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Spokane council to vote on noise-emitting devices to deter loiterers

SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) -- The Spokane City Council will vote Monday on a law that would ban devices that emit a disruptive sound to discourage loiterers who congregate outside downtown businesses.

City Councilwoman Kate Burke tells the Spokesman Review that the devices are inherently discriminatory because they are used mostly against homeless people and youth who loiter in the city's center.

But businesses are upset by the proposed ban on the high-frequency devices and say their properties have been harmed by large groups that congregate in the area.


The Associated Press



  1. Really?
    We use them for mice, rats, and other vermin. Why not bums and bums-to-be?
    Of course, we need to keep in mind that some areas in WA are considering forcing property owners to make their land more inclusive to the vagrants… including space for benches, sleeping, maybe even camping.
    Time to bring back the work farms.

  2. Discriminatory ? No, it’s just a realistic fact. Those are the people that are
    causing the problems. If they don’t want to be targeted, they should change their
    behavior and not cause problems for businesses and other people…

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