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Wyden seeks ‘common-sense’ gun measures; gun rights lawyer says no laws can legislate morality

(Update: Adding video and comments from Wyden, attorney specializing in gun laws)

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Two mass shootings in less than two weeks have sparked a renewed, passionate debate in Oregon and nationwide over gun control proposals and whether they can cut the risk of such tragedies.

Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., was in Portland Friday afternoon and met with reporters to say he will continue to press for "common-sense gun legislation" to keep children safe and reduce the level of gun-related violence in the wake of the latest mass school shooting in Uvalde, Texas.

"It's a long and ever-lengthening list of atrocities that Oregonians know all too well," Wyden said. "Including Thurston High School, Clackamas Town Center, very close to our home in southeast Portland - Reynolds High School, Umpqua Community College. You bet I'm saying, enough!"

Amid the revived debate, Senate Republicans have indicated a willingness to talk about proposals directly related to the Texas shooting.

Medford gun rights attorney Shawn Kollie thinks that's a good idea.

"I think it's an important conversation to have and should be on the forefront of everybody's mind right now is, what do we do to protect children?" Kollie said.

"I think there's 100,000 schools across American and those schools need to be protected," he added.

In 2021, Oregon lawmakers passed legislation that requires gun owners to store their guns in a gun room or safe, Kollie doesn't think the law is working.

"What we've seen in Portland, in particular, in a lot of the metro areas across the country, but Portland in particular is a significant increase in gun violence directly after the law has changed," Kollie said. "The law requiring every gun be locked up -- in my opinion, these laws that passed to (require) guns being locked up or guns being unloaded or these things. Again, had no statistic significance in decreasing death by firearm."

At the news conference in Portland, Wyden said children should be the priority, and he'll continue pressing for what he calls "common-sense gun legislation."

"We owe them their future," said Wyden. " The memories of far too many young people, Oregonians and nationwide who've had their futures ripped from them by gun violence."

But Kollie said, "I don't think there are any laws that could be passed to legislate morality."

Earlier Friday, before the news conference livestreamed on Facebook, Wyden posted this message:

"Once again, this week, another community is forced to bury children who have died from senseless gun violence," he wrote.

"We are forcing parents to drop off their children at school each morning, wondering if their community could be next. We are forcing our nation's future to sit through active shooter drills.

"Mass shooting after mass shooting, Senate Republicans offer empty thoughts and prayers for dead children while they continue to cash their checks from the NRA, profiting off of inaction.

"It's time for the Senate to vote on common-sense gun legislation so every American can see which senators are prioritizing their campaign donations over the lives of children," Wyden concluded.

Kollie told NewsChannel 21 he supports having more security in schools, similar to what's common in other protected places as banks. But he said the left has pushed to defund police, when they should be placed in schools to better protect children.

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Kelsey McGee

Kelsey McGee is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Kelsey here.



  1. They always say “common sense” yet never deliver on the promise. It’s usually ridiculous ideas that further their agenda of weakening the country.

      1. And what “common sense” gun law will achieve that? Is there anything that supports the “half” in your post or you just pulled it out from your …?

        1. Not letting teenagers buy guns and having universal background checks and mandatory waiting periods would help. A lot of these mass shootings are done by young people who go buy a weapon on a whim.

  2. When someone refers to “common-sense” legislation, it usually isn’t. It just means “legislation I agree with and expect to get me more votes so I can keep my cushy job”. Mark Twain had it figured out a long time ago…

    1. I agree. Let’s arm the teachers, janitors and while we’re at it the students. Old enough to learn how to read, old enough to learn how to shoot! The solution is clearly more guns! 💦🔫

    2. Of course it is, it is the ONLY answer. Letting an 18 year old walk into a gun store and leave with 2 semi-automatic rifles and enough ammo to kill several hundred people with NO Background check (check mental heath history, arrests, etc.) No waiting period is INSANE. Selling weapons of war to the general public is INSANE.

      1. “Assault Weapon”? does not describe the AR-15 nor does anybody walk into a gun store and not go through a background check. Your information is fed into the system which is updated by law enforcement. If you have never been in trouble with the law and have never had a reportable mental crisis you might or might not have to wait for approval when you purchase a fire arm. It seems that once again the FBI says that they were aware of a possible incident occurring and did nothing. The bigger question that should be asked is where did this guy get the money for these rifles, why did he target an elementary school and why did the FBI do nothing to prevent this yet again?

  3. What may pass as “common sense” by one person may not by another. Then, there is the pesky issue of what is allowed under our Constitution. Most politicians (of both parties) are simply grandstanding to curry favor with their base.

  4. He needs to go just like Biden career politician with few results. Gun laws now aren’t enforced so why new ones. The liberals don’t believe in prosecuting crime and they wonder why it isn’t working. Term limits are needed as these long termers only care about re-election. Oregon coming in November lets get rid of this cancer of people like Wyden. Brags about his town hall all virtual now so he doesn’t have to be confronted head on with the people.

    1. So you’re all for an outright gun ban because it’s Biden’s fault Republicans block his every move? Glad to see you’re coming around to the sane side.

