Would it have been better if this kid had entered with a machete??? It’s terrible in the act not the method of destruction. How do we prevent the act?

        2. We seriously have to explain this to you? They are interchangeable in this situation. Literally almost anybody as horrible as it sounds could kill a classroom full of elementary students that cannot defend themselves with almost anything. Slightly different then a military war zone but I am pretty sure you know that already.

      2. Well, we know for a fact that the heroic LEOs were there with their weapons. We also know now that they entered the school to ensure their children’s safety and remove their own children while preventing a group of parents from rushing the shooter.

        1. We also know they stood there for an hour and HAD to do something or the dads were going in. There’s stories all over of witness reports of them doing nothing for anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes

    3. Lol, clearly you know nothing about guns. Any gun can be used to kill fast if properly/efficiently used. A revolver can be unloaded and loaded again in about 2 seconds. A lever action gun can shoot every round in about 3 seconds or less. So that being said magazine capacities or type of guns make no difference if people wish to do bad things with guns.

      1. Because many of us actually hunt for our food and use those “useless long guns” to provide for our families. You go get your meat in a supermarket all package up pretty while others hunt for their sustenance. Many more murders are carried out with pistols than long guns. And its a constitutional right.

      1. You can say that.. but I’d hate to be you if foreign troops are marching into Oregon, or when people are rioting and looting for whatever new reason they have. Defend yourself with some pepper spray when SHTF, and let me know how that works out.

        1. Aren’t you the clown that kept telling everyone that the stolen bike didn’t belong to the kid. Yeah. that was you. You claimed that the story said it was the father’s bike. And you called everyone idiots because they didn’t read the story. But, the story said that it was the kid’s bike. And we’re still laughing at you. But please, don’t STFU because we need the laughs these days. Like claiming that we need losers to have guns “if foreign troops are marching into Oregon”. Maybe from Idaho? What a comedian.

        2. If foreign troops are marching into Oregon then the US has already lost the war and you and all of Meal Team 6 will not be accomplishing anything the end.

        1. Ahhh, so big and honorable. How stupid to spend that much money on ammo for paper targets. A video game killing fake people would make more sense and cheaper. So if your saying you would NEVER shoot a human being with your man stick makes you full of it.

          1. I’ll spend money on my hobbies, you spend on yours. If a person is attacking me, yes, I’d defend myself. Self-defense is different than murder.

      2. When we have a government of the people for the people and not themselves I might consider relinquishing the guns that hold more than 10 bullets. As long as we have criminals in the White House and Congress forget it.

      3. Well I wouldn’t consider myself a poser. I became very proficient with an M16A2 rifle,while in the military and as for giving up my AR..I’ll give it up when every criminal gives up thiers and the government doesn’t exist anymore.

        1. If the government ceased to exist I would think that would be the WORST time to give up having a firearm. A government is the only thing that is making sure your things remain your things and not someone else’s.

          1. Correct. This Oregon Law says I make sure my things stay mine, specifically Part 2

            Notwithstanding the provisions of ORS 161.209 (Use of physical force in defense of a person), a person is not justified in using deadly physical force upon another person unless the person reasonably believes that the other person is:

            (1)Committing or attempting to commit a felony involving the use or threatened imminent use of physical force against a person; or

            (2)Committing or attempting to commit a burglary in a dwelling; or

            (3)Using or about to use unlawful deadly physical force against a person.

            [1971 c.743 §23]

            ORS 161.219

    1. Therein lies the problem – the courts don’t act quickly. If this unconstitutional law gets on the books, it will probably take quite a while to get the injustice corrected.

      1. Yeah. I mean look how long it took the SCOTUS to return women to property status. They let women be human beings for decades! The horror!

  3. Oh geez, here we go again. Punish the legal gun owners for two mentally ill whack jobs. The background checks are already in place so its a mute point and just one of the lefts talking points. Also the curtailing on concealed carry which is total garbage. Limiting to 10 rounds is another fairy tale. So you get 3 10’s instead of a 30 rounder. Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! I have zero issue with a firearm safety class. Actually a good idea. The required live fire training I think is way over the line and would only slow the process of exercising your 2A rights. Also, how is ammunition to be “less lethal”? Another talking point with zero use.

    1. Yeah, I’d have to read the actual text to see what’s there. Agree re: “less lethal” and live fire training. What’s really needed is a way to keep the “mentally ill whack jobs” from obtaining weapons/ammo/body armor. Might need a change in HIPPA laws; one thing I’m sure of is that SOMETHING needs to be done. No more excuses.

        1. Barney, after reviewing it further, it appears that listen philosophy will not solve problems. First a problem has to be recognized and accurately identified, and a cause agreed upon, before mutual cooperation on a solution will voluntarily occur. Who is the decider of who is to compromise? Contention is built in to problem solving, avoiding contention avoids the problems. It is a polite way to interact though, but avoiding problems is not virtuous.

            1. That’s why they invented rock, paper, scissors, or flip a coin. That should have final jurisdiction in deciding who has to compromise. Lol!

            2. Give and take, in a society who’s founding philosophy appears to be largely based on take. People might be more inclined to compromise if they trusted that the opposing side would also compromise. Good faith compromise and trust between sides is largely gone in this society. If a group, let’s say the Democrats were able to recognize that their agenda was based on total power acquisition, and they were willing to compromise without trying to dictate to everyone, then a work around might be possible. Reasoning isn’t possible with unreasonable people. This tribal pattern has happened so many times in history. When the group in power villainizes their designated opposition, and calls for their subjegation and ultimately elimination… that is already the end of civility.

