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Oregon faces 11% revenue drop; GOP leader blames Gov. Brown

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SALEM, Ore. (AP) — Oregon faces an 11% drop in state revenue from the previous biennium as the coronavirus pandemic triggered a shutdown order and a consequent drop in tax payments, state economists reported Wednesday.

General Fund and other major revenues have been reduced relative to the March forecast by $2.7 billion in the current biennium and $4.4 billion in the 2021-23 budget period, state economist Josh Lehner said. (Read the full forecast report here.)

Lehner said the current recession is the deepest on record in Oregon, with data going back to 1939, but is expected to be shorter in duration than the Great Recession.

“The economy should return to health by mid-decade,” Lehner said.

Gov. Kate Brown said, “We have tough choices ahead.”

“We will need to tighten our belts. I am working with legislative leaders to preserve critical state services, find efficiencies, and prepare for potential budget cuts,” the Democratic governor said.

Senate Republican Leader Fred Girod blamed Brown for the economic fallout.

“Governor Brown’s insistence to keep Oregon’s economy shut down, despite flattening the curve weeks ago, has cost Oregon billions of dollars of revenue, impacting generations to come,” Girod said. “This revenue loss could have been mitigated if the governor had been a leader and opened our state weeks ago.”

State medical officers said the shutdown orders, which were relaxed in a first phase for almost half of the state’s population last week, were needed to prevent the highly contagious coronavirus from spreading and claiming more lives. The known death toll is currently about 140 in a state of 4.2 million.

Senate Majority Leader Ginny Burdick, D-Portland, said it is important to prioritize investments in education, the health and safety of Oregonians and the resources and programs necessary to help pull the state out of this public health and economic crisis.

“There are extensive challenges ahead as we begin down the lengthy road to recovery,” Burdick said.

Brown said the state needs more help from the federal government, through Congress and President Donald Trump, to help bridge the budget gap

“Now it’s time for Congress and the president to step up and provide once-in-a-century support for important state services, including schools, health care, and public safety,” the governor said.


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Governor Kate Brown Statement on May Revenue Forecast

(Portland, OR) — Governor Kate Brown today issued the following statement about the State of Oregon May revenue forecast:

“From the outset of this pandemic, it has been clear that the need for critical state services would far outstrip our resources as a state. Working Oregon families are counting on us to deliver COVID-19 emergency response efforts, while also ensuring public health, public safety, housing assistance, food assistance, unemployment insurance, and so many more essential state government functions continue uninterrupted.

“The latest forecast for state revenue makes it clear that we have tough choices ahead. We will need to tighten our belts. I am working with legislative leaders to preserve critical state services, find efficiencies, and prepare for potential budget cuts.

“Make no mistake, the budget gap created by this pandemic is too large to bridge without additional Congressional action. I am thankful for the work of our congressional delegation to secure federal funding for Oregon in the relief packages Congress has passed so far. But those funds only address a fraction of our current need, especially since we are not permitted to use the funding we have received so far to address state budget shortfalls.

“As a state, we took action to shutter our economy in order to save lives in the middle of a once-in-a-century crisis. Now it’s time for Congress and the President to step up and provide once-in-a-century support for important state services, including schools, health care, and public safety.”

House Republican Leader Statement on Revenue Forecast

SALEM, Ore. – House Republican Leader Christine Drazan (R-Canby) released the following statement on today’s revenue forecast:

“Oregon families are hurting and have been forced to make significant budget cuts. Now the state must take reasonable actions to bring the budget in line with declining revenues. The best approach going forward is for the legislature to do all we can to support a full economic recovery for hardworking Oregon families across this state, who were disproportionately harmed by the governor’s executive shutdown orders.”

Statement by House Speaker Tina Kotek on June 2020 Economic and Revenue Outlook

“Today’s challenging forecast was expected given the devastating toll the coronavirus pandemic has taken on the Oregon and national economies. The state will rebalance its budget carefully and strategically.

“We must remember that budgets are not just numbers on a spreadsheet. Budgets are about people, our communities, and our collective well-being. We need to take the lessons learned from the Great Recession and do more to protect vulnerable Oregonians and rebuild an economy that promotes success for everyone.

“Fortunately, our state is in a far better financial position than it was at the start of the Great Recession. We have strong reserves that should be tapped early to avoid additional damage to our economy. I also believe increased bonding for public infrastructure will help to jumpstart the economy and put people back to work.

“Together, Oregon will survive this challenge and thrive again soon.”

