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Oregon reports four more COVID-19 deaths; Deschutes has 9 new cases

State death toll at 144; county's case count reaches 116

(Update: More details)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Four more people have died of COVID-19 in Oregon, raising the statewide death toll to 144, the Oregon Health Authority reported Wednesday.

OHA also reported 75 new or confirmed cases for a total of 3,801, along with 93,348 negative test results.

Nine of those new cases were in Deschutes County, raising the county's case total to 116, 82 of whom have recovered, along with 3,964 negative results. Crook County remains at one case and 420 negative results, while Jefferson County remains at 24 cases and 668 negative results.

The new confirmed and presumptive COVID-19 cases reported Wednesday are in the following counties: Benton (1), Clatsop (4), Deschutes (9), Josephine (2), Lane (1), Linn (1), Marion (24), Multnomah (13), Polk (1), Umatilla (4), Washington (14), Yamhill (1).

Oregon’s 141st COVID-19 death is a 94-year-old woman in Washington County, who tested positive on May 10 and died May 19 at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center. She had underlying medical conditions.

Oregon’s 142nd COVID-19 death is a 90-year-old man in Washington County, who tested positive on April 4 and died May 14 at his residence. He had underlying medical conditions.

Oregon’s 143rd COVID-19 death is a 75-year-old woman in Multnomah County, who tested positive on May 9 and died May 18 at the Portland VA Medical Center. She had underlying medical conditions.

Oregon’s 144th COVID-19 death is a 58-year-old woman in Multnomah County, who tested positive on May 3 and died May 8 at Legacy Emanuel Medical Center. She had underlying medical conditions.

COVID-19 modeling takes one-week hiatus

State public health officials will not produce a weekly update of COVID-19 infection and hospitalization rates this week. Health experts want to allow a week to gather additional data on coronavirus infections following the state’s approval of 31 counties to begin limited reopening. The next modeling update will be published late next week (the week of May 24). You can see the most recent COVID-19 projections under the "Additional Data and Projections" drop-down box on the OHA COVID-19 webpage.

To see more case and county level data, please visit the Oregon Health Authority website, which OHA updates once a day:

Stay informed about COVID-19:

Oregon response: The Oregon Health Authority leads the state response.

United States response: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention leads the U.S. response.

Global response: The World Health Organization guides the global response.

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  1. Strange how Crook county has one and Jefferson county has 24. Maybe something to do with the Celilo fish festival that the warm springs indians decided to attend even though it was against Oregon COVID rules! I am disgusted.

    1. or,…., could be like Georgia or Florida, or a bunch of other places where people really don’t know how to count, or are deliberately misrepresenting numbers for reasons only they can justify – unfortunately, there’s lots of shtuff besides reality being presented these days

      1. I am surprised the moderator hasn’t challenged your claims of “misrepresenting” of numbers !

        Every-time I point out that almost 100,000 tests for the Wuhan virus are proving negative- and that we should be demanding to know what those tests are really showing- I get yelled out and charged with attempts to misinform the public- yet there it is again-

        “93,348 negative test results” !

        We are closing in on 100,000 negative tests for the Wuhan virus- and nobody knows why these tests are given in the first place- as these are obviously “mis-diagnosis”- 100,000 times ???

          1. Covid19 symptoms do not mimic common seasonal colds, flu, or allergies. We have been informed by the CDC what specific symptoms to look for- most notably high fever-cough and shortness of breath.

            You are only confirming what many of us suspect- that tests are being administered without sufficient cause (probably to gain some sort of financial benefit to the hospital)- and- for whatever reason- you believe that we will all accept your “layman’s” non-professional opinion over a certified medical professionals expert observations… fat chance !

            Lets get out there- head to St Charles- and lets get to the bottom of these nearly 100,000 negative tests !

                1. OK- If yer not gonna promote one of the fan favorites… then just look to your left and send EddyB !!!

            1. I disagree- not a “silly” observation at all. To date- I have identified one death in Oregon that had “no underlying conditions”. In my opinion- that is the “only” death we can attribute 100% to the Wuhan Corona Virus.

              We have no way of telling how much impact the virus had on the other 143 deaths being blamed on the virus- the vast majority of these deaths have been in elderly individuals- who for all we know succumbed to being jostled around and carted off to the hospital.

              I believe you are seeing a scandal surrounding the virus reporting here in Oregon- you just won’t investigate it… so again- why are we seeing so many “negative” tests for the Wuhan Virus ? we are quickly closing in on 100,000 negative tests- with no explanation as to why these tests were given- what symptoms were mimicking the Wuhan- or how these medical professionals were fooled !

              You want “silly”… well there ya go !

              1. Scandal! Hah! If we’re so bad at our jobs, why don’t you go try selling your scandal to another media outlet and waste THEIR time? Oh, because they won’t give you a platform to troll? Sure. That must be it. Go start a recall campaign instead of stamping your feet and repeating your doom/gloom ad nauseam? Nah, much more fun to pretend you’re king of KTVZ, the only one with the “real answers,” when you’re really the joker, the jester, the one who entertains some and is ignored by most, surely after they try to have a civil discussion and you attack them personally. Most of us have learned already this is useless. We give you the answers, you don’t like them so you claim we never gave you the answers. Circular logic that begs ignoring.