            3. The problem here is the “compromise” only affects one side – and it’s always the gun owners. We’re blamed for every heinous act. We are expected to labor under every additional burden. We must bear every added cost. Nothing is ever offered in return.

              And because these “compromises” don’t address the root cause of these violent attacks they are ineffective and then more “compromise” is demanded again over and over.

              “Shall not be infringed” is plenty clear enough.

                1. You have an odd view of our system of government. The SCOTUS does not “change” laws, they do not edit laws, nor do they grant us rights.

                  The court simply reviews laws passed by congress, the states (and others) for constitutional compliance. Those that are ruled unconstitutional are nullified.

            4. And even our politicians don’t know what it means to give and take any more. Its their parties way or the highway and EVERYONE of us looses out. Party politics is killing America. I think gun owners, like myself are done bearing the burden of criminals. We want to see people who use violence be sent to jail LONG TERM, no 2nd chances, no we let you go this time. And I AM referred to Antifa/BLM violence in Portland and Bend/Prineville as well as across the country. Watching people throw bottles of gas, pee, feces at cops is untenable to those of us who jump through hoops to keep guns for hunting and protection. Watching them loot businesses and break windows night after night. I no longer wonder why when things happen like Uvalde happen. I wonder why its not happening more often. The last 2 1/2 years have brought nothing more than hatred, mental strain, and constant stress to everyone. Polarization is the goal of the socialist democrat party. The further polarized we are, the more likely we are to take a step back from voting, following the changes they are making in broad daylight. it gives them the opportunity to step further into defying the constitution. What they DON’T want to see is us getting together to fight against them…thus the constant bad press about groups like the 3%, proud boys, peoples rights, and even religious groups. They have to vilify groups who want nothing more than to preserve the Constitution as written, educate people of their rights given by the constitution, and call out those who trample on those rights. That is the biggest threat to the Socialist agenda. 2nd amendment is right up there as being one of the soul reasons America is not yet communist. Too many Americans own, know how to use guns and WILL NOT give guns over to those who wish to destroy our country. More people need to WAKE UP and see through the politicians crud. We are slowly slipping further away from the once Proud and Free America.

              1. No. Blaming the evil other side for all our problems is the problem. Hopefully all the haters will wake up and see through the crud of the anonymous social media crowd who thinks everything would be perfect if everyone thought like them. That’s the real danger, and it’s still obvious to many.

      1. its like with everything else. People lie, period. I sold firearms some years back and they would come in and asked me what the right answer was on the 4473’s.I refused to answer and most answered wrong so the firearm was refused. This was in NY with some of he strictest gun laws on the books. Now look at the ages of these people. Both were 18 and one had mental health issues and was treated. But because he was under 18 when treated, all that is sealed so would not show on a check. Remember this. if someone is evil and hell bent on destruction, good luck. All the laws in the world mean nothing. Oh, you cant have my wireless hole punchers either.

    2. The Parkland shooter chose 10 round magazines because they were easier to conceal than 30 rounders. I won’t turn over any 30 round magazines I might or might not have regardless of any legislation.

  4. Don’t know how to solve every shooting that happens, but I do know if felons caught in possession of a firearms (and/or) those people who commit crimes with firearms were sent to prison for life, more lives would be saved than all the new gun laws or school security measures ever proposed or imagined. In other words, they’re barking up the wrong tree. Enforce the laws on the books.

    1. My impression is that “felon in possession” is no deterrent at all, perhaps because it usually results in no additional jail time at all. Just my impression though.

      1. It’s not felons shooting up malls and schools now is it? Let’s stay on topic. It’s young people fresh out of or in school. What’s being taught in these schools that’s making these young people want to do this type of thing? I believe schools and media are huge drivers of this nonsense. Media sensationalizes the shootings and schools are breeding grounds for the hate and vitriol were seeing.

        1. Yo DennyD ~ the Las Vegas shooter was not a teen. Age 64, killed 60, wounded over 400. Year ~ 2017.
          Granted he is the exception. But if you do your research, the average age since 1999 is 16. Guns accessed legally or gifted. 16 year olds should not be able to purchase guns. My opinion of course. I’m sure you will come back with a snarky reply. No worries.

          1. Wow…such ignorance on here. Those under 18 are not allowed to buy a gun or have a gun unless they are headed hunting or another lawful activity. Family can gift a gun to a minor, but the family member is still responsible for that gun, as they purchased it with their background check and its registered to them in the system. Direct from Oregon Statues:

            ORS 166.250. Oregon law prohibits the sale or transfer of a firearm to anyone under age 18, with the same exceptions. ORS 166.470. Federal law prohibits federally licensed firearms dealers from selling a handgun to anyone under age 21. 18 USC subsection 922(b)(1).

  5. Make a choice: more gun control legislation, or complete healthcare reform to include universal healthcare and mental health resources. Doing nothing has clearly not helped anything. Where are the “pro-lifers” on this one?

    1. We seem to have a problem with our kids now days. I was recently at a birthday party for 12 year old boys, there was no interest in any activities available for them . Every one of them were in the TV room playing video games of hunting down people and killing them with assault weapons! I firmly believe our world wide internet contributes to a large part of what’s happening to our kids today.