June Revenue Forecast Statement from House Majority Leader Barbara Smith Warner
SALEM, Ore. – House Majority Leader Barbara Smith Warner (D-Portland) issued the following statement on the June revenue forecast released earlier today: 
“These are unprecedented times for our state and nation. Across Oregon, families are suffering and people are scared about the future. In the coming weeks and months, we will do all that we can to find creative solutions to minimize impacts on the critical services that Oregonians are counting on now more than ever, including health care and education. We will do this with an eye toward equity and ensuring the resources we have are getting to the areas where they are needed most. Fortunately, thanks to prudent fiscal management over the years by Democratic leadership, Oregon is the most prepared it has ever been to weather an economic downturn. Together, we will get through this.”  

Statement from Labor Commissioner Val Hoyle on Revenue Forecast

“This news is unprecedented in our lifetimes. It’s not surprising after the drastic steps we’ve had to take to weather this global pandemic for more than two months.

These numbers show the beginnings of the impact the pandemic will have on Oregonians, our small businesses, and our economy for years to come. It’s incredibly sobering. There are no easy solutions.

We need to have thoughtful and inclusive decision-making on the state budget as soon as possible to begin to support workers and businesses, ensure access to critical state services, and move our state forward in a responsible way. The legislature should meet as soon as possible for a special session to make these decisions.

I stand ready to work with the Governor, legislators, and other elected officials across the entire state to rebuild Oregon’s economy. Workers, businesses, and all of our residents are depending on us to come together and find a path forward.”


Statement from OEA President John Larson on Revised Budget Forecast   

PORTLAND, OR — Today, following the release of the Oregon Department of Revenue’s revised revenue forecast, Oregon Education Association President John Larson released the following statement:

“The COVID-19 pandemic has made clear that Oregon’s neighborhood public schools and colleges not only play a vital role in the education of our state’s students, but also in keeping our state’s economy moving forward. That is why, despite today’s difficult revenue forecast, it’s absolutely critical that state lawmakers do everything in their power to ensure Oregon schools will have the resources they need to safely reopen their doors to students this upcoming academic year,” said OEA President John Larson.

“Safely reopening Oregon schools will require the state to make additional investments in our K-12 and college education systems, and certainly cannot be achieved through severe budget cuts and layoffs. Oregon decision makers must prioritize securing additional federal support, tapping into budget reserves, and enacting creative cost-saving solutions in order to protect our schools from cuts that will only make it harder for our state to climb out of this deep recession.”

Becky Hultberg, President and CEO of the Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems, released the following statement in response to the state’s revenue forecast. 
“Today’s state revenue forecast presents grim news, as the public health crisis gripping the state has rippled through our economy and decimated state revenue. As the Governor and Legislature grapple with this budget reality, now is not the time to reduce investments in health care. Rather – because hospitals drive positive health outcomes and promote economic activity – the investments we make now in our hospitals, health care workforce, and coverage for vulnerable Oregonians will help lead our economic recovery while we continue to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our community hospitals have been there for Oregon, and state leaders now have a chance to support local hospitals by prioritizing health care funding. We are committed to being strong partners with policymakers as we work together to solve our shared challenges.” ​

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  1. The trump admin had the opportunity to stop this virus and all of the necessary shutdowns, republicans would do well to tell the truth, folks are fed up with Pinnochio’s damage, lies and causing unnecessary deaths by ignoring security briefings as far back as NOV, and ignoring Obamas passing on of the pandemic plan. Everyone else is left to clean up the mess, recession and to grieve for 100K deaths

    1. Hogwash !

      You are denying the State Governor’s their duties and responsibilities as officially laid out during state-wide crisis. You are indirectly promoting the virtual end of state Governors as we know it as you insist that the Feds take over regional problems… you are promoting the concept of a national dictator !

      As for the headline- “GOP leader blames Gov. Brown”

      Of Course ! Dem Gov. Kate Brown signed her name to the Executive Orders- nobody else did. Kate Brown went on regional TV the other day and told Oregonians far and wide that she believes the title of Governor allows her specific actions… fine- then you have to have wide enough shoulders to carry the weight- the burden- especially when it goes spectacularly wrong like now !

      Kate Brown made the unilateral decision to go along with Washington and California- and commit economic suicide- she now bears all the responsibility for the financial disaster she has created.

      If she had any class at all- she would resign today- in humiliating fashion- to officially go down as the worst Oregon Governor ever… that’s right- ever !

        1. You mean that if we look at the Executive Orders Kate Brown is mandating- we will find someone else’s signature other than hers on them ???