  5. School security is a red herring to avoid discussing gun safety.

    The Ulvade School District has its own school police force. The officer assigned to work at the elementary school wasn’t on site the day of the shooting. Returning to the school, the officer drove past the shooter, who was hiding in the parking lot. When the shooter was in the building, the security officer was among up to 7 law enforcement officers who entered and then left the building after taking gunfire from a high powered rife that simply outgunned them.

    In Parkland Florida, an armed school security officer didn’t enter the building, even though students told him a gunman was killing students inside.

    In Buffalo, a retired police officer, armed and working security was shot to death by a gunman in body armor and wearing bulletproof tactical gear.

    More “security” in the form of armed guards have failed, repeatedly, to save lives. And will continue to fail until Americans demand gun safety laws that reduce access to weapons of war.

    1. I, nor anyone I know was issued an AR when being deployed to “war” zones. Success! Your wish has came true…ARs are not weapons of war, just a fancy single shot rifle of which there are plenty of .223 less scary looking rifles out there. Have an issue with Magazine size? Different argument.

      1. Wait till they figure out how powerful a .308 is, and how far away it can kill even a good size animal, let alone a human. They’ll be crying for “common sense” gun control to stop these evil “sniper rifles”. Gonna need a serial number on that scope too!
        It’s nonsense. The number of people killed with rifles in a year (any rifles) is tiny for a nation of 300+ million people with millions of guns.
        Craft beer kills more people.

        1. Did the kids in Texas drink beer? You care about your stupid guns more than the lives of other people. Guns, guns, what are they good for? Absolutely nothing!

        1. Nope, no one issued an AR, which are not M16/M4s. The general public cannot buy an Automatic caple gun.(without a lot of effort) ARs are semi-automatic as are many other .223(5.56) rifles with wood stocks. ARs, pistols, many other guns are capable as firing as fast as you can pull the trigger…but are not automatic. So again, regardless of what the gun looks like, you might have a reasonable argument if you worried more about magazine capacity for any gun. A 223 semi, wood stock rifle or hand gun is still just as capable of expending many rounds quickly. Or stick with banning the scary looking one and accomplish nothing.

  6. Their is no such thing as common gun sence when it comes to gun laws except for the people that lawfully own and do not commit crimes with guns. All these wackos that think if you reduce the mag capacity change the colors or take away a folding stock is going to make guns safer they do not and will not ever have common sense. Guns are not the problem. Its the crazy mental angry or psychological screwed in the head psychos. If Wyden wants to do his job he should advocate for mental health.

  7. ” Senate Republicans offer empty thoughts and prayers ”

    And the only thing that the liberals do is continually make demands directed at the Republicans for change,
    but they offer absolutely no meaningful suggestions of their own, other than the worn out and worthless suggestion for universal background checks.
    Wyden’s suggestion for “common-sense legislation” is ridiculous.

    1. Please explain to us how a “well-regulated militia” is exemplified by a 18 year old man with no background check and no training and no obvious combat skills that I’m aware of, and how that militia has allowed him unsupervised possession of an assault rifle and enough ammo to kill most of the people in his town.

      Are you part of a ‘Well-regulated militia’? Do you serve under Commander Kyle ‘Pudgy’ Rittenhouse? Exactly what function of that militia that you perform. How exactly is your militia regulated?

  8. Common sense would be a change. Let the teachers carry concealed firearms for starters. 2 hire some bad spec ops dudes to guard the schools

    1. How about the janitor? Do they get to carry?
      How about the students? More students than teachers. Add firearm training to the physical education program.
      How about we have a gun in every classroom, bathroom and hallway? In case of mass shooter break glass. Brilliant!!!

      1. Now you’re just being stupid and used by the progressive idiots on the left. And yes it’s a fact that if everyone was armed save for students there would be zero school shootings. All the evidence you need is shooters are not shooting up places where people are armed. Quit being so brainwashed.

        1. Hey, I’m on your side. Throw more guns at the situation. I’m just wondering how many we need. Why stop at the teachers? I think the janitor should get some heat. How about one student, like the hall monitor?

            1. Why ban vehicles? Cars don’t kill people, people kill people. Isn’t that how it works with guns? And I still think the janitor should be allowed to pack heat. They have all the keys!

                1. Using the term “your kind” is a dictionary definition of condescending, aimed at inspiring conflict and defeating attempts at rational discourse. Sad, too.

                2. I’m just using the same conservative philosophy. I’m not calling to ban anything I’m advocating for the janitor. I think they would be the best suited to carry a firearm.

                3. So you’re saying this one person could have killed 19 kids and 2 adults without a gun? I see now where the stoner part of you’re screen name comes from.

                4. A person without a gun, can’t kill another person with the gun they don’t have. Now see how simple that is? Next week we’ll graduate to “See Jane run. Run Jane Run”

            2. A vehicle can be perverted from its intended use of transportation to be used to kill. A firearm has only one purpose: Murder.

              Apples and oranges.

              1. @Blue Danube – really, you are going with that end-all conversation statement? Your input is no longer needed then, bye-bye. On a side note, my firearms have never “murdered” anyone, our family has had a gunshot victim but we blamed the person, the booze, and the drugs she was using, not the gun. People have used firearms to defend themselves and others, you are willing to condemn them to injury, rape, and death.