  6. None of this will prevent anything. Might make another “legal” mass murderer an even better shooter thought. SMH Cain killed Able with a rock, let that sink in.

    1. About ‘prevention’ – no law, no rule and yes, no vaccine is 100%. But are there things we could do to reduce the risk of tragedies, that are worth doing? We focus too little on the tragedies avoided, because they cannot be easily seen or counted. The many times what looks like a fatal crash is minor injury due to better-made cars is another example.

      1. Well, the drug laws didn’t work to reduce drug use. Now, we decriminalize and even hand the drug out to the addicts in some places. Is that the same fifty-year cycle we get to go through with firearms? Making something illegal does not make it go away; conversly it created more criminals. The war on drugs proved this. No we give drugs to people and decriminalize it. Maybe if more people had guns, more of these incidents would be stopped. I’m perfectly happy sending my kid to the school with security gates and armed guards at the entrances.. versus the school without it. I’m happy to pay more in taxes too. What I won’t do, is give up my guns for someone else’s false sense of security.

        1. Arguing against “gun bans” when no one is proposing that is the reddest of herrings, and just continues the same ol’ circular arguments that are a waste of valuable time and energy. But again, we don’t know how many such tragedies were avoided by steps taken in recent decades. Still, we have to keep trying – and talking.

          1. Barney, the proposition that “no one is proposing” “gun bans” is provably false. The real question is, what evidence would you accept for you to change your proposition on that? Otherwise you are right, arguing semantics would be a circular waste of time. I would speculate that it isn’t possible to change your position on that because your identity is connected to your political beliefs and their narrative.

          2. Here’s something the media can do that would make a difference don’t difference don’t publish his name don’t publish his picture treat it like you do a suicide. His body should be cremated and dumped in a dumpster and these bold lives should know that’s what will happen to him there’ll just be a nobody in a dumpster but you media walk over each other to be the 1st ones to publish their name and picture perfect example is the Las Vegas shooter you’re still wondering what his motive was his motive was to get his name and pitcher publish because he was a nobody that wanted to be somebody in the media made him a somebody So go home and take a good long look at yourself in the mirror

    2. What a stupid thing to say. When was the last time you heard of anyone killing twenty people with a rock, let alone in a single incident? Let that sink in.

      1. Sure you are taking the idea to the absurd, which is not a bad idea, but still missing the point that something as simple as a rock can be used to kill one person, the world is filled with other more effective objects that could kill many.

      2. @neuro – Remember this? “At 9:02 a.m. local time on April 19, 1995, a Ryder rental truck, containing approximately 7,000 pounds (3,175 kg) of ammonium nitrate fertilizer, nitromethane, and diesel fuel was detonated in front of the building, destroying a third of it and causing severe damage to several other buildings located nearby. As a result, 168 people were killed, including 19 children, and over 800 others were injured.[8] It remains the deadliest domestic terrorist attack, with the most property damage, in the U.S. ” Now with your response, I have to think we will have to ban items used in this attack as well. Say goodbye to box trucks, ammonium nitrate fertilizer, nitromethane, and diesel fuel, at a minimum.

        1. Well, we have to put warnings on coffee cups, telling idiots that it might be hot but we haven’t banned it yet. I also literally said not a single word about banning or legislating anything. Just pointing out inconsistencies in this line of argument.

  7. A gun ban in the US would create a huge black market the cartels will be eager to fulfill. What makes anybody think that if drugs are smuggled through our wide open Southern border guns and ammo will not be added the moment there is a demand. And Mexico had a complete gun ban in place, how come cartels are shooting unarmed civilians left and right? Must be fake news.

      1. I realize reading is hard but where do cartels get their fully automatic weapons when they are banned in the US? Come and tell us and please be less ignorant!

  8. Arguing that criminals will always break the law is childish and suggests anarchy is the only solution. Conservatives would never apply that logic when it comes to immigration and abortion laws.
    Why did mass shootings start happening regularly after the high capacity magazines ban ended? Remember when people hunted and protected their homes without AR15s? It is possible.
    Doing nothing isn’t going to stop mass shootings. We should be able to send our kids to school, go shopping or see a movie without wondering if it will be the last time.

      1. Why not? The AR-15 does the same thing as any other gun. You pull the trigger once, and ONE bullet flies out. Just like any hunting rifle, pistol, or shotgun (which actually shoots many pellets out at once.. ban those too?). Anything beyond that is already highly regulated and requires special permits, otherwise it’s illegal. Duh. Obviously, you don’t know much about firearms. You just think with your emotions. You see a big scary military looking rifle and you get scared. It’s not different than any other gun, except that it’s more reliable. Is that what you want to take away? A responsible gun owners right to a reliable tool? Reality check: The person who reacts and thinks based on emotions, is exactly the type of unstable person who commits these mass shootings. I say, disarm all the idiots who only think with their emotions. Blue Danube- you should never own a gun. Leave that to the responsible folks who think with their brains, not their emotions.

    1. @Prolifelatterdaysaint If we can make women into state property to protect a fetus, I think we can control access to firearms. The Constitution went out the window when women lost agency of their own body.