          If not- then my observations are “facts” and not “opinions” !

          Period !

        2. I’ve been trying along with many others have encouraged BGHWuhan to seek medical attention for his mental health. Even provided links so that all he has to do is click, no research needed. I have even suggested he seek out like minded individuals to speak with, in real life. His only interest is trolling KTVZ and giving Barney a hard time. He has no other redeemable value unfortunately. Sad.

          1. The dumb-dumb duo of QuityourPee and Ninnymouse have nothing to provide but personal insults and offensive banter.

            neither will post an actual fact off the OHA because the data doesn’t support their sophomoric claims… but what’s really sad is how poorly Z21 has promoted the data and stats from the OHA- it’s pretty clear the science doesn’t justify the hysterics that have been going on here for months- from the article above-

            “Senate Republican Leader Fred Girod blamed Brown for the economic fallout.”

            “Governor Brown’s insistence to keep Oregon’s economy shut down, despite flattening the curve weeks ago, has cost Oregon billions of dollars of revenue, impacting generations to come,” Girod said. “This revenue loss could have been mitigated if the governor had been a leader and opened our state weeks ago.”

            I’ve been saying this since Easter- when President Trump was promoting the opening of some states- Oregon should have been front and center- and the OHA dashboard has confirmed this for more than a month now.

            1. I wonder if real journalists can take a crack at this one: i heard deschutes county cases are up over 10% since the reopening, is that true?

    2. Such short memories you have. You’d almost think this was so important and the democrats were so on it they would have been on it instead of endless impeachment investigations and hearings. You’d almost thing the democrats would have moved on the “Obama Pandemic Plan” when they were in charge and Obama was president. You’d almost think the wise Nancy Pelosi wouldn’t have encouraged people to get out to Chinatown while the disease was spreading. You’d almost think the brilliant Joe Biden would not have called moves to restrict travel “racist and xenophobic.” And you know darn well ANYTHING Trump does you people already have the “orangeman bad” response. One breath you cry out “listen to experts” and after the experts were caught in outright lies that were endlessly repeated by CNN et al you cry out “Trump didn’t listen to experts” after those experts told the world covid19 is “no big deal.” And I suppose it is Trumps fault Italy’s rate was so high and Cuomo forced nursing hoomes to take infected patients killing tens of thousands of New Yorkers. Whatever helps you sleep at night.

      1. Thats a good summary of this weeks kgb talking points, but i think your formatting could have been better, there is this new invention called paragraphs
        B for content, C- for style

            1. “Russian Election Interference” has been proven to be non-existent by both parties- only you and Hillary Clinton cling to that nonsense.

              So to clarify- the headline topic is Oregon’s catastrophic 11%%% drop in revenue at the hands of Dem Gov Kate browns irrational decision to plummet the state’s economy into the dark ages… and she’s now whining about it- a “never Trumper” who now finds herself in the awkward position of having to beg the Orange Man Bad to save not only her hide- but the rest of the state’s.

              The Good President has already gifted ingrates like yerself stimulus money- while Kate holds back millions she’s previously gotten to protect her sanctuary cities at the expense of re-opening the state.

              This combination of direct conflicts will not work- Dem Gov Brown will make a decision on which to help… and reading the text above- it aint business ! Expect decades of financial ruin over this- and no amount of snarky half-witted comments from you or Bozo- or Q-Peee will change that. What’s done is done- you all will take her decisions to your grave.

  2. The White House was thrown a Molotov cocktail and instead of putting out the fire, or trying to control it in the least, it was ignored and allowed to spread. Now that the house is on fire and everyone is trying to keep from burning alive, GOP members are blaming the firefighters for getting wet, just because they’re Democrats.

    1. The White House has no jurisdiction over the states during state emergencies… We thought you all would have learned that during the Bush Administration when Dems and Libs tried to blame the various affected State responses on him.

      America doesn’t work that way… but then again- many of you still don’t understand how the electoral college works either. Some of you need to attend basic Civics 101 !

      1. Well an international pandemic killing over 100000 in all 56 american states and many more elsewhere, not to mention infecting us service women and men across the world

        Qualifies as both a foreign security subject and an interstate commerce issue, all of which are topics under federal jurisdiction for CENTURIES of precedent
        Funny, as an innovative job creator with employees on multiple continents, i would expect you to know that already, honestly youd think anyone who had even attended but didnt pass basic civics 101 would know that

              1. Your original post said- “in all 56 american states”- nowhere do you mention “territories”- of which there are 14- 2 are disputed… so even backtracking- your math doesn’t add up !

