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Four shootings in Seattle leave 3 dead, 5 injured


By Hollie Silverman and Susannah Cullinane, CNN

Three people were killed and five more were injured in a series of unrelated shootings in Seattle early Sunday, according to police.

The four incidents all took place within three hours, the Seattle Police Department said in a release.

The first occurred around 1:48 a.m. outside of a bar in the Belltown neighborhood. A bar employee reported a fight in the bar that had moved into the street and parking lot. When responding, police heard gunshots and found a man suffering from gunshot wounds who was declared deceased after lifesaving attempts, according to the release.

Around 2:30 a.m., police responded to reports of a shooting about two miles south in Occidental Square, where they found two men suffering from gunshot wounds. One was taken to hospital while the other was declared dead at the scene, according to the release. Three more victims were transported in personal vehicles from that location, one of whom died in the hospital from injuries, the release said.

A woman with a gunshot wound to the stomach that was not life-threatening arrived at a hospital in Bellevue outside Seattle around 3:30 a.m. She told investigators she had been shot in Seattle and police determined the shooting occurred around 1:40 a.m., the release said. The shooting occurred roughly two miles from the second shooting in the Chinatown-International District.

The final incident occurred around 4:40 a.m. with 911 calls reporting shots fired at Cal Anderson Park, according to the release. A man with a gunshot wound arrived at Harborview Medical Center and said he had been shot after playing a basketball game, the release said.

Police said detectives are investigating all of the separate incidents and are asking anyone with information on any of the shootings to reach out to the crime tip line.

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  1. This just illustrates how well the defund the police movement has done. Now if we can just get the DA’s on board to not incarcerate the lawbreakers, oh wait they are…..

  2. You would think that these cities would wake up and stop electing the same people over and over again that perpetuate this violent behavior. I guess they love living like this. We all know what the definition of insanity is and still the same people time and time again keep running these cities into the ground. The people are the only ones that can change this.

  3. Glad to see that the “Summer of Love” is working out for Seattle. Funny, like Portland they’ve been Democrat run for over 40 years. Crime is at an all time high, homelessness has skyrocketed, and schools are a disaster. Don’t drink out of plastic straws though.

  4. And to think all these local liberals just love how all those big-time democrats run those states and big cities and that’s how they want bend to be governed. Have fun with that I already see all the graffiti everywhere when I drive through bend just wait until they start claiming there territory then all the fun will begin and all you people with no guns will be calling on all the police that you defunded to help just like all the idiots getting shot in all the tube

    1. Violent crime is up %800 in Portland since last year. The city of Roses is now the city of criminals and homeless. Bend is next.

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