                1. Imagine the injury, rape, and death in other first-world Democracies!!
                  Oh wait, America leads them all in injuries, rapes, and deaths. By a mile.

          1. It’s fun watching you Bloods and Crips bickering! Two sides of the same coin! You are both pathetic. Meanwhile, the Dems let POC kill each other in their cities at rates far exceeding what happened in either Buffalo and Uvalde EVERY WEEKEND while Repubs claim 2nd amendment every time anything that makes sense is suggested! I used to say we can learn lots from children but the sad part is they grow up into people Like Cruz and O’Rourke!

            1. That both sides contribute to the issue of lack of constructive dialogue is obvious, and a sensible point of view. Trashing both sides in generalizations, though, gets us nowhere down the road of progress. If that’s what you seek, other than troll behavior.

              1. We don’t hear a single thing from the progressives except gun control. There’s not a single peep about mental health control. We hear from kids that don’t want to subject to metal detectors and/or see-thru packs as it’s a violation of their right to privacy…. but they don’t mind impeding on mine. Those kids KNEW about the Texas shooter and did nothing. Said not one word. Yet the world isn’t talking about that. I have mentioned MULTIPLE times the issue of being bullied…. seen a single comment from anti-right? When we ask you guys (lots of stations) about certain reports, ie… the Feds were in online chats with the Buffalo shooter for 18 months and a son to retire agent was given explicit warning and directions 30 minutes prior? Seen any media interviewing the parents of the kids in Texas that were held up? Is anybody even trying? When we ask you guys, we get crickets, but when we go to the media sites, we see handicapped at best information. I swear it’s almost like the news people don’t think we get together in places and talk about things… and you guys want no part of it. When was the last time one of your cohorts walked down the street and asked random people honest questions about the state of the country? You don’t and you never have. You folks don’t care what we think, you just tell us what to think then drive it home

                1. Seems to me you want blame not solutions, to attack the other side rather than seek common ground. Not about to disprove your worldview, it’s a waste of time to try.
                  We ask people on the street questions all the time. When some folks don’t like the answers they accuse the media, falsely, of a narrative/agenda, when it really was random.
                  Why do you presume/assume media is not willing to talk to the parents kept back, when they may not want to speak or there may be actual sensitivities involved?
                  Ascribing false ulterior motives to everything the media/anyone does/doesn’t do is sad, unfortunate and divisive.

                2. Progressives often can’t or won’t distinguish between news and biased propaganda because they have essentially appointed themselves as the arbiters of truth. Since they define what is true and what isn’t true, nothing they say can be wrong or biased propaganda because they said so. This is the bare assertion fallacy; where their premise is assumed to be true because they say that it is true. In this case that they can establish their own moral conclusions, and truth conclusions, and that makes it true. If they say you want blame and not solutions, then that makes it true because they said so. If they say you don’t want common ground, then that is true because they said so. If they say the ulterior motives you ascribe to the media are untrue, then that proves it because they said so.

                3. Barney- it seems to me that the radical liberal left that gave us four years of TDS is just as guilty of blame gaming as anyone… we didn’t have these mass shootings at elementary schools when Trump was president- we didn’t have the left demanding to defund the police- we didn’t have the constant attacks on our police forces like we saw in Seattle and Portland… acts that resulted in a complete “hands off approach” to handling crime. This shooter should have been neutralized by a single locked door at the main entrance- everything after that is nothing but finger pointing “blame” !

      2. Firearm training used to be part of physical education. At least that’s what my grandpa tells me. He also said the students all had rifles and shotguns in their cars and trucks in the school parking lot. He says there weren’t school shootings back then. Would have been cool to experience such different times.

        1. This is true we had our rifles and shotguns in our vehicles at school soon as the last bell rang we were off and hunting. Training and understanding your responsibility. Most kids now are given what they want by parents and then ignored while they play the shooter games on their Playstation or what ever.

          1. “Why can’t they be like we were, perfect in every way?
            What’s the matter with kids today?”
            -Paul Lynde, “Bye Bye Birdie,” 1963.
            To think one’s own generation was special and today’s is awful, spoiled, lazy etc. is… well, generational. for many centuries.
            I still say one main, usually ignored reason everything was so great 30, 40, 50 years ago is… we were 30, 40, 50 years YOUNGER. Everything is better when you’re younger (usually)
            There were big issues then, too. But we simplify and romanticize them, in essence. Doesn’t help solve anything in the least.

  9. More “compromise” legislation that will only take from the legal gun owners, who have never done anything wrong, will be the ones to suffer and pay the penalties imposed by the overlords. Why is it okay to blame all gun owners for the wrong actions of a few but not okay to blame all of the people who buy booze for being drunk drivers? How about all blonds for being dumb? How about all bald people for being skinheads?

    1. Those poor gun owners. How dare we inconvenience them to save lives. Let’s focus on how sacred the fetus while we leave actual children to be shot up.

        1. What is YOUR solution?!
          My Right to Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness is being heavily impacted by your right to own an arsenal of combat weapons! When will you compromise so the rest of us can feel safe?

  10. What the hell does Ronnie Wyden know about common sense- he voted to impeach a sitting President two times over media lies and Demokrat shenanigans. Time to recall Ronnie for his part in the coup to remove DJ Trump !