                The same lie Obama told has now come full circle- and it still don’t add up !

      2. It’s a simple metaphor, bud. We all agree that states should be allowed to govern independently of the federal government at times. The point being made is that when those responsible for the initial action against a pandemic fail, it’s up to the local governments to deal with the fallout. If you don’t like how it was handled, vote for a more responsible governing party.

        1. “The point being made is that when those responsible for the initial action against a pandemic fail, it’s up to the local governments to deal with the fallout.”

          Initial action for any crisis (wildfire, Earthquake, drought, flood, tornado, hurricane, volcanic explosion) is the responsibility of the States !

          Just because Iowa has an outbreak of green corn salmonella doesn’t mean Oregon is anyway involved- will not declare a green corn salmonella outbreak emergency.

          This is not an opinion- this is a fact- If you are really interested in gaining knowledge in this area- FEMA offers an on-line training course- clearly explaining the Local-State-and Federal responsibilities.

          In the end- President Trump did not destroy Oregon’s economy- that was done solely by the girly hysterics and irrational actions of Dem. Gov. Kate Brown- the worst Gov our state has ever witnessed… her actions will mean dramatic jumps in Oregon’s levels of poverty- bankruptcies- and financial ruin… this is all on her bony narrow shoulders !

  3. I’m sure that the loss in revenue can be regained by cutting back on Government institutions and the pay of those responsible for continuing the shut down even after the so called curve was supposedly flattened. Queen Brown should be finishing her term for free along with the rest of her leftist comrades. Oregon numbers were never high enough for a shut down. But since the queen is a follower and not a leader she followed suit with The Governors of California and Washington. Kate has never lead the way in anything.

    1. When executing a real life pandemic response, you dont wait for the virus to take hold. You do what Gov Brown did and take action early to save lives. Sorry u feel that way. Either way, glad u survived. #besafe

      1. So what happens if we apply your logic to the so-called “earthquake” warnings we’ve been hearing about since Mt St Helens blew ?

        I see where we had a rumbler off the coast just a day ago… why are we waiting for that catastrophic quake to “take hold” ???

        We keep hearing that Oregon is not prepared for “the big one”… where’s your outrage ???

          1. As usual- your irrelevant attempts to be glib leave you the butt of every joke in the house…

            We just had a 3.1 magnitude earthquake 2 days ago- akin to 5 deaths in a “potential” crisis… So why didn’t Kate Brown enact your Emergency Plan ?

            Maybe because it wasn’t “necessary” ??? Much like the Wuhan Corona in Oregon- it slumbered in- and left the same time as the seasonal flu did- March 21st-March 23rd… sure there are a few bugs floating around- But it sure as hell was no reason to put thousands of Oregonians out of business- on welfare and food stamps- and destroy their livelihoods and life-long dreams… You never stop to think of the consequences of what Kate Brown has done to the state- You and Irrelevant are too busy working on your smugness to really see how bad Brown’s decisions have been- but then again you don’t have any skin in the game- a couch slug who watches tv all day telling anyone within ear shot what a big man you are- what a success 30 years of flippin boxes in a warehouse has got you.

            In short- Life Wasted ! Props to you !

        1. What do u think would happen? The earthquake response plan would kick in silly. Look, Gov Brown recognized the science when this virus was killing people over seas. Oregon started working up a plan bcz she knew our federal government wasn’t paying attention. It’s okay bud. She actually was praised by our federal government for her response. Perfect response? Heck no, but she did a hella of job considering & many will learn and improve for the next one. This isn’t over either so be safe man #shoplocal

          1. “The earthquake response plan would kick in silly”

            But “NO”… we had an earthquake three days ago- and it didn’t kick in- that’s the point !

            It didn’t kick in because it wasn’t serious enough- hardly anyone noticed- no tsunami- didn’t feel it in Bend !

            So how does Dem. Gov. Brown justify “kicking in” our state economy over the deaths of five elderly patients- all with underlying conditions- in Portland- in early March ???

            Dem Gov Brown made a seriously bad calculation- clearly not based on science- but instead on girly hysterics because of what she perceived in in Washington and what the radical left wing media was selling her- it all proved to be completely wrong- now the fall-out !

            “States” are responsible for their own individual crisis responses- some like Idaho- Alaska- the Dakotas-Utah-Wyoming…. all other states here out west (mostly the Republican run states)… took a calmer more calculated approach… and they (like us) have realized that all the panic aside- this has been no different then a bad flu virus.

