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Deschutes County enters ‘Lower Risk’ Covid-19 rules Friday; residents, businesses react

'That just means that we’re moving in the right direction'

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Starting Friday, many businesses in Deschutes County will be able to operate at a higher capacity as the county moves from "High Risk" to "Lower Risk" Covid-19 restrictions.

Bend resident Stefanie Bolivear said Wednesday she’s looking forward to the loosened restrictions on businesses, especially in entertainment.

“I’m definitely looking forward to entertainment coming back, live music -- you know, outdoor venues. I probably will not participate in indoor venues personally -- not yet at least,” Bolivear said.

But Bolivear says despite the relaxed rules, she isn't going to drop her guard.

"I’m still going to wear my mask, I’m going to socially distance and follow guidelines that are important to me,” she said.

Some of the biggest changes taking place on businesses Friday are the number of people allowed, indoors and outdoors.

The times businesses can operate is also changing for some.

Eating and Drinking Establishments will now be allowed to have up to 300 people dining outside and allowed to stay open until midnight.

Indoor Recreation and Fitness Establishments will be allowed to operate at a 50% occupancy, compared to the 10% they are currently allowed.

Indoor Entertainment Establishments will also be allowed to operate at 50% occupancy.

Outdoor Entertainment Establishments such as zoos and amphitheaters will be at 50% as well.

Faith Institutions, Funeral Homes, and Cemeteries will be allowed to operate at 75% occupancy.

Kayla Heuton, general manager of Bend Brewing Company, is looking forward to the changes.

“If we’re going down into Lower Risk, that just means that we’re moving in the right direction,” Heuton said.

Heuton added that it will also help create a better customer experience.

“Being able to allow more people, we won’t have to regulate as much, which is really nice. We won’t have to police people, standing over (those) sitting," Heuton said.

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Leslie Cano

Leslie Cano is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Leslie here.



        1. Well perhaps you should understand the facts before casting judgement. I am 100 percent fully vaccinated. I chose to be vaccinated for other reasons, none of which fits the political narrative.

          Understand that 90% of this pandemic was ‘Politically’ motivated, the other 10% is a viral problem in the elderly. How do you explain the ‘Hysteria Shut Off on a dime’ move that Fauci and his team pulled last week with the ‘Go Maskless’ ? Interesting to me.

          We have some political charged statements going on here. As of yesterday St. Charles reported 48 COVID patients including 9 in the ICU and seven on ventilators. Here is a link to the KTVZ article.

          However earlier this month when St. Charles was panicking because of hospital beds reached the maximum capacity St. Charles reported 39 COVID patients, 8 in the ICU and six on ventilators. Here is the article.

          So the question I have, is why St. Charles is not lighting up the news outlets with panic and concern over the amount of COVID patients in the hospital. Why, perhaps one possible reason would be that it does not fit the ‘FAUCI’ narrative. Or better yet, the “Establishment” narrative. This is just one example of the blunders that are taking place in this whole mess. There are many more examples if you just pay attention.

          And I thank God that you are able to express your opinions and live the way you want because of the freedoms we have in this country. The biggest concern I have is the the “CrowdSpeak” will drown out opposing views. Then my friend we have a problem, because you will no longer have your freedom of your own views, as you will have to take on the view of the “CrowdSpeak” or else be shamed or censored. Good luck in your endeavors, you all should be concerned about your freedoms.

  1. So I see article left out about governor asking businesses to have somebody outside to check vaccination cards. Maybe she realized that’s not really feasible. If she is gonna go through demanding businesses and churches do this, is this where her clandestine task force comes in Barney?

      1. If there was one on the clandestine shadow force squad 🐚 put to work enforcing this. Sure she’ll create hundreds more jobs that way.

    1. Doug I’m sure ktvz would be happy to do that for businesses they love to rat on people and businesses who aren’t doing the right thing just ask black bear diner.

  2. “If we’re going down into Lower Risk, that just means that we’re moving in the right direction,” Heuton said.”

    Yeah right… The resident idiot Brown has said that before, and then turned
    around and changed it back. Give it a few weeks and we will be moved back to
    High Risk again. It’s like trying to ride a yo-yo.

    1. Your sounding like you don’t have the faith Mike 🤨. If not in a week for memorial day weekend than I 👀 it for fourth of July. Some have more faith in Elvis running a kwik e Mart in Tuscaloosa.🐥

    2. Maybe she has said that before because every time you give an inch, idiots take a mile. For example, the new mandate says VACCINATED people can go without masks and do less social distancing (an inch), but now every slack jawed yokel that did not get vaccinated but does not want to wear a mask is going to go without a mask leading to another surge (a mile).

  3. ” But Bolivear says despite the relaxed rules, she isn’t going to drop her guard.
    I’m still going to wear my mask, I’m going to socially distance and follow guidelines that are important to me,” she said.”

    Sounds like she doesn’t trust our worthless Governor. This isn’t a big surprise.
    There will no doubt be quite a few people that will continue to hide behind a mask
    for the rest of their lives. People have become programed because it has been going
    on for a long time now, and they believe everything that they are told…

    1. Sounds like something an”I believe the Big Lie” Trump Humping character would say so, not surprising considering the source.

    2. NO we don’t believe everything, we are very good at sorting the lies from the truth. That’s why we ousted the lying criminal from the white house last year.

    1. Are you jealous? Sounds like it. Who cares, aside from you.

      Frequent another establishment. There are certainly enough breweries in Bend it would be easy to do.

  4. This person is a perfect example of someone who believes THE science by selecting THE science that she likes…

    “I’m still going to wear my mask, I’m going to socially distance and follow guidelines that are important to me,” she said.

    So…do you believe science or not? Or only when it fits your politics.

    1. Sounds like she’s choosing her words carefully so as to put information out to people who want to be informed while doing the least amount of triggering attacks by the whiny ignorant anti science clowns.

  5. Lol! Kate Brown is looking like a Nazi dictator fool after the real men Abbott and Ron DeSantis took the Rona and kicked back to Wuhan along time ago.

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