        1. Why not? barneygetshiswish relentlessly insults everyone, the moderator and this station yet lives on this platform. If anyone deserves what he dishes out it’s the village idiot.

              1. They issue no rebuttals, just a ramped up “move to Idaho” or “nobody pays attention to what you say”. YOU are the closest when it comes to offering him any kind of debate. So no, I don’t like what they say, and no, I don’t believe it’s circular. Corkscrewed at best

        2. Yup- Barns is part of that liberal left of Pelosi-Biden-Harris-Comey-the Clintons… “Do as I say- not as I do”. Moderating is not rocket science- a bot woulda picked out three key words and boot-canned Qpie to the dung pile… “Your- and Village Idiot”. Bot’s know a personal attack when they detect one… Moderation here is based on personal bias and political positioning- Qpie’s post is just one of thousands of “undeniable” examples.

          1. Some level of automated moderation (AI) – is coming. Be careful what you wish for, “wishy.” It will treat you equally to your targets, as do I. But it won’t take your ridiculous bait and respond. You may well be talking to a wall — a ‘bot’ — the only thing that should have to read your stuff. Oh you’ll bluster with falsehoods, you’re full of that. But it won’t care. Nor will I.

  11. Here’s some common sense laws:
    – Repeal stupid laws that require guns to be locked up. They don’t stop criminals in Portland from committing crimes.
    – Repeal stupid laws attempting to limit magazine size. These laws are written by people who also have no idea what they’re talking about.
    – Don’t let 18 year olds purchase guns unless they’re active military or LE. Sure, hunting schmunting. Borrow your family’s gun. That way there’s someone watching after you. I was once 18 and I had no business owning anything, much less a gun at that age. The testosterone and lack of understanding is strong.
    – Require that everyone purchasing a weapon have insurance for it. If you’re in your 20s, have no criminal record, and have pretty good credit, insurance won’t cost you much. If you’re 18 and didn’t graduate school and post crazy stuff online, good luck.

    And just assume that there will be more attacks. These attacks serve as beacons to sickos to go do their terrible thing.

    1. Insurance? So you support the more financially well off who can afford insurance to be able to protect themselves and their families. Sorry bud, That’s unconstitutional and class discrimination.

      1. We require people to have insurance for their health and vehicles. Exorbitantly expensive firearm insurance sounds like a wonderful idea.

      2. And yet here are all of those oppressed people driving cars every day, working their jobs for their health insurance. Now go back to reading Das Kapital, and save the discussions for the adults.

    2. I am pretty far right and I could agree with changing the legal age from 18 to at least 21 maybe even 25. Unless you have served in the military or are out hunting.

      1. Absolutely not. If you can sign up to go die in a foreign war at 18, you should be able to own a gun. The “extended childhood” idea of today is a huge problem, and raising the age of being a full adult is only contributing to it.
        Or maybe you should have to be 25 to join the military?

          1. What are you talking about? Re read the comment thread. I wasn’t even replying to you. That said, my point still stands. If at 18, you are considered to have the mental capacity to sign your life away to a branch of the military, you have the mental capacity to buy a rifle, period.

      2. If we’re talking of changing the age requirements it should all or nothing.

        21 to drink and own firearms? Then also 21 to vote, drive and enlist in the military.

        If the average person is not mature enough by that age for one of those things then they are not mature enough for all of them.

    3. I got my first gun at 10. A shotgun. Got a .22 rifle the next year and a .22 pistol semi automatic Hi-Standard. At 12, I got a .30-30 and a .30-06 at 13. My dad said he was done buying my guns and if I wanted anymore, get a job. Sure is weird that I took them everywhere. To school to friends to the woods…. and nobody got shot

      Decades later…. exponentially more gear….. STILL nobody shot and that’s leaving them in my barn in the truck in the car around the house, you name it. None of them ever walked out the door and shot up anything

      1. @Fed up local No, they stating that republicans try to legislate morality to protect their sacred fetsuses while mocking the same idea when it comes to protecting actual, real children. They are calling conservatives hypocrites and they are right.

        1. What group of people have pushed to take the cops out of schools…. yours or mine? The difference is obvious, but it’s offensive to Barney to acknowledge and accept it.

  12. Meanwhile in Charleston, WV, woman legally conceal carrying neutralizes crazy gunman who was shooting into a grad party event. And that’s why we have the 2A! She is a hero! Crazy gunman dead!

      1. Hey Blue, could it be because you did not want to find a link? Try these- – Just so you know, I found dozens of links to the story. Next time you need help, just ask and we will see what we can do for you to keep you informed, just in case you actually want to be informed.

  13. Such a sleazy slime all trying to sound like he gives a rip. No gun law this fool could come up with would have stopped that sadistic killer.

  14. Gotta love “close to our SE Portland home” comment by Ronnie career multi millionaire liar in charge. He doesn’t have a Portland home and NEVER has. It’s his vacation home and one of about 6 that he owns. Ronnie has never lived here, he resides in New York but, you can’t tell the dumb sheep that. They only believe what millionaires tell them.

    1. You mean like the MAGA KKKlan? Believes everything a (4 time bankrupt) billionaire tells them? Talk about dumb sheep 🐑. Donate today! Trump 2020!