            Now you all want to bad mouth the US President as you spend the stimulus check he sent you- while standing in line waiting for Dem Gov Kate Brown to fix the state’s unemployment offices… and- you scream “more-more-more” with your little “never-Trumper” hats on !

            Good luck with all that !

  4. “We will need to tighten our belts. I am working with legislative leaders to preserve critical state services, FIND EFFICIENCIES, and prepare for potential budget cuts,” the Democratic governor said.

    If the queen was doing her job, we would have already did all of this, one, two, five years ago, and there would be nothing to cut, it is an absolute admission that there is many things that can and should have been cut long ago. There is a whole lot of waist out there. It will be interesting to see what the Queen thinks, critical state services are.

  5. Hey GOP, how many lives did our govenor save? Ya thought so. Money worms they are. Frankly, I had a FaceTime call w family in Utah (red state) and their numbers are scary! 194 new cases today! #stay safe, be compassionate and ask your doctor if you have any questions about covid19. Thanks Gov Brown, this wasn’t easy and certainly isn’t over.

      1. I guess you dont have any elderly relatives or ones who live in a major city, if you did you would know many thousands of lives were saved

      1. Trump cancelled flights early from China (except if you’re American, then come on in, no quarantine necessary) and he saved millions of lives, right?

    1. “Cases” do not equate deaths- I just looked up the corona stats page… “Hospitalizations” for the Wuhan Corona Virus from China peaked April 23rd- almost a month ago. Currently their death rates per 1 million population are a minimal 28… Oregon … 34 !

      So why all the fake fear ? The false promotions ?? The blatant deception ???

      Much like Oregon- the seasonal flu is a larger risk in Utah- but lemme guess- Utah has never destroyed their economy over the flu either… so why do it now… and then why pile on peoples misery by blaming the US President ???

      Your politics suck !

      1. These are your opinions clumsily put together w shady motives and sticky math and i see right through it. Oh and just so u know, viruses have been around and evolving longer than the existence of China itself. So ya, there’s that too. Stay safe and ask your doctor if u find yourself confused w all the junk info in these posts✌🏽 #covid19 #winteriscoming #beprepared

        1. You clearly do not believe the science being provided for your own very eyes at the Utah.Gov website.

          Flat Earth- Sasquatch hunting- alien abducted fools !

    1. Yes all the more reason for our recovery to focus on growing essential economic sectors, like biotech, research, and medical, that will help both our health and our gdp moving forward

      Not to mention these industries tend to have better salaries and benefits compared to the near-minimum wage service sector, so will provide greater supply-side stimulus effect when our economy needs it the most!

      1. Great idea…but then who will lay the cable for the tech…who will work the factory producing all the medical equipment? If all of the workers are doing research how does anything get accomplished. Seems like the equivalent to a philosophy degree.

        1. Hmmm i wonder who invented the cable for the techs to lay? And who designed the machines factory workers use to build more machines? Most importantly who is going to create the bat flu cure so another 100000+ workers and techs dont have to die
          But you make my point quite exactly, investment in growing high-wage essential sectors with health or science, not only helps against the bat flu but also provides more bang for the public buck, stimulating less essential sectors like construction

          This isnt a new concept and indeed the medical field has been one of the best entry-level growth careers for years now, i just hope comrade president can start respecting medical science and research again- not only do we need to help our economy but we need to stop a contagious infection on track to kill millions!

  6. I do not like bi-Kate, I think she is a terrible governor. But what she is doing is to try to minimizing deaths due to this virus. Dying is forever people. The economy will, and always has, come back. Not too many people pop up from six feet under.

  7. And she needs to get her foot off our necks and open the economy back up to change this. Many of us in the business community would be excited to see an 11% drop in revenue – much better than the 47% drop we are seeing. Is this the revenge thing you were talking about a couple years ago, Kate?

      1. And therein lies the problem. Neither the red team or blue team holds all of the answers or bears all of the blame. We need each team to seek common ground and support the best ideas of the other side, but instead they just throw bricks back and forth.

        1. But the real problem is that Dem Gov Kate brown is in a real pickle- she is now completely at the mercy of a President who she has openly criticized and never supported- and now she needs a favor- a big favor- a multi-billion dollar favor.

          “This” President is a businessman first- a part-time politician second. Dem Gov Brown has done the state no favors with her constant whining- and “business-professionals” won’t waste their time with these people.

          Dem Gov Kate Brown should have been a better “politician”- instead of a loud mouthed hack- save that for the goofs here on the posting board of KTVZ !