          1. Hey Blue, do you know that when a pregnant woman is killed in a mass shooting, the fetus is counted amongst those killed? If the fetus can be used in a body count, why can it not be counted as a life?

      1. Women haven’t lost anything, yet. The leak was a scare tactic to keep people from focusing on primaries & it seemed to work great! Lowest number of voters in Oregon.

        Refusing to allow women to use abortion as birth control does NOT take way rights to a woman’s body. It would finally give rights to the fetus once the heart starts beating. Both male and female have a responsibility to use birth control or just don’t have sex.

        Birth control is FREE and easily obtained. The abortion pill is available over the counter…no excuses.

        Guns and Abortion are two completely separate issues.

  9. There is another solution other than what these people are promoting. It will irritate off both sides, which would also be a bonus. Imagine that civilians have to meet a standard of proficiency for every gun they own. Similar to what I had to do in the military, with a few added elements. An annual test, with a written, and a hands on qualify to own one. 1. a criminal background check. 2. mental soundness proof. 3. Have to pass a written test to prove knowledge of gun laws and gun safety rules. 4. Hands on test to prove safe handling demonstration, and knowledge of functions. 5. Qualification proficiency at the range. The problem with this is that since institutions of power want a monopoly on force, (like Obama said) they will simply make the test impossible to pass.

      1. pjw01, you are right that most legal gun owners don’t commit… However you are never going to convince me that connecting gun ownership with a practice of personal responsibility and accountability is “stupid”. I had to meet the qualification and familiarity standards to operate my rifle in the military. No sympathy if civilians have to do something similar. Gun ownership should come with that responsibility. If someone isn’t proficient and familiar with the safety laws, and function of their gun, then what good is it doing them anyway. But I also think a civilian should be able to own Any weapon they want if they can qualify with it. And also people who want to have kids and pets should have similar written and practical tests before being allowed to have pets or children.

    1. Sounds good if you are willing to do the same for buying and operating motor vehicles, do the same for buying and using recreational drugs, and for buying and using booze. All annual testing, every year, and for everyone 16 and older. All others have to do without. My MAIN requirement is you have to be registered to vote, must prove legal residence in the USA and you MUST vote every election, every ballot or you do not meet the requirements to own or be able to buy booze, recreational drugs, and weapons.

      1. Oregonn8tive, for voting; be over 18, mental health certification, background check, citizenship check, and pass a knowledge test on voting history of candidate you are voting on, as well as knowledge of issue you are voting on. People shouldn’t be allowed to vote if they don’t know anything factual about what they are voting on. As for being registered to vote to own a fire arm, that is nonsense, if a person is in the selective service and can be drafted into the military then that is enough. Oh as for equal rights, women should have to be subject to the selective service also.

    2. So what other Constitutional rights should be subject to a proficiency test? Should there be vocabulary, religious studies and a current events test required before we can speak freely under the 1st Amendment?

      1. Outsideallthetime; If the left wants to go down the authoritarian path, give it to them. They hate merit based systems. So make everything subject to a proficiency test. Especially voting. Leave religion out of it.

    3. As a compromise I could go along with this, provided every gun free zone was abolished and cities could not ban concealed carry. Looking at you, PDX.

    4. This might be one of the more intelligent approaches to this issue assuming as you say, that we can make barriers and costs reasonable. As a responsible gun owner, I don’t really see an issue in anything you mention.

    1. It is the Venue that will not allow firearms, not the NRA. If it was a liberal organization, the NRA would stomp their feet and DEMAND to have them. Instead they just said ok, and put the notice out that you attached. Become Informed

      1. SOOO, the NRA and everyone one of the politicians fights tooth and nail to make sure everyone can open carry in TX, no matter the location, but the one event supposedly attending by only trained gun owners doesn’t allow them?!?
        That is the definition of hypocrisy

    2. It says “Per the U.S. SECRET SERVICE…” it is not an NRA or the building’s requirement. You are as CLUELESS as one can be!

      1. Bunker baby was afraid he would be hit by a piece of pie

        .. is afraid of walking into an building filled with his armed supporters, than what chance do everyday Americans have in a church, school, mall, baseball game, etc?
        Hypocrisy!!! And you know it.

  10. What’s all these school shootings say about our education systems? These are young people doing this not grown mature men. Are we missing something that’s being done in the classrooms?

    1. They had a watch on this kid that did it a year or two ago because of another school incident with him but they dropped the ball and won’t admit to it.

    2. I think its more like we allow individuals who we do not consider mature enough to buy cigarettes, drink beer, or have sex to buy military grade killing machines.

    1. And what’s even dumber is, they’re saying to take high capacity magazines hunting. Um, are they saying break the law then? Because there’s a 5 round limit in magazines for hunting with ARs.

      Los Angeles and San Francisco… er, I mean Portland, is clueless.

    2. Courts rejected stripping women of their status as human beings too but it didnt stop the SCOTUS from doing so. If conservatives can turn women into state property, I think we can make some progress on fun control.

      1. If people are worried about having their guns taken, they weren’t going to use them anyway, and might as well just turn their guns in. The government should start with everyone that says “out of my cold dead hands” first. Anti gun groups should be required to do the confiscations because they volunteered for it by taking a position against guns.