      1. Sounds like you watch too much CNN as evidence by your empty brain. I did, just sent Trump $500, thanks for the reminder. And don’t forget your cult of “VoTe BlUe No MaTtEr WhO”

          1. And you’re not gonna run over there and influence them at all huh….”hey, there’s this commenter that I don’t like his name. Could you ban him please?”

              1. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me….. unless you’re a news moderator or progressive commenter.

                1. Words are what we have to make moderation judgment calls on. We try to err on the side of freedom of speech, but a group of people here enjoy abusing that privilege in a privately run system with “clever” words.

                2. No Barney ! You allowed some extremely vulgar terms and obscene terms to run through this portal during your TDS days… Just when did you decide that your personal bias was no longer fit for this public forum ? Terms and phrases you had no problem with for four years- now you want to act angelic- save the world- pray for us. You think we’re a buncha dummies- easily conned and manipulated ? This is on you- not any of us- we simply play by the rules you allow- so stop moving the goal posts just because our warnings went unheeded for four years.

              1. I tried to post additional examples that were fine and dandy during the TDS days- when Barney turned a blind eye to some real vulgar terms… so what’s changed ? Little lyin’ Joey Biden doesn’t deserve the same treatment ? Sure he does- him and the family are a train wreck of corruption and proven porn- not like the garbage CNN21 spewed about our former President… this is exactly why American trust the media as much as the trust a toothless dentist- no credibility- and they’re not interested in righting their wrongs.

          2. Whats offensive about my screen name? I support the barnyards bags which is a company. One of their bags is fuzzy and furry I bought one. What’s the big deal? Are you and your “comment partners” that offended by everything? Jesus you people need to just grow up, you act like school children.

            1. barnyardsfuzzybag. Sounds like another possible violation of rule 6,486,859,584,995: The offense of questioning and or offending a liberal. The rule states; to avoid even the appearance of disrespect to a liberal, or the charge can be elevated to hate speech. They have appointed themselves as the arbiters of truth. If they declare something to be offensive or hate speech, then it is so!

        1. Let’s stay on topic. You “sent” Trump $500 but not a sheep…🤔. So by your logic if you buy and wear MAGA hats, t-shirts, flags, bumper stickers, attend rallies, regurgitate what a narcissistic egomaniac spews from the pulpit and send him money you’re not a sheep? Just a freethinking conservative?
          Just trying to understand how it works. Appreciate the clarification. 🤗

          1. How about if I look your info up, and join you up with the NRA? It’s not doxxing because I didn’t publish your info publicly, and it is not illegal. Maybe then we could meet on common ground and discuss things? It’s way easy when people can’t smart-ass and hide. Do you like decaf coffee? Meet up for a sip?

            1. Are you going to teach him a lesson? You are beyond pathetic, with your internet tough guy routine.You seem more like Droopy Dog. Most visitors to this website, likely regard you as a joke here. Maybe it’s time for you to cut back on the weak sauce.

          2. I’ll donate to whomever I want and support. If you don’t like it don’t comment. I 100% do not support Joe Biden the actual serial liar.

  15. Last week liberals were marching so they could keep killing babies through abortion. Today they are marching to take guns away to save children. A month ago they were marching to arm Ukraines citizens with guns. MAKE UP YOUR FREAKING MINDS!

    1. How would one kill a baby via abortion? And how does a literally war zone compare to children trying to go to school?

      And if conservatives DO consider a fetus a child (Which it isnt, of course.), how do they rationalize stripping women of their Constitutional rights in order to protect one while being unwilling to give up their own?

      1. So for democrats to justify killing someone all they have to do is assign an identity and define that life form as acceptable to eliminate. Like deplorables, or white privileged, or racist. You know, whatever term meets their current criteria. Democrats complain about violence while openly supporting and celebrating endless war and death.

  16. Republicans must protect the sacred fetus even if it means stripping women of their autonomy and human rights. Meanwhile, no firearm owner can be inconvenienced just to stop actual real children from being shot to pieces.

    Conservatism is pure insanity.

    1. Sounds like Blue hate children and fetuses which are growing children despite what your funded scientists say. Killing babies is big business (ask Bill Gates) who gets 500 million a year for planned parenthood. Now there’s an oxymoron for you. “Planned parenthood”. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 What they really mean is planned murder. They can abort a baby being born as long as the head doesn’t come out. You people are some sick a## mental patients.

    2. Like Democrats have declared a fetus not to be human so it isn’t killing. Who will they declare next as not human and ok to eradicate?

  17. When you feed off the trough your whole career like Wyden and many more politicians there is no common sense. Term limits the only way out of this mess and that is both sides of the aisle. Oregon worst Governor in America and now wanting one 10 times worse. No to Wyden and Kotek.

    1. Awww… you thought Kate was the worst..? Now I guess the people of Oregon will show you!!! LOL. But hey, Idaho is always taking more ignorant folks.

  18. Always blaming the gun. It’s like blaming alcohol for a DUII. Why not? Isn’t alcoholism a disease? Why don’t we condemn the shooter instead of the gun? What about the shooters parents or guardian? Why not blame them?

    1. No one “blames the gun.” They look for ways to reduce the threat of such tragedies. None are prefect. All could make progress. (We don’t talk about the tragedies averted, because that’s hard to track/quantify.) Putting familiar sad untrue words in others’ mouths to look superior is a sad fact of life in the Blame Society.