      1. States are in control, because the Federal government has no plan, no leadership, and has abdicated it’s responsibilities, so somebody has to do the work.

  8. 144 deaths versus 11% revenue gone and unemployment numbers through the roof? Was it really worth it being shut down for 2+ months? Nobody can ever attach a shutdown to preventing deaths. Look at Florida and Georgia. They opened back up their economy a month ago and there was no drastic spikes in deaths!

    1. Some rural counties in georgia couldnt really get much worse comrade, just like in idaho the small towns sometimes have severe outbreaks but it stays under the radar far from cities and twitters

          1. Either way- you have been cherry picking across the USA to try and prove a point about what is happening in Oregon.

            A quick history lesson about “some rural counties in Georgia”- they were decimated during the Civil War- a war Oregon had no bloody battles in- saw no casualties- and could have pretty much cared less about. Time for an old classic-

            Virgil Caine is my name and I drove on the Danville train
            ‘Til Stoneman’s cavalry came and tore up the tracks again
            In the winter of ’65, we were hungry, just barely alive
            I took the train to Richmond that fell
            It was a time I remember, oh, so well

            The night they drove old Dixie down
            And all the bells were ringin’
            The night they drove old Dixie down
            And all the people were singin’
            They went, “Na, na, na, na, na, na
            Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na”

  9. Dear Comrade Brown, now that you closed everyone down for 2+ months, where is our break on paying our property tax, corporate activity tax or any other tax we have to pay here in Oregon?

  10. Hey, guys, nobody knew what this virus might do…and I’m sure most people did the best they could with far too little info. So, let’s stop the blame game and get on with the solutions. (However, I am surprised that Kate’s solutions haven’t yet mentioned raising more taxes!)

    1. “nobody knew what this virus might do”

      Well- that is not completely true- flashback to late February and early March- the media was telling us 1.8-2.5 million dead Americans. We were told that face-masks would not save you. We were engulfed on a daily basis of horrific stories of gloom and doom as no part of our Oregon civilization would be spared… so what happened ???

      Here’s another fact about life- “nobody knows what will happen tomorrow”- so why live your life in seclusion- in quarantine- under your bed covers afraid of your own shadow ? since when is that the Oregon Way ?

      It’s not- and we now have the data to prove this was all an over-exaggerated hoax to attack the US economy so evil entities within our Government could chalk up “look-at-me” points and feel powerful.

      Kate Brown is being sued- she will be sued right out of office- and she will go down forever as the worst Governor in Oregon’s history- there is no doubt about that- the worst !

      1. Yawn. The same maga neurosis repeated over and over, comrade presidents enemies are useless and dumb, the worst ever


        They continue to fool him with their vile tricks at every turn

        1. “we now have the data to prove this was all an over-exaggerated hoax to attack the US economy so evil entities within our Government could chalk up “look-at-me” points and feel powerful.”

          The question for anyone living in Oregon- is how will Dem Gov. Kate Brown suck up her wounded pride and devastated State and beg this President for help- that is her only choice as she has proven that she is not capable of “leading” the State anywhere but off a cliff !

          Mo Maga there- no foolin’- not a vile trick to be seen… just a whole lotta heads in the sand !

  11. So republican leader Dilrod says a few weeks makes a big difference? How about the 3 months Trump did nothing but downplay the virus? How many thousands of people died and trillions of dollars lost due to Trumps incompetence?

    1. Apparently you missed the videos of Nanny Piglosi inviting people to Chinatown in Feb and Comrade DeBlasio’ telling his citizens to go out on the town see a movie or show…nothing to worry about? Those videos are on tape!!

    2. Seriously? Democrats have been dancing their failed impeachment circus for months while this virus was spreading and now you blame the president for not doing anything?
      Are there any more LIES ya’ll can come up with?

    3. The Dilrods you speak of are both Democrat- they can be found in New York- the state with the highest fatality rates because for more than a month your dilrod’s (Cuomo and DeBlasio) not only encouraged the citizens of New York and the State- to “go out- have fun- business as usual”- as Cuomo literally put Wuhan Virus infected people “in to” nursing homes !

      Our great President- on the other hand- while being attacked by a false impeachment scam- was on the horn trying to get US scientists into China to investigate this new virus some of their doctors were secretly posting on line about. The President then became the first world leader to shut down the airways in and out of China- only to be ridiculed by senile old farts like Joe Biden- who said this was akin to racism !

      Your questions are idiotic- and should be re-worded… “How many thousands of people died and trillions of dollars lost due to China’s corrupt government” ?

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