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Eugene protest turns violent; rioters destroy several businesses

Eugene riot Eugene Police Dept. 530
Eugene Police Dept.
Rioters damaged, looted several downtown Eugene businesses late Friday, early Saturday

EUGENE, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Several downtown Eugene businesses were damaged or destroyed by rioters and looters late Friday and early Saturday before police used tear gas to disperse the crowd, officers said.

Police said in a Facebook post a protest that began at the Lane County Courthouse building around 8 p.m. "was initially peaceful," but began to move and grew in size to about 200, which "morphed into acts of vandalism, illegal burning, damage to buildings, businesses and city property."

The actions included spray-painting of LTD buses, fireworks thrown into the county jail building, bottles thrown, traffic blocked and fireworks thrown at parked vehicles.

A "very large bonfire with flames 20 feet into the air" was set in a Starbucks/Jimmy Johns parking lot, they reported.

"To prioritize life before property, Eugene police avoided escalating the situation by moving in, instead monitoring for safety," the Facebook post stated.

However, around 12:30 a.m., "the situation reached a stage that required police move in to stop the situation from becoming more dangerous."

But businesses at Seventh and Washington, including Five Guys, Jimmy Johns, T-Mobile and Starbucks were destroyed, with windows broken out and looters entering Starbucks, officers said.

“What is happening tonight is not a legitimate, free speech event,” said Eugene Police Chief Chris Skinner. “It is illegal, irresponsible, is destroying local business and city property. It threatens the reputation of other peaceful and lawful events that don’t damage our city and put our residents and guests in harm’s way.”

Eugene police early Saturday deployed SWAT as looting reports spread to several other businesses. Police deployed tear gas to push the crowds out, and crowds largely dispersed before 4 a.m., with police staying on scene and monitoring the area.

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    1. yup, killing people in the streets, cold blooded, ‘cus they are the official enforcers for the twisted system of privilege that you cling to like every other addict

        1. So you defend murdering cops, violent cops?

          pathetic those that are so much more concerned with property then a persons life. Doesn’t say much about you. You must be a selfish libertarian.
          What nerve – lawlessness…should we go thru the list of the violence, murders etc from our supposed law enforcement people. The cops…. Cops are no longer the law.
          And the looting,damage, violence has all been proven that it’s white aryans, undercover cops,and cops themselves.

          1. Must be solid proof you have there. And it must be really true now that it has upgraded from “white nationalists” to “ white aryans.” There must be a shortage of Democrat governor Northam’s blackface makeup because there seem to be a lot of looters of diversity mixed among black clad skinny black bloc Antifa. And I didn’t know Portland had so many undercover cops. There must be thousands out there smashing windows and burning buildings. It makes perfect sense.

          2. George Floyd is dead. The cop has been arrested and charged. Now it goes to trial. That is due process. If you are a fan of mob justice, you are a fan of lynching.

    1. you have information that tell you…. do it? There is only one reason to post such a thing – because you have nothing, except the consuming fear of ever facing up to what you cling to is rotten to the core and unjustifiable to anyone who will look at it head on – you are lost to this realty, and probably always will be

      1. Oh forgive me oh exalted imbecile. I forgot the type an “s”. I have more information than you think. I knew that the ANTIFA protest/riot was coming as of two days ago. You are blind to the truth so I don’t expect you understand it

      1. They are now proud terrorists! The President just declared ANTIFA a terrorist organization and condemns all who support them. Even their website has been deemed a terrorist recruiting website! Well deserving.

    2. Antifa, which has been described as a revolutionary communist-anarchist militia movement that aspires to forcibly overthrow the United States government, is responsible for “a level of sustained political street warfare not seen in the U.S. since the 1960s.”

      Reports of Antifa violence are everywhere, which is why the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has quietly designated Antifa as “domestic terrorists.” (Capital Research Center produced a three-part documentary series, America Under Siege, about Antifa and other political actors.)