      1. Barney, the theory that no one “blames the gun” is provably untrue. People have been openly saying that in their own words, and commonly, and for many years already.

          1. If something is generally true, does that automatically make it an over generalization? If you have decided that no one blames the gun, your perspective will be shaped by that conclusion. That is bias. Being biased is normal human nature, but it can also cause blind spots.

              1. Oh you mean absolutes like; “no one” “blames the gun”? Overstatement agreed. I don’t like lack of reason, even when I do it. I am not hating on you, we all have biases. The first step to working around biases is to admit we have biases.

          2. Barney you can snow the people some of the time but not all of the time. The Democrats 100% of the time blame it on guns and that is every ones committed talking points in the party. Gun laws do not work because the liberals will not enforce laws on the books now. Strongest gun laws in the cities with the most crime. Now you can do your diatribe of telling me I’m full of crap.

            1. As much as I tend to disagree with the conservative red, this is a fact. Maybe we can blame knife manufacturers for the stabbings too.. right snowfalkes? And we should blame the moving truck company for the Oklahoma Bombing too, right snowflakes? And lets blame auto manufacturers for DUII’s as well… why stop at the alcohol manufacturer? Pretty soon we’ll all live in perfect harmony, right snowflakes? As long as you have the right to your drugs and abortions, everything is good for you… correct snowfalkes?

      2. Reduce the threat by arming everyone. There is 100% evidence to support this as people don’t go shooting up places where people are known to be armed.

        1. 100% evidence eh? Got a reputable link?
          Here’s a commentary that makes some valid questions:
          “This makes sense only if you ignore the question of what happens in a crowded theater, office building, school, mall or concert, when shots are popping and all the “good guys” pull out their guns. How will they know who’s who? How will the police? What happens when people with concealed-carry licenses, who may have never been required to prove they can accurately send a round down range, start blasting away?”

          1. That’s not evidence? Lol That’s a “controlled” study. I’ve been around guns my whole life and have never wanted to shoot anyone. I attribute it to my hunters safety course at 12 years old. Best thing my Dad ever did for me. After completion I bought at a gun show a 20 ga shotgun for Hunting pheasants. Yes hunters safety works WHEN Dad is still in the home. The phsyco in Texas was fatherless as alot of inner city youth are. Mom and Dad in the home is a big deal. Not some checked out family on social media all the time, worrying more about money and their way of life more than their kids. While I’ll agree some training is at hand but, more illegal mandatory insurance will just further deplete resources that these families need.

          2. Yes, look at the Swiss. Far more guns per capita, almost zero shootings- ever. And they do, BTW, have gun laws that are more restrictive than here in the USA. BUT, they don’t blame the guns for shootings. Now THAT’S COMMON SENSE. The facts are there if you care to look for them. Watch Jordan Klepper on his recent show to visit the Swiss and find out why this is the case.

          3. “This makes sense only if you ignore the question of what happens in a crowded theater, office building, school, mall or concert, when shots are popping and all the “good guys” pull out their guns. How will they know who’s who? How will the police? What happens when people with concealed-carry licenses, who may have never been required to prove they can accurately send a round down range, start blasting away?”

            -To reply to this… the threat would be neutralized realively quickly if more people have guns. The good guys don’t sit there and keep shooting after the fact. There are numerous cases of this occurring- even in the last two weeks. Good guys do not keep shooting good guys. If you think that’s the case, please… provide a reputable link. Even IF there was collateral damage of a casualty or two, isn’t that better than a building full of dead people? I say we arm everyone. War on drugs failed because you can’t make things dissappear. Now they give drugs and needles out to addicts at clinics. How’s that for a turnaround? Expect the same with guns when only the bad guys have them in twenty years.

  19. As usual the trolls are out in force on this one. The same old tired arguments and constant blame game. Let’s hear some real suggestions on how to stop this from happening again. School security? Absolutely needs to happen. Limit the ability of deranged people (of any age) from buying weapons? Sure. But how? Here’s an idea for starters. Hold the gun salesman and manufacturer legally responsible. The biggest thing that motivates people in America is money. So perhaps fear of jail or bankruptcy can help people selling weapons make better decisions. Just an idea.
    I have another unrelated idea. Change the title of this to “Suggestions ” instead of “comments”. Then only keep posts that are relevant to the discussion. Otherwise this just deteriorates into the same tired garbage that unfortunately reflects where we are as a country and does nothing to improve it. Okay, now let me have it, trolls.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. Years ago, before the high-profile, still in minority trolls (MANY folks here read but NEVER comment for logical fear of attacks) tried to outshout everyone else… online discourse was civil, and we liked to say we “err on the side of freedom of speech.”
      But even moving to a new, partially automated-moderation comment system, we’re not ABOUT to make judgment calls on what’s “on topic” or “relevant.” That wouldn’t solve anything, and would deny many good people a chance to talk about whatever the heck they want, as long as it’s civil. Do I wish we could have a High Desert Forum (I’ve started many on platforms over the years) to talk about any and everything? Sure, but … tools to keep it from getting offensive and toxic still would apply.