  11. You know what, I don’t need to compromise about anything.
    We already have laws and they are not being enforced Black on black shootings are rampant but oh no we can’t talk about that. People that kill people never pay the penalty for doing so. People that shoot people are let out on $1 bail or OR. No I’m keeping my stuff I can see where this is going. What are the other school and mass shooters doing, 3 hots and a cot playing video games. Why haven’t they paid the price? Because liberals say that’s mean. If you kill someone like what has happened yesterday you MUST pay the price expedited.
    Just keep voting for the clowns that are more for the criminals than the victims and see where this goes.

  12. I would guess, not one screaming liberal, pro abortion, ban the the cops, burn the city, so on so forth liberal types has ever heard of Andrew Kehoe? In 1927 he killed 45 people at a SCHOOL… with a homemade bomb. In 1927 you could buy a fully automatic, Thompson machine gun with a 50 round drum magazine… Not a “clip” as implied by liberal agenda types. Guess where you could by this implement of “death”? Right out of the good Ol Sears and Roebuck catalog for about 45 dollars or so. So why didn’t ol Andrew use a Tommy Gun? Because there is always going to be a way to make a means more efficient than a firearm. I guess Diesel and Ammonia Nitrate and pressure cookers and so many thousands of other items need added to the ban list? At least you can’t buy the dreaded Tommy gun at Sears anymore…

  13. In most cases anyone deciding to do something this evil is on a suicide mission. Yes there are a few cases of the shooter living and being arrested but most of the time its suicide and the person has accepted that before they fire the first shot. While media and social media likely help fuel the fire there will always be nut cases past present and future. No law will ever change that because each School shooter, Cop, Lawyer, Dr, Tech worker, Grocery store shooter, Grocery store worker and even political candidate is recruited from the human race. It’s the only pool we have to recruit from. Unfortunately there will always be evil and insane people.

  14. 99% of shooters are NOT legal gun owners. So WHY would you want to punish legal gun owners? That is like punishing a tennis player that misses one ball in a tournament.

  15. Raise your kids right. They need Discipline. No video games, play in the dirt, outside. Get rid of social media. A gun has never killed anybody without a person pulling the trigger. I want to be able to defend myself with the same weapon as the bad guy.
    Gun control doesn’t make sense

    1. It’s not about gun control. It’s about people control. The government wants to control the people more (just like China does), and they can’t without disarming the citizens. When incidents like this happen, those who only think with emotions get rallied up and support the governments agenda to disarm the citizens. Good thing is- there’s too many guns out thtere already. The anti-gun folks would not survive a period of disarmament. Period. That’s just how it works folks. Good luck taking a gun from someone who knows how to use it.

  16. I see several comments on “compromise”, the thing is, what does the “other side” have to give up? Nothing. Zero. Zilch. Nada. In order for there to be a compromise, both sides of the issue have to give up something, and in this case, we the legal gun owners will be the losers and the anti-gun crowd gives up nothing, they will just take more and more, all in the name of “compromising”. Now, if those anti-gun people want to give up some of their 1st amendment rights in equal trade, then we can start talking about “compromising”.

    1. No the point is power. They want to decide if a child lives or dies, or if you get to have any constitutional rights or not, and how those rights apply. It is whatever they say it is. If they say jump, you say how high! If they take away a right, you say thank you, may you take another. If they say men can get pregnant and give birth, you say yes comrade. Questioning them is hate speech.

  17. This is another horrible tragedy! To all the people that think guns are the issue please think about this in the most respectful way I can say it. If somebody put a gun in your hand would you go kill other people? I would bet the answer would be no. It’s not the guns. MENTAL HEALTH is the issue. Normal people don’t make a plan and carry out shooting people. No mentally heathy person goes to a school and shoots children. If we don’t start focusing on mental health and coping skills we will continue to see these tragedies. We have to come together as a country and focus on mental health or it’s only going to get worse.

    What other country has this many shootings?

