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Madras boy, 8, struck by car, seriously injured after crashing scooter on street

Madras boy was struck by car after crashing his scooter on a street, police say
Madras Police Dept.
Madras boy was struck by car after crashing his scooter on a street, police say

Witnesses help lift car off child

MADRAS, Ore. (KTVZ) – An 8-year-old Madras boy was seriously injured when his non-motorized kick scooter crashed onto a southeast Madras street and he was hit by a car, then dragged about 20 feet before witnesses lifted the car off him, police said Friday.

Police were dispatched around 3:10 p.m. Tuesday to the reported vehicle-vs.-pedestrian crash at the corner of Strawberry Lane and J Street, Police Chief Tanner Stanfill said. The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, Jefferson County EMS and Jefferson County Fire also responded.

Stanfill said an investigation found the boy was riding a scooter near the road and crashed onto Strawberry Lane, in the lane of traffic.

A 24-year-old Madras woman was driving west on J Street and had just turned south onto Strawberry Lane when the child crashed into her lane, the chief said. Witnesses said the driver was at low speeds, Stanfill said, and she had just made a sharp left turn.

The child was hit and run over by the car, dragged about 20 feet. Stanfill said witnesses ran to the boy’s aid and partially lifted the front of the car so he could be removed from beneath it.

The child was injured in the crash and also burned from the heat of the car, the police chief said. He was taken to St. Charles Madras and later flown to St. Charles Bend for treatment. Neighbors of the family told NewsChannel 21 he later was taken to a Portland burn center.

The driver cooperated with police and was cited for driving without a license.

KTVZ News Team



  1. Driving without a license, ran over a child, dragged him 20ft and he’s burned… “Here’s your ticket ma’am. Thank you for cooperating” Poor job Madras PD. Terrible job!

      1. That corner is a T and has a hill on both roads. Driver would be driving uphill and then turning uphill while youth moving downhill. It would be easy for the kid to lose control on the sidewalk and shoot into the road, and the road is tight which would keep the car from being able to easily navigate. Good thing driver was going slowly. Terrible the kid was trapped underneath the car and it seems caught under the engine.
        Hope the youth recovers quickly.
        And thanks for striving to keep us up to date this weekend.

    1. RealLo, The article states the vehicle was going slowly and had just made a sharp turn onto the road. The kid shoots out in front of her. How about a little compassion for the hell this driver is going through along with obvious well-wishes for the recovery of the child…

  2. Barney can you keep the community posted if possible? Our prayers for that little guy. I can’t imagine… If the family post a go fund me can you share that as well please.

  3. Sounds like this little guy lost control which led to his misfortune. However, as a driver I’ve witnessed far too many teens on scooters, skateboards and unlicensed motorized bikes on the streets of Madras and there’s never a hint of LE concern, even when done right in front of them.

    1. I’m not sure what Madras PD even does, tbh. There is no code enforcement, RVs and trailers and broken down cars parked on the street that never move, you never see anyone pulled over, kids are riding those tiny motorcycles in the side streets at fairly high rates of speed and these scooters are everywhere. This was inevitable.. People need to slow down AND kids need to be taught about street safety. Not every residential street is a good option for riding around on motorized/non motorized wheels. Wipeouts happen quickly and people in cars can’t see you or react as quickly as they’d like to.

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