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Madras Pep & Cheer Studio hit by break-in, robbery

Owner said 'girls were devastated' -- but community is stepping up to help

MADRAS, Ore., (KTVZ) -- Funds raised by students, as well as equipment and supplies, were stolen from the Madras Pep & Cheer Studio during a break-in Friday night, the owner said Saturday.

Ashley Garcia Manteiga, owner of the studio, told NewsChannel 21 it was difficult to watch her students find out what had happened.

"The girls are devastated," she said. "Walking into the studio and seeing them cry -- coming in the studio was probably the hardest."

But she also expressed gratitude that the community has already shown support, in the wake of the crime.

"The community has been great," she said. "They started a GoFundMe account, and we got a couple donations. People are reaching out and seeing what we need, so we've been getting it replaced. They 've been very fortunate right now."

COVID-19 regulations mean the teams have been competing virtually. Stolen equipment and funds makes that harder.

"We need those radios to play the music, so they can compete, so that was pretty low," Garcia Manteiga added.

Madras Pep and Cheer will be competing in Las Vegas in May. Most of the money that was stolen was going toward that trip.

Now, they're fundraising again, to cover those costs.

If you would like to help the cheer team, their GoFundMe page is at:

Madras Pep and Cheer GoFundMe

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Carly Keenan is a multimedia journalist and producer for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Carly here.



  1. I frequently read stories like this and wonder why people keep cash of any amount in their cars, home or offices? I do not condone theft by any means, but why not deposit the $ in a bank or credit union, even a PayPal account to avoid a loss? In today’s world of out of control meth/drug use and the criminal behaviors that are associated, anyone can be a target. Lock u[ your money and possessions, don’t be a victim.

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