    Thurston High School.
    Columbine High School.
    Heritage High School.
    Deming Middle School.
    Fort Gibson Middle School.
    Buell Elementary School.
    Lake Worth Middle School.
    University of Arkansas.
    Junipero Serra High School.
    Santana High School.
    Bishop Neumann High School.
    Pacific Lutheran University.
    Granite Hills High School.
    Lew Wallace High School.
    Martin Luther King, Jr. High School.
    Appalachian School of Law.
    Washington High School.
    Conception Abbey.
    Benjamin Tasker Middle School.
    University of Arizona.
    Lincoln High School.
    John McDonogh High School.
    Red Lion Area Junior High School.
    Case Western Reserve University.
    Rocori High School.
    Ballou High School.
    Randallstown High School.
    Bowen High School.
    Red Lake Senior High School.
    Harlan Community Academy High School.
    Campbell County High School.
    Milwee Middle School.
    Roseburg High School.
    Pine Middle School.
    Essex Elementary School.
    Duquesne University.
    Platte Canyon High School.
    Weston High School.
    West Nickel Mines School.
    Joplin Memorial Middle School.
    Henry Foss High School.
    Compton Centennial High School.
    Virginia Tech.
    Success Tech Academy.
    Miami Carol City Senior High School.
    Hamilton High School.
    Louisiana Technical College.
    Mitchell High School.
    E.O. Green Junior High School.
    Northern Illinois University.
    Lakota Middle School.
    Knoxville Central High School.
    Willoughby South High School.
    Henry Ford High School.
    University of Central Arkansas.
    Dillard High School.
    Dunbar High School.
    Hampton University.
    Harvard College.
    Larose-Cut Off Middle School.
    International Studies Academy.
    Skyline College.
    Discovery Middle School.
    University of Alabama.
    DeKalb School.
    Deer Creek Middle School.
    Ohio State University.
    Mumford High School.
    University of Texas.
    Kelly Elementary School.
    Marinette High School.
    Aurora Central High School.
    Millard South High School.
    Martinsville West Middle School.
    Worthing High School.
    Millard South High School.
    Highlands Intermediate School.
    Cape Fear High School.
    Chardon High School.
    Episcopal School of Jacksonville.
    Oikos University.
    Hamilton High School.
    Perry Hall School.
    Normal Community High School.
    University of South Alabama.
    Banner Academy South.
    University of Southern California.
    Sandy Hook Elementary School.
    Apostolic Revival Center Christian School.
    Taft Union High School.
    Osborn High School.
    Stevens Institute of Business and Arts.
    Hazard Community and Technical College.
    Chicago State University.
    Lone Star College-North.
    Cesar Chavez High School.
    Price Middle School.
    University of Central Florida.
    New River Community College.
    Grambling State University.
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
    Ossie Ware Mitchell Middle School.
    Ronald E. McNair Discovery Academy.
    North Panola High School.
    Carver High School.
    Agape Christian Academy.
    Sparks Middle School.
    North Carolina A&T State University.
    Stephenson High School.
    Brashear High School.
    West Orange High School.
    Arapahoe High School.
    Edison High School.
    Liberty Technology Magnet High School.
    Hillhouse High School.
    Berrendo Middle School.
    Purdue University.
    South Carolina State University.
    Los Angeles Valley College.
    Charles F. Brush High School.
    University of Southern California.
    Georgia Regents University.
    Academy of Knowledge Preschool.
    Benjamin Banneker High School.
    D. H. Conley High School.
    East English Village Preparatory Academy.
    Paine College.
    Georgia Gwinnett College.
    John F. Kennedy High School.
    Seattle Pacific University.
    Reynolds High School.
    Indiana State University.
    Albemarle High School.
    Fern Creek Traditional High School.
    Langston Hughes High School.
    Marysville Pilchuck High School.
    Florida State University.
    Miami Carol City High School.
    Rogers State University.
    Rosemary Anderson High School.
    Wisconsin Lutheran High School.
    Frederick High School.
    Tenaya Middle School.
    Bethune-Cookman University.
    Pershing Elementary School.
    Wayne Community College.
    J.B. Martin Middle School.
    Southwestern Classical Academy.
    Savannah State University.
    Harrisburg High School.
    Umpqua Community College.
    Northern Arizona University.
    Texas Southern University.
    Tennessee State University.
    Winston-Salem State University.
    Mojave High School.
    Lawrence Central High School.
    Franklin High School.
    Muskegon Heights High School.
    Independence High School.
    Madison High School.
    Antigo High School.
    University of California-Los Angeles.
    Jeremiah Burke High School.
    Alpine High School.
    Townville Elementary School.
    Vigor High School.
    Linden McKinley STEM Academy.
    June Jordan High School for Equity.
    Union Middle School.
    Mueller Park Junior High School.
    West Liberty-Salem High School.
    University of Washington.
    King City High School.
    North Park Elementary School.
    North Lake College.
    Freeman High School.
    Mattoon High School.
    Rancho Tehama Elementary School.
    Aztec High School.
    Wake Forest University.
    Italy High School.
    NET Charter High School.
    Marshall County High School.
    Sal Castro Middle School.
    Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School
    Great Mills High School
    Central Michigan University
    Huffman High School
    Frederick Douglass High School
    Forest High School
    Highland High School
    Dixon High School
    Santa Fe High School
    Noblesville West Middle School
    University of North Carolina Charlotte
    STEM School Highlands Ranch
    Edgewood High School
    Palm Beach Central High School
    Providence Career & Technical Academy
    Fairley High School (school bus)
    Canyon Springs High School
    Dennis Intermediate School
    Florida International University
    Central Elementary School
    Cascade Middle School
    Davidson High School
    Prairie View A & M University
    Altascocita High School
    Central Academy of Excellence
    Cleveland High School
    Robert E. Lee High School
    Cheyenne South High School
    Grambling State University
    Blountsville Elementary School
    Holmes County, Mississippi (school bus)
    Prescott High School
    College of the Mainland
    Wynbrooke Elementary School
    UNC Charlotte
    Riverview Florida (school bus)
    Second Chance High School
    Carman-Ainsworth High School
    Williwaw Elementary School
    Monroe Clark Middle School
    Central Catholic High School
    Jeanette High School
    Eastern Hills High School
    DeAnza High School
    Ridgway High School
    Reginald F. Lewis High School
    Saugus High School
    Pleasantville High School
    Waukesha South High School
    Oshkosh High School
    Catholic Academy of New Haven
    Bellaire High School
    North Crowley High School
    McAuliffe Elementary School
    South Oak Cliff High School
    Texas A&M University-Commerce
    Sonora High School
    Western Illinois University
    Oxford High School
    Robb Elementary School

    1. I would counter with a list of all the people who have been saved by armed citizens, but that list would require a post the size of all the articles and comments on KTVZ combined. Being able to protect myself with the same tools that criminals use, is far more important than your jaded fear of society.

