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School board meeting canceled as crowd protests mask mandate

<i>Elenee Dao//KXLY</i><br/>The Coeur D'Alene Public Schools school board meeting discussing a temporary mask mandate was canceled due to security concerns related to the size of a crowd of protesters on September 24.
Elenee Dao
Elenee Dao//KXLY
The Coeur D'Alene Public Schools school board meeting discussing a temporary mask mandate was canceled due to security concerns related to the size of a crowd of protesters on September 24.

By Carma Hassan, CNN

A school board meeting in Idaho to discuss a temporary mask mandate was canceled Friday due to “security concerns” related to the size of a crowd of people protesting the proposed requirement.

One-hundred people attempted to participate in the Coeur d’Alene Public Schools board meeting, exceeding the meeting room’s capacity, according to the school district and the Coeur d’Alene police department.

“That meeting was canceled shortly after it was scheduled to being because of security concerns with the size of the crowd waiting outside,” school district spokesperson Scott Maben told CNN in an email.

According to video shared by CNN affiliate KXLY reporter Elenee Dao, the crowd chanted “no more masks” and “my child, my choice.”

The protesters also held signs saying “Do not sell out our children!” and “Keep God’s children unmasked.”

“When members of the crowd began banging on the exterior door and shouting, police were on scene to handle that. We canceled the meeting and the board members and staff were able to safely exit,” Maben said.

Then people in the crowd drove to the Coeur d’Alene School District Office, where approximately 30 people entered the lobby, police said.

“We then went into lockdown there, for close to 90 minutes. Employees in the building were escorted by police to their vehicles,” Maben said.

The crowd “got loud and boisterous, but there’s really no violence to speak of,” Coeur d’Alene Police Captain Dave Hager told CNN by phone.

Employees called police because they “were concerned for their safety,” the police captain said.

“It was simply a situation with people passionate about their views,” Hager said, noting the crowd’s signs were against a mask mandate.

No arrests were made and there were no assaults or injuries reported, Hagar said.

The school district does not currently have a mask mandate in place, Maben said.

Responses to mask mandates in schools has varied widely across the country, from acceptance, to attempts by politicians to block them, to students being sent home for violating them.

Correction: An earlier version of this story had the wrong first name for KXLY reporter Elenee Dao.

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CNN’s Kaylene Chassie contributed to this report.

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      1. Do you read your posts Herr? Seems like you need to get a better education and figure out what really is happening in our world. You can keep blaming Trump, but the reality is it is people like you that are destroying our Constitution. If you need help understanding what’s taking place, please read American Marxism by Mark Levin.

        1. From what I have seen this nation as a whole is getting exactly the leadership it deserves. Now let’s see where these “leaders” lead. Not looking too good right now.

  1. Paid activists. All of them. School board meetings need to start requiring “parents” show an ID with a local address, and be able to name one teacher at the school.

  2. Classic fail ng regressives!!!! Whining, petty people with tiny empty lives. Poor kids!!! Destined to become the same failed losers as their parents.

  3. The anti mask/vaxx crowd outside the school board meetings are the most uncivil gaggle I’ve ever seen, short of a Trump rally. How are they ever going to teach their kids adulting?

      1. Seattle and Portland were just “Mostly peaceful protests” with very few people killed, and obviously, these parents who are concerned for their children are “domestic terrorists”.

  4. Beej, I have a bicycle can you swim? Medical personnel know what role masks play, they are educated enough to know they do nothing in slowing the spread of COVID. The willingness to bow to Brownshirts mandates only shows a low level of medical understanding and a high level of willingness to be controlled.

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    Let’s not forget about Elmer Fudd though.
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