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La Pine

Rekindled burn pile sparks La Pine brush fire, threatens home, tied-up dog

Rekindle burn pile escaped, sparking brush fire Tuesday afternoon
La Pine Rural Fire District
Rekindle burn pile escaped, sparking brush fire Tuesday afternoon

Fire chief reminds about burn pile safety as weather warms, dries

La PINE, Ore. (KTVZ) – A reignited burn pile spread and sparked a quarter-acre brush fire in La Pine Tuesday afternoon, threatening a home and a tied-up dog for a time, but crews stopped the fire before any damage or injuries.

La Pine Rural Fire District firefighters responded shortly after 3 p.m. to the reported brush fire in the 16500 block of Reed Road, after an Oregon State Police trooper spotted the flames near an unoccupied home, Fire Chief Mike Supkis said.

Eight firefighters on a brush engine, water tender and quick response unit command vehicle responded and quickly contained the fire, which had threatened a home, camper and dog run.

Supkis said law enforcement and firefighters first made sure a tied-up dog, who was exposed to the spreading fire and could not escape, was safe.

The cause was an escaped fire from a burn pile where debris previously was burned and wet debris and pine needles were later placed on top, Supkis said. With the arrival of dryer, warmer weather, the new material ignited, and the fire escaped to the surrounding grass and brush.

The fire district wants to keep our community safe from fire, and as a reminder, all debris burning on private lands must have a permit, (and) those permit conditions must be followed, including having a working hose or water extinguishers and be attended at all times," Supkis said in a news relesae.

"Even after a few cool and wet spring days, it only takes one day of sunny and warm temperatures, with a bit of light wind -- typical afternoon weather in Central Oregon -- causing increased fire behavior in light fuels," the fire chief warned.

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    1. I agree. It’s an old, out-dated and sad method for keeping a dog. To be fair, maybe it was only a temporary thing for this dog but to be burned alive while tied by the neck seems medieval, at best. Hope the owners can make some changes for their pup.

    2. You shouldn’t open your mouth that you don’t know shit about my dog was on a hundred foot runner also has a covered area to go to as well as food and water so get your **** straight before you run your lips thanks 😊

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