      Antifa is not a single organization: it is a movement or coalition of leftist groups, each of which claims to combat “fascism,” a political ideology whose definition academics have been arguing about for decades. The word Antifa itself is a truncation of anti-fascist.

      Despite the name, the movement embraces fascistic tactics.

      Antifa has gained new prominence in the post-Obama era. They trace their roots back to Nazi Germany. Although they opposed the Sturmabteilung (SA), or Nazi storm troopers, like the SA they also used violence to intimidate political opponents and break up their meetings and rallies. It could be argued that the ideological distance between Antifa and the now-defunct National Socialist German Workers’ Party (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, abbreviated as NSDAP) or Nazi Party, is so slight it can be measured in millimeters.

      Determining who funds Antifa is difficult because the movement is highly decentralized and consists of private individuals and loosely affiliated groups.

      Journalist Lee Stranahan downplays the significance of funding to Antifa.

      “While it’s been proven that funders like Soros and the Democrat Party have paid protest organizers and some protesters, groups like the violent Black Bloc [sic – black bloc refers to a set of tactics, not a group] typically aren’t motivated by money, but instead come to protests because of their anti-American ideology, base criminal desires and thrill seeking.”

    3. I have factual info that all the violence, damage, looting is from white aryans and police in disguise. That’s a fact

      There was no Antifa at any of the protests

      1. Look on their Facebook page and prepare to be astounded that, Antifa Eugene, is active in this. I know it might be too hard for you but just try between your childish insults.

  1. Good grief, Eugne was incredibly stupid. They did not learn from other places. You move in and establish your presence BEFORE the problem starts. You don’t start anything. You are just there. It is called being proactive and preventative.

    1. That would require leadership. Liberal drones in government care about optics for media overlords and not pissing off the heart of the so called progressive movement which consists of raw immorality, lawlessness, and of course Godlessness.

  2. Call in a fire truck from the airport and foam them until they decide to leave. If you happen to dump a few gallons of pepperspray in the mix, oh well.

  3. So much racial tensions in Eugene Oregon, you know the Eugene,Oregon that is arguably one the Whitest cities in the Nation….White privileged liberals are a special breed….

    1. That’s just what I thought. I’m sure ANTIFA is out there. It also wouldn’t surprise me if you had some white nationalists along with them. A lot of frustrated people are using this as an excuse to blow off steam.

        1. “Fact”. You keep using that word but I don’t think you know what it means. Present the facts. And good job on the “Nazi”. I knew it would only be a matter of time.

  4. Antifa. Deliberately brought in to incite and instigate violent behavior and carry out destruction of private property. Always with the foreknowledge and sanction of the city government.

    1. I’ll help you out..
      you’ve got it backwards…… white nazi nationalists were brought int to incite and instigate violence and destruction.
      Brought in by both government and cops, who are also members of white nazi nationalist org’s.

    1. Big difference. The cop was arrested, charged, and is awaiting trial. These looters are running wild, destroying businesses, violently assaulting people, and in some cases, murdering people and getting away with it.

      1. wow, the cop was arrested for torturing and murdering someone.
        And you’re comparing that with looting, damages,running wild…wow, great priorities. you soun dlike a rightwing libertarian.
        ‘murdering people’? Yeah, right…you reichwing nazis love to lie and make up stuff.
        Btw, the looters, businesses destroyed, violently assaulting people and murdering ,raping people are you reichwing nazis….

  5. Forgive me for not responding earlier, as I’m still recovering from my birthday party yesterday . . .

    And the first thing I see is our typical Leftest riot supporting TiZio denying, deflecting, or should that be defecating on the facts again? And yes, other Leftest/Liberals failing to de-escalate the issue and trying to deflect the problem as against Whites, when it’s Black store owners losing their business and Blacks attacking Blacks. True, Antifa tends to be Whites, but they are far Left like TiZio.

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