    2. School shootings around the world

      The statement that school shootings are a “uniquely American crisis” is difficult to dispute given their alarming frequency in the U.S. compared to the rest of the industrialized world. That said, school shootings have also occurred in many other countries. While attacks in most countries are usually the work of one or two troubled individuals, some shootings (particularly in the Middle East and Africa) have been coordinated terror attacks. Below are the recorded school shootings in different countries around the world…… Who can forget the The Dunblane massacre which took place at Dunblane Primary School near Stirling, Scotland, United Kingdom, on 13 March 1996, when Thomas Hamilton shot dead sixteen pupils and one teacher, and injured fifteen others, before killing himself. It remains the deadliest mass shooting in British history. Who can forget the The Beslan school siege (also referred to as the Beslan school hostage crisis or the Beslan massacre, which was a terrorist attack that started on 1 September 2004, lasted three days, involved the imprisonment of more than 1,100 people as hostages (including 777 children)[6] and ended with the deaths of 333 people, 186 of them children, as well as 31 of the attackers.[1] It is considered to be the deadliest school shooting in history.

  18. No matter how many guns you have or how hard you flex your sense of insecurities… It will not cover your male inadequacies. Perhaps law limiting the ability to vote to college educated individuals not on government welfare including social security, medicare and other socialist benefits will help with better decisions from our politicians…. The loudest on here are the least American

    1. @long timer – Someone is full of BS right there. I have worked with a LOT of college-educated people who are educated beyond their intelligence, you sound just like one of them. It seems to me, that you want to strip people of their rights solely based on an education level is pretty un-American as well.

    2. short timer; By your logic, the military and police must be flexing their sense of insecurity, and covering their male inadequacies then. LOL.

  19. What is so wrong with universal background checks? Please enlighten me as I’d really like to know. Blows my mind how eager folks are to start yelling and screaming about their 2nd amendment rights, but yet are also the first to start yelling and screaming to deny a woman here right to choose. You want to protect dividing cells but not living breathing children, class act one and all. 👍🏼

    1. As long as there is a national ID to go along with background checks, as long as any and all medical records – including juvenile – are included in these background checks, and as long as there is a max time limit for the check to be completed – 7 days – and as long as there is a national concealed carry permit to go along with the background check, then I could get behind one.

    2. Universal background checks are already laws and have been along with 20000 other gun laws. Take your pick of those 20000 and decide for your self which laws the felons follow

    3. We already have Universal Background checks…
      Though Oregon which has a mental health court, tries those who commit crimes and have mental health issues differently. They get “Passes” from the judge with a slap on the wrist, take your meds! Rather than a felony assault charge, or a stolen property charge. This means many Mentally Ill in Oregon, and other states also have this special court, allows for escalation of mental issues and breaking the law, until the person snaps and suddenly kills. Then its go directly to jail. Until we acknowledge mental health issues are serious and need more aggressive treatment than they get now, we will continue to have mass shootings and homelessness.

      1. What does “more aggressive treatment” of mental health issues mean, in your view? Some images of a sad past come to mind (straightjackets, solitary confinement, electroshock therapy, heavy medications without consent, etc.)

  20. Liberals last week: “OMG we are going to go ballistic if you don’t let us keep killing our babies!” This week, “when will the murdering of our babies end! We must pass some new law that somehow supercedes the law that says thou shalt not murder so the mentally ill criminals will finally take heed!”

    1. Are you really trying to equate a lump of cells that is basically a parasite in their host with a ten year old child who has hopes and dreams and a network of people they love and who love them? Talk about sick.

  21. “Gun rights groups spend $15.8 million on lobbying last year, compared to just $2.9 million in lobbying from gun control groups. That is more than five times as much. In the first quarter of 2022, gun rights groups have spent $2 million and gun control groups just $609,000.” -Fortune 5/25/22.

    There’s a lot of money in Guns -N- Ammo. This problem will never be solved. Too many hands in the cookie jar (political contributions).

    Too many people out there think they need a weapon when they really don’t. Assault Rifles are stupid in the hands of normal civilians. There’s no reason for it. If an 18 year old wants an Assault Rifle, have them join the military.

    There are many everyday household items you can use for self-defense instead of a gun if you’re willing to get a little dirty.

    As for Hunting to feed your family, I’m all for it. Use a Shotgun or Hunting Rifle. I remember seeing these hanging in the back of every pickup truck around these parts back in the 80s. I don’t remember people getting shot either.

    Just think how much these companies made over the last 20 years selling to the military during the Iraq and Afghan wars. Much of it to be left behind for the Taliban to kill.

    This is all about making money.

    “Here’s how the list of politicians who have benefited from gun rights lobbying stands, minus 2021 contributions. (Note: Don Young (R, Alaska) would have ranked fourth on this list, but passed away in March, 2022.)

    Ted Cruz (R, Texas) – $442,333
    Steve Scalise (R, La.) – $248,058
    John Cornyn (R, Texas) – $238,875
    Pete Sessions (R, Texas) – $202,926
    Ron Johnson (R, Wis.) – $197,993
    John Thune (R, SD) – $186,260
    Mitch McConnell (R, Ky.) – $179,557
    Ken Calvert (R, Calif.) – $166,116
    Pat Toomey (R, Penn.) – $162,676
    Marco Rubio (R, Fla.) – $161,044”

    1. You don’t cite where those numbers originate but they are laughably small. There’s some serious cherry-picking going on there. Our own Oregon governor has so far collected $500,000 alone in direct contributions from Michael Bloomberg over the course of her two terms.