                1. “Circular logic that begs ignoring”

                  Akin to Chekov telling Spock he’s wrong !!!

                2. You could only hope to acquire 1,000,000th of a percent of the logic a Vulcan has by nature. Your “logic” frustrates the vast majority of those who dare encounter it. Would love to hear you argue with any actual doctor that negative test results are misdiagnoses. Now THAT would be entertaining! I’m sure you’d be shown the door at some point…

                3. “Would love to hear you argue with any actual doctor that negative test results are misdiagnoses”

                  So is that’s whats bothering you bunky- afraid of being asked to leave ???

                  Whatever happened to that ol gum shoe little Jimmy Olson type we’ve heard so much about ! I guess in the age of computers and fiber optics- you all have other things to worry ’bout besides breaking news- like how much weight you’ve gained from sitting on yer duffs all day !

                  Me ??? well within my BMI !

                1. It’s not a “conspiracy theory”, or “fanciful facts” when the email came straight from the head of NVSS himself to State health authorities. The directive came from WHO,and the link I provided is from the CDC. You asked me to provide a neutral and objective source. How much of cnn reports have been based on CDC and WHO info? Now suddenly my link is a “conspiracy theory” with “fanciful facts”?

                2. Snopes is left leaning “fact-checking” website. Also, did you even read their reasoning in that link you posted? It’s ridiculous. The ONLY reason they posted death count being overestimated as “false” is because they had some “expert” that said so. THATS IT, nothing else. In fact, there would be other experts that would disagree with their experts and say it is indeed in overestimated. Also, Snopes didn’t even take into account the states that said they were counting a death as a covid death even that is not what caused their death.

                3. I trust them over many commenters here. But I’ve been called a commie pinko before. I know better. Too many people now only believe what “their side” says, that they can do no wrong, and none of what the evil “other side” says. Realists know the world is not so black and white and problems are solved in the messy middle, not at the extremes. No wonder the country is so divided.

        1. “The flu or common cold do not test positive for Covid so none.”

          So why then are we seeing almost 100,000 “negative test results” for the Wuhan Virus ???

          Are you suggesting that something else out there is pretending to act like the Wuhan virus- if so… what the hell is it ???

      1. So, when ktvz reports 9 new cases in Deschutes county, and then you notice that 8 of them are in 97756, that’s worth noting isn’t it?
        Did you misspell jabroni, or is your name Ronie and you just think Jabronie a cute nickname people have always called you?

    1. I’m pretty sure most of those Redmond cases came from the shoulder to shoulder crowd at Wild Ride Brewery both Friday and Saturday Night. It was ridiculous to drive by and see.

      1. We drove over there to partake in some outside drinking, took one look at the crowd, and bailed. Maybe if I get a random Tuesday off we’ll try again.

  2. We may start seeing a rise in reported cases but that does not mean they are new cases. Recent reports state that people that have had it in the past, and recovered from it, may still test positive for quite a while even though they are no longer contagious. When this all started there was a test shortage. Many people who thought they had it could not be tested because they didn’t fall into the parameters to be tested. These people would have recovered of course because if they hadn’t they would have been one of the counted cases when they landed in the hospital. Now tests are more readily available. If these same people that couldn’t get tested before finally got to be tested. they could very well turn up positive. That being the case these people are not new cases.

    1. Exactly. You would think a good reporter would inform folks of things like that…..but these aren’t very good reporters. Plus, it looks better to everybody and z21 has been instructed to inflate everything as corona puffy as they can and not to downplay anything

    2. “Many people who thought they had it could not be tested because they didn’t fall into the parameters to be tested.”

      yet we have still recorded more than 90,000 negative tests for the Wuhan virus… how is that possible ? What are these tests confirming- and why are medical professionals state-wide having so many “mis-diagnosis” ?

      A question that could be easily answered if Z21 ever decided to send a reporter over to St Charles… but something tells me that somewhere- a whole buncha money is involved !

      1. Sometimes the patient wants the test… Sometimes the patient or doctor thinks they may have been around someone that had it and decided to get tested. Sometimes it could be an overzealous doctor that wants to test everyone for covid. And some could be taking the test for contact tracing purposes…(utterly useless but oh well)

  3. Numbers sure to rise. I watched a Brewery manager on the news the other night explaining how they removed every other table for social distancing. I drove by on my way home Monday and there were easily 200 people packed into the outdoor seating, where at social distancing guidelines there would be around 30, and didn’t see a single person wearing a mask. At Fred Meyer yesterday afternoon myself, the employees and 4-5 other people in the entire packed store were the only ones wearing masks. idiots think just because business opening rules have been relaxed a little the danger’s over. Darwin would bw proud.

    1. Testing positive for covid literally means nothing anymore. People are realizing that they have very little to fear the virus unless they have pre-existing conditions. Those people know who they are and can take their own precautions.

  4. The overall % for Oregon positive cases was 0.04% yesterday. Of those who tested positive and sadly passed away, I believe it was around 25%. I was only looking at the data stated in these reports. How do these percents compare to the data based on annual flu cases in Oregon? I’m just curious.

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