      1. If these are the non offensive posts then I would really hate to see the ones you removed. I wasn’t really suggesting any kind of open censorship. I am just exhausted by the constant moaning and complaining on both sides without anyone coming up with any real solutions. We just blame now. We have some serious problems in this country that need to be addressed by everyone. No one is going to get all they want on any one issue. But compromise has become an evil word now. I am just hoping that maybe the next generation can think of solutions before we tear ourselves apart.

        1. I started my Rejecting the Blame Society blog a decade ago. That’s why groups like Braver Angels and the Bridge Alliance give me hope for the future. I also in no way believe the relatively few loud toxic trolls here represent the vast majority of people, who don’t engage for very obvious reasons. We have to make their wishes for working together and actually engaging in dialogue with those whom we disagree to find that ol’ cliche “common ground” happen.

          1. How can you both reject the blame society AND regurgitate CNN? I reject the blame society too, we are on the same side apparently. But I read CNN only to find out what the blame society are up to these days.

              1. I have called this station out numerous times on giving one sided stories. CNN is one of the worst with OPB running a close 2nd. Journalism is dead. Now we have news stations/newspapers/magazines that slant the direction of the funding source. I have yet to find an accurate news, on either side.

                1. You say this on a story that quotes an elected US senator and a prominent gun-rights attorney. Journalism is not dead. It’s just being kicked unfairly by those with political agendas, who smear broadly over specific issues they have with stories not leaning in their direction.

          2. Barney- you are simply walking in the shadows of truth and lies. You reject blame society- yet “promote-encourage-clearly side through open bias” your personal beliefs and politics… nothing more than passive aggressive rejection and blame of “the evil other side”- in short- you are not neutral- so stop insinuating you are.

        1. I don’t believe that reporters were supposed to make suggestions in there own articles. It used to be that they just reported what happened or what someone said. Now of course it is different.

  20. “We owe them their future,” said Wyden.
    They have no future due to national debt, inflation, out of control housing cost
    Now he wants common gun sense control, which he hasn’t displayed during his forty years in DC. Just a figure head spewing the narrative.

    1. Guarantee he either owns a gun, or is protected in DC by armed cops/protective detail. All of these Democrats screaming gun control are hypocrites. Nancy Pelosi lives in a LOCKED/GATED community. Many have private security details that are armed and protect them 24/7.

  21. As usual ktvz pushing an agenda. Why are you showing a still shot of a magazine three quarters out of the pistol like it’s an extended magazine? To intentionally mislead idiots that don’t know anything about firearms.

  22. When Dubya allowed the ban on auto/high fire weapons to expire, all hell broke loose, we need to go back to that, there is no place for weapons of war in the neighborhood

    1. Even when fully auto guns were around we didn’t have these problems. These are social and mental problems. Sure it’s easy to blame a “tool” but, in reality the tool is not at fault. These are young men fresh from school or still in school NOT mature adult men. I’d be in favor in changing the age of gun ownership WITHOUT supervision to 25 years old. We all know kids don’t mature until age 25 fully. Atleast our insurance companies do.

      1. Then registration for the draft would have have to change to age 25.
        Can’t send 18-24 year olds off in the military if they can’t have or own weapons.
        I am in favor of at least raising the minimum age to purchase to 21, but again, the draft/military age would have to change as well.

      2. A COMPRIMISE!
        Someone admitting things could be better!!

        wow. honestly.
        I’m blown away.
        holy smokes dude…
        never thought I’d see the day.

  23. Because guns bad, white man bad, orange man bad, republican bad, constitution bad, law abiding citizen bad, oil bad, people who disagree with that are bad. Democrats good, abortion good, drugs good, war good, black man good, illegal immigration good, criminal good, electric car good, racism against white people good, people who agree with that are good. Got it.

  24. between 2007 and 2017, there were 495 people murdered in such mass events. When breaking down those shootings by the weapons involved, it is revealed that around half of those victims (253) were murdered by a perpetrator with an assault weapon (AW), such as an AR-15.

    Over the same timeframe, FBI annual crime reports show that there were 150,352 homicides in total, of which 103,901 involved firearms. This means that mass shootings involving AWs constitute 0.17 percent and 0.24 percent of all homicides and firearm homicides, respectively.

    To further illuminate the relative infrequency of mass shootings with “assault weapons,” consider the fact that in 2017, some 1,590 people were murdered using knives or sharp instruments.

    Over the last five years, 261 people were murdered with AWs in mass shootings (an average rate of 52 murders annually.) At such a rate, it would take over 30 years of mass shootings with AWs to produce the same number of deaths as one year’s worth of knife murders. (It would take 135 years’ worth of mass shootings with AWs to produce the 7,032 deaths that handgun homicides did in 2017.)

    Between 1994 and 2004, the federal government banned the manufacture, sale, or transfer of assault weapons and large-capacity magazines. A subsequent Department of Justice study found no evidence that the ban had had any effect on gun violence and stated that “should it be renewed, the ban’s effects on gun violence are likely to be small at best and perhaps too small for reliable measurement.”

    A recent study published this year in the Journal of General Internal Medicine examined state gun control policies and found no statistically significant relationship between assault weapon or large-capacity magazine bans and homicide rates. A Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) studycame to the same conclusion.

