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Gov. Brown orders flags to half-staff to honor victims of coronavirus


SALEM, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Gov. Kate Brown on Thursday ordered all flags at Oregon public institutions to be flown at half-staff in honor of the victims of the novel coronavirus pandemic until sunset on Sunday, in accordance with a nationwide proclamation issued by President Trump. 

"As we begin the process of building a safe and strong Oregon, this weekend is a time to reflect on those we have lost to this global pandemic," Brown said.

"I commend every single Oregonian for the sacrifices they have made to protect our community and save lives. Dan and I send our thoughts to each and every Oregonian family who has been touched by this global pandemic," the governor added.  

The Presidential Proclamations are available at the White House's website.

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    1. sorry all you people who passed or got sick from Covid-19…. Jabronie is not ok with this – y’all are probably just a bunch of commie fakers anyway

    2. What other deaths? Hmm…intersting question. Anyway, I believe this is specifically to honor victims of covid19. Kinda like we did for 9/11 etc. My condolences to those who have lost loved ones as well 😔🙏🏼. Be safe folks and ask your doctor/PCP if you have ANY questions on what you should be doing to keep you and those u love safe during this PANDEMIC. 🇺🇲Strong !

      1. Wow How2B- that’s a pretty bold statement from a never-Trumper like yerself… 9/11 was clearly an attack on the US by foreign nationals- an act of War- so here you are making the same connection- that the Wuhan Corona Virus was an attack on the US from foreign nationals- in this case China- and like the President said- we’re at war !

        Must say- I’m impressed !

    3. Jabronie, this is only to honor the COVID 19 deaths, Queen Kate will have another day that the flag will fly at half-staff, to honor all of the people that have died, and will die, because of the shut down.

  1. Half Staff to honor the victims of corona-virus… then flip it up-side down Kate-

    For our state economy and the financial death and destruction you’ve created !

    That Democrat in Salem is a national disgrace- she will go down in history as the worst Governor our state has ever had to suffer through- and you know what- I’ve yet to hear anyone argue that point !

  2. This weekend is to honor those whom gave their lives so we could be free! Gov Brownie has chosen to usurp this moment for self gratification to steal from those honored people. Her leadership is proof that we are headed for seriously bad times as leaders all over the country do this to tear down our country!

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