      1. That’s because they are too busy driving their assault cars, talking on their assault phones, and using their assault computers to complain.

    2. You can assault Barney or Wilma with your hands or any other object. . No such thing as an assault rife it’s layman’s terms for idiots that don’t know any difference

      1. Brushfire, bingo!
        Anyone can change a stock on a gun to make it look like the media’s version of an Assault Rifle. Its those who don’t have any gun knowledge that cry out gun control. Their fear of guns blinds them to the true problem, MENTAL ILLNESS and the erosion of Family Values.

  22. anyone with a heart feels gut punched about right now.
    we all want this to stop.
    but – it’s not about the guns.
    bad actors have guns and did not obtain them legally – it’s too late to “take the guns”.
    remember when obama sent guns to the mexican cartel? they are still using those against US law enforcement and to kill people. guns do not expire.
    it’s likely more a conversation about mental illness and how we do not value the innocent. and a conversation about how social media affects children.
    from interviews with this kid’s granddad, doesn’t seem like they’re “good stock” anyway, no one was really involved in this kid’s life.
    he was likely a victim of bullies, one might suspect.
    and mom? too busy trying to get hitched than to spend time with her own kid.
    look no further than good old mom and dad.

    oh – just read an interview from mom’s boyfriend. wow – upstanding person – NOT.

    again – look no further than those who were responsible for raising him – they failed.

  23. “A well regulated militia” doesn’t kill children. Nothing in the 2nd amendment says you can have any kind of gun but special interests like the joke organization of the NRA sell guns and not gun safety. You can horde and collect all the guns you want but if the government wants to take you out it can and there’s nothing the thin skinned can do about it.

    1. Not true. Our weak military spent twenty years chasing a bunch of people around caves in a country the size of Oregon… and still lost. You are clueless, obviously.

    1. Alcohol and drugs cause magnitudes of more death, even among children. Why not just ban drugs and alcohol? Why not focus on the bigger problem other than there is an agenda behind it?

    2. The Supreme court has already ruled that ammunition is part of the 2nd, try coming up with something different and it will be refuted as well.

    3. I beg to differ…the Supreme court has upheld that ammunition is also protected under 2nd Amendment.

      Doesn’t matter what the politicians do. It won’t reach the criminals who laugh at laws and regulations. Until this country decides to prosecute those who are evil and don’t follow laws, we will always have this issue. We have tried making drugs illegal, yet most prisons have overdoses of prisoners…how is making drugs illegal helped? Drugs and guns go hand in hand and are typically confiscated together.

    4. Boy, you’re just wrong all the way around and spouting a lot of totally wrong and false info. Are comments like these what you were saying should be flagged and revived like reddit… misinformation?

  24. Yay for stupid people!! Let’s blame the guns! How’d that work out for drugs when they ‘banned’ them? Just curious. Yeah it’s a great idea to live in a country where only the criminals have guns. Go move to Mexico and tell me how that’s working out. Do you anti-gun folks think with your brains, or with your emotions? Again, just curious.

  25. Mass Shootings: A Global Concern

    Although events in the U.S. tend to get the lion’s share of media exposure, mass shootings are clearly a worldwide issue. The following is an alphabetized list of just some of the developed countries other than the United States that have experienced one or more mass shootings in the past few decades: Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Finland, France, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, Nigeria, Norway, the Philippines, Russia, Serbia, Spain, and Switzerland.

  26. Its time people recognize the real problem. Laws don’t stop criminals! if it did, we would have no crime, no drugs, no murders. THIS IS NOT A GUN PROBLEM. This is a Humanity crisis coupled with mental health issues. Gun legislation will only piss off those people who jump through hoops to follow the laws, who are tired of being penalized essentially for criminals.

    Look at Chicago, most restrictive gun laws with the highest rates of murder and gun violence. Maine…no need to get a CHL (Concealed Handgun License) anyone can open carry or conceal carry, no permit needed. Safest state in the USA. Schools that put up No Gun signs out front are just advertising for criminals to come right in.

    Time to revamp mental health system, more money isn’t going to help because its just a bandaid. Time to revamp schools as their primary job is to educate and keep kids safe…I would say all schools are failing on both accounts in Oregon. Time to VOTE OUT the career politicians getting rich on lobbyist money instead of listening to those they represent and vote in the change we want and need. 30 years of democratic control has about destroyed our beautiful state and its only a matter of time before it will be one of our elementary schools that Oregon will be mourning the loss of children.

    1. You do realize mental health treatment is costly (you are talking public funding, right? Or that avenue is useless) — and does not always “prevent” bad things, which seems to be the never-reachable goal of those trying to make political points, so their side “wins” this sad debate, rather than come up with imperfect but achievable progress?

  27. How do you fix evil? Which new law will the criminal obey? People need to pay attention to the bigger picture. Look at the timing of shootings. Which presidents have the most mass shootings. Which have the least. Pay attention to current events especially the political ones and then look at how these shootings seem to coincide as a distraction. Research the CIA’s programs: Orion, MK Ultra, Mockingbird.

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