    1. You are using the wrong terminology by referring to AR-15s as “assault weapons”. One pull of the trigger and one round is discharged. Just like any other legal over-the-counter rifle, handgun, and shotgun.

    1. So would J&J or Pfizer’s hazardous vaccines- actually related to hundreds/thousands of deaths nationwide… so what’s yer point ?

    2. @Stoner – Kinda like drunk and impaired drivers who scare me more than gun owners. Everyone has a higher chance of being killed in a motor vehicle incident than in a firearm incident.

  25. Actually Barney don’t worry about it. I refuse to make you and your company more money off other people’s misery. I’m out of this liberal biased rag of a news station. Buh bye. Delete this account if you could. I’m done.

    1. We don’t delete accounts. That would delete the posts we might need as evidence. Hope you find a site more to your liking. Will work every day to prove the unfair critics wrong, through factual news coverage.

  26. There were over 1000 murders in the City of Los Angeles in the early 90’s. By 2015 that number was reduced to less than 300. How one might ask? Laws that were enforced and sentencing guidelines that were harsh. Here is an idea- let’s make crime illegal and incarcerate those who commit crime.

    1. You make a lot of sense but we can’t do that. We don’t care about the victims, but we have to be nice to the perpetrators even if they offend again and again….

  27. DemocRats never let a tragedy go waste to further their political agenda. Does anybody seriously think they care about the victims? Cartels smuggle fully automatic weapons through the border, the ones that are truly banned and weapons of war, democRats appear to be just fine with that. Cartel related murders and shooting are never picked up by the national news but if you google around a bit you find them.

    1. This is just MAGAts trying to spread racial fear and hate.
      Google ‘cartel related murders in Oregon’ and you will be shocked at the number of no related stories you find.

  28. WordPress controls these accounts and we get to use them other places besides KTVZ. Neither KTVZ or your parent company get to decide on the policies of WordPress. That’s how Fake news starts with a small bit of truth. The truth is WordPress doesn’t delete accounts. You better hope the Grammar police don’t use your copy and message board posts as evidence! If they do, you will lose your typewriter!

    1. Don’t know what you are talking about. Every website with comments gets to set its Terms of Service. Fake news is a fake pejorative, full of hate. We can delete accounts on our site, it has been done in the past.

  29. The people who keep their guns legally are not the one’s shooting up Portland and others places. Until someone figures out how to keep guns out of the hands of gangs and others who do harm. No gun law is going to work 100% They can pass all the laws they want to hurt legal gun owners, its the people who obtain guns illegally that are the problem.

  30. So many trolls ready to stand up against practical gun laws. There is collective blood on our heads. Generation Z is going to inherit this mess and they will know which generations and party did nothing on so many levels. This is why Wyden has the vote of most left, moderates, and centrists. The alt-right will continue with their NRA and pro-putin agenda. However, they are a minority. That’s the real reason they are so scares. They are the minority who desires power over all sensible changes. They know their time is limited in office. People are not having thus anymore.

  31. The headline says it all: No Law can regulate morality.
    America has a mental health problem.
    America has a discipline problem.
    America (At least Democratic cities such as Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, etc) have a justice/police/judicial system problem.
    America is still in a Health Crisis due to forced mandated jabs.
    Those will a will to kill, will always find a way to get a gun. When they can’t they use Vehicles, Knives, Bombs, etc.
    We cannot make “common sense” laws for gun control. Those who use guns legally, are not the ones that need laws. We are tired of being overly burdened by the illegal laws OR legislature has already passed and we now have to fight for our 2A rights. Crack down on Mental Health and prosecute or mandate foster care homes. Crack down on Drugs and Illegal Guns…that is your black market. Unfortunately OR has decided to make possession a misdemeanor…which means drugs are okay. Crack down on DA’s who refuse to punish ANYONE breaking a law for ANY reason. No more let them go after riots. No more refusal to prosecute for sex crimes, drugs, etc.
    We need to get back to what we had 40-50 years ago. Mental health hospitals that held people long term, until their meds could be dialed in. Justice system that functioned, police knew their job and DA’s prosecuted.

  32. Since he forgot to mention that it was a good guy with a gun who stopped the Clackamas Town Center incident from becoming bigger – what is he thinking????

    1. Or that two days after the school shooting, a mass shooting was stopped by an armed woman in the SE USA. Another “common sense” reason to own a gun… completely overlooked by the snowflakes. Dozens of lives were save by this woman when a gang member pulled up to a party and started shooting at people. That shooter is dead now, thanks to “common sense” gun laws that allow us to defend ourselves.

  33. Common sense gun laws: It’s common sense that only the bad guys have illegal things when you make those things illegal. Stupid people. It’s “common sense”.

  34. We don’t need “common sense” rules. We need real barriers of entry. Our politicians are skilled in adding barriers for the needy to acquire monetary assistance they can replicate that for gun ownership.

    Pro gun people like to say the Swiss have a lot of guns. Well lets adopt all the Swiss gun laws then and we may see significant improvement. But that would invade “freedom” because the swiss tell a lot of citizens they can’t have a gun.

  35. Can someone explain the difference between an assault weapons and a non-assault weapon? I’ll wait.

    Can a shovel be an